Inchie Today: Saturday 24th December 2022

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CW01b02:30hrs: Woke up for the umpteenth time, but not with , but the need for the And what a change in style this morning it was! I got seated on the throne and knew it would be advisable to get the crossword book out. Nothing was moving, yet the tummy told me there was a dollop needing to be evacuated.
was in command of things, and he was not going to be rushed. I actually got a few clues answered as I waited for the action to begin. I thought it was comical when it did burst out… all of it in seconds, a blessed relief from the travel pains, followed by multiple plop-plopping sounds. And it was all over. No bleeding, no mess! I am not sure if the released product reminded me of hazelnuts or chocolate peanuts, but fell for the nuts cause they were harder. The WC needed only one flush to clear the contents away, and I felt rather good; I expected things to be more painful, messier and take much longer. No help or urging from me was needed at all. However, having been fooled before, .

Tackled then. Toothache Tiffany followed my breaking off another bit of a tooth.
Not such a good shaving session; back to the old habits of multiple nicks and cuts. About six, I thi
nk. The main reason is my own stupidity. After my first two nicks, I got out two new razors and dished the old ones – But No, I found out later I hadn’t! What I did was throw the new razors into the waste bin and carry on shaving using the duff old ones!

More Followed in the medicalisationing activities.
Made a bigger mess of missing the eyes with the drops than ever before!
Had to conserve the Germoloid cream for. I forgot to get another tube when I went to the pharmacy on Tuesday. Yes, I swore at myself rancorously!
I was so close to taking a Galpharm capsule in mistake for a Senna to help free ‘s grip on the rear-end workings. Just imagine if I had taken one… That could have been a right pickle and mess I’d put myself into again! A genuine bit of good luck that I realised in time!

acci-whoop But, of course, my smugness was short-lived. Putting the olive oil in, I somehow squeezed the rubber, and the oil flowed, I dropped the slippery bottle, and it landed with perfect precision: right on my left foot’s . It made me jump a smidgeon. Of course, I took it all in my stride, grinned and laughed off the agony.

I dropped the tube of Germolene due to an unexpected sudden and I dropped tube, and totally without thinking, I bent down to pick it up !
Oh, I’ve mentioned
my new ailment yet, have I? I’ll introduce you to it then. Not easy giving it a name cause I’m not sure what it is yet.
Pains similar to , but around, the back of the rib cage. At first, I thought I must have banged something when I took the tumble on whatever day it was. But Carer whatshername could see no bruising.
Then I thought it might be something to do with bladder and urine infection coming back again.
Then I changed my mind cause I found the ribs hurting when I tried to lift my right arm;
and if I tried to bend down at all. No idea if means anything, but had given many more bouts of the shakes this morning than she did all of last week?
Now, over the last eight hours, there have been times when there were no stabbing pains at all (unless I bent or raised my right arm), but the sharp stabbing pains always return and stay longer than the moments of relief.

I thought at first, well, it’s good luck that I have made (Carer TY did, actually), an appointment to see the Doctor. Then it dawned on me, it is 15 days away!
So, I’ve been at the analgesics more than I would have liked. But needs must. Is that the right saying? Needs must? Grammarly has not objected?

Right now, as I am typing my errors and mistakes on this blog, has just kicked of with her most violent attack of the day yet. But the stabbing pains in the ribs are now far less frequent? I’m confused… but that’s nothing new.

The last Accifauxpa of the , was only one of the regulars… No, having said that, I’ve done this for weeks, I don’t think? It was a bog-standard shoulder charge at the edge of the wet room door on leaving it. . And… please note this – there were no revenge shakings from . I’ve confused myself even more now?

It’s taken so long to get up to here on this blog – Blog time at 07:00hrs, but the real-time is now… sod it, the clocks stopped, battery kaput, methinks. I’ll get the spyglass and look at the computer clock… hang on… 15:18hrs, I just will not have time to put everything in detail now. Shorthand from here on folks, sorry me hearties!

Worked on updating and making mistakes on the Friday blog (4 hours). Got it posted. Pinterested. A massive amount of comments had come in on WordPress, so I replied to it. (One. Hehehe!) Emailed the link.

Carer Jamina arrived around 07:30hrs. A new gal to me. Lovely lady. Had a natter after giving me the medications. She checked the taps and stove on leaving, taking the waste bags to the chute for me. ♥

Went on WordPress Reader. But it wouldn’t give me access to some sites?

The Tap-tapping, bang-banging, drilling gentleman in the flat above kicked off again. Amazingly he was not too noisy this morning.

Pressed on, making error after mistake and hitting the wrong buttons and icons in my effort to get the Ode for the day done and Nottingham News graphics done. Harder work than ever now with the eyes so bad. I do love trying.
Sorry for any errors that get through!.

Here are the early morning photographs from the kitchen. I nearly forgot them. Tsk!
Not too bad.

Had to keep going for wee-wees regularly throughout the day.

I don’t think I’ve taken so many in such a short time (six hours) before. Then again, thinking back, maybe I have; Hehe!

I just took my fourth trip to the Porcelain Throne.

I think Herbert must be going out today. Mayhap delivering some of the steam-powered toy trains to the kids at the school? All quiet now!
11:30hrs Carer Kara Arrived! I asked about the cleaner lady I’m paying for who had not called for three weeks. Kara looked at this week’s roster, and she’s on it… no, next week’s roster.

I pressed on, making cock-ups and mistakes on this blog for hours.

So tired now, with my getting up so early. Going to make something to eat, methinks some potato Rostis, tomatoes and rolls? Yes, with some BBQ sauce, of course. I might not be back until morning… then again, I may get up early again and make a start on updating this blog…
Or not.

Whoops, not done the Health Checks.


Smug-Mode-Adopted – Yee-ha!

A photo of the half-eaten meal of the day is here on the right. Vegan bacon, tomatoes, Potato Rostis, Orange yoghourt, and two brown rolls.
With my usual BBQ sauce.
Despite the and that kicked off as I started digesting this feast of flavour, I still enjoyed it muchly. Flavour Rating: 8.8/10!

Washed the pots… but when I got in the kitchen to do them, I found that I’d left the darned hot water tap running… Again! Self-cursing began!

Zzz! Deep sweet sleep… heavenly… I think I was having a tête-à-tête with St. Peter at his gates at one point. Well, more of an argument, really; he wanted to send me back to life again. No Way! Not with the everyday agony of the ailments, struggling with hearing, seeing, and the Mental-Torture of Dementia Doreen – I wasn’t having that! And, she’s given me aboulomania!
I was woken up when the 21:15hr late check call arrived at 22:10hrs. I recall the gal apologising for being late but little else. My chronology clock was all topsy-turvy. I remembered the Toblerone for her cause it wasn’t in the treats box this morning, so I got something right.
Locked the door as she departed. (I
know this cause it was locked in the morning).

Got off back to sleep, but this time it was full of the usual repeated, regular pullulating jerking awake with the twitching right shoulder, and often knocking something off of the ottoman as the limbs flail! That’s not right, is it? I did tell the Doctor about this. The response I got was an odd down-the-nose look that said to me: “The man’s potty!” followed by, let me know if it gets worse. What’s she waiting for, the arm to drop off? Or, for me, to pass away through sleep deprivation? It’s a lot worse now with extra waking-ups from the unaccountable

Still, yer don’t like to complain, does yer.


Another year, nearly, yet – still time to regret!

18 thoughts on “Inchie Today: Saturday 24th December 2022

  1. Hi Mr. Inchcock. Read your messages daily. Still enjoy your writing. Wish each time to read a description of a good day. Would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.

    • Ah, Bless you, Sir.
      All the very bestest, with fortune and favour being your new year visitor!

      Health as you read, not good, but what the heck… Happy Christmas and a marverllous New Year! ♥

  2. I hope your Christmas was merry and your New Year a lot better than this last, Gerry! I just survived the cold snap that put 60% of the citizens of the USA under an extreme cold weather advisory. It was so bad one of the people who follows my blog, a fellow from Finland, said, “You have weather like we have in Finland.” I don’t think he was saying, “So put on your speedos and bikinis and come here to get a tan!” LOL!

    • No, I think your right mate, I’m shuddering thinking about it.
      As for the Christmas, mate, I’ve been weeeing blood all night without realisiing it.
      Waiting for Carer Richard to arrive and call 111 for me. Can’t raide the right arm without pains in the back , bladder and weeing. it more paonful and persistent than last month!
      Looks like my turn to go to the hpspital then, we week them busy between us, don’t we?
      TTFN, Doug.

      • Cheers, Doug, mate.
        Just got back home (Tues approc 17:30hrs) Catheter fitted, now I have to learn how to change it – Carer Jodie told me there ia day and night one in the bag, that needs ffitting and removing everynight? She showed me hpw to empty the day one, but attaching the night one… and getting it off in the morning… well I don’t know, Carer Richard might though in the morning.
        2.5 days and one in the Wueens Medical Centre, then ent to the Nottingham City Hospital Urolofy, still they do not know why blood was in the poo and urine! Put it sown to a Urine infection. New medications to take, and with the catheter bags as well, I think confusion may be on the way, Doug, Hehehe!
        And now,three hours after getting back to the flat, the pains are returning in the back and stomach, I’m sneezing away like a good un, and feeling a little not-looked-after. Harhar!
        Going to try and get some shocking photos on the blog, I smeaked a few in at the hospitals too.
        You, I am sure, ill understand my feelings, mate.
        Cheers again, Sir.

      • Thanks, Doug.
        Hard to believe, but two more medical appointment came in today… no Thee! Nottingham City Hospital Urology Department, Doctor and Coppice Menta; Health Hospital.
        Next please… Hahaha!
        I wish the Cataract cornea transplant would come soon – Bet it it clashed with one of the others when it does arrive… what’s the odds, Doug? Hehe!
        Struggling with changing the night catheter bag.

      • It’s horrible, Doug. Time consuming, so many things not getting done cause I amalmost immobile after 18:00hrs when the night bag goes on… have to check it cause most nights it gets full ans has to be changed. With my Arthur Itis and Peripheral Neuropathy & Anne Gyna, changing it every time I have to; leaks, having to somehow bend to clean things up, the fiddly plastic taps and remembering that the top bag, and bottom bag have different design and need going in the opposite directions for close and open, (Doreen Dementia!) ensures regular Whoopsiedangleplops – which I discover when I’ve settled with right leg above the night bag in a bowl to catch any leaks on my right, the left up on a chair… cramps start, then I feel that sickening warm wet sensation in the PP’s (Depends). Then up again to drain the bag, clean myself up, get new the jammies off and PP’s on… That is work of art to get done without toppling over. It this happens twice, I’ll have spent more of the night in the wet room sorting things out, and suddenly its morning and the Carer comes to change the bags – Almost comical, but I like you father, have already had enough. Hahaha!
        As for getting pants trousers and jammies on – painful and at times, impossible!
        Sorry to waffle on Doug, but I think it helps me a bit. ♫Look on the bright side of life…♫

      • High, Doug.
        I thought the same thing this morning when taking off the night bag, thoughts in tandem, mate.
        Doing my ablutions, bags and medicationings this morning, tokk me over two hours. I felt exhausted by the time I got out to make a brew of Glengettie. Hehe!
        No time to get things done. The medical appointments for this coming week (6 up to now), will mean the blog will be missed off a few times.
        Not looking forward to next Fridays operation. It’s like you said once: “It’s gonna hurt!” Hahaha!
        Keep safe, Sir..

      • Thanks, Doug.
        Fingers crossed that the Carer who keeps offering me the wrong medications dosen’t kill me off begore I can get to the operation. Hehehe!

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