Inchcock Today: Monday – Snow, rain, hail, sleet and a Whoopsiedangleplop!

Monday 2nd March 2015

Woke up after a decent 4 hours kip feeling apprehensive, fearful, distressed, agitated and desirous of peace of mind – I didn’t get it though.

Took me medications and the feelings lessened after a while – but remnants of a weird uncomfortableness remained?

Maybe me dreams had prompted these emotions? I’m sure I had many dreams as is usual for me – but cannot remember the details of any – just these feelings of foreboding?

Did a bit of Facebooking in between visiting the porcelain. (Oh dear, I thought that had cleared up – Tsk!).

Looked outside and a few bits of snow was falling.

Had a good scrub-up and decided to have a walk into town and then hobble down to the canal to see, talk to and feed the ducks.

Thought I might have a pot of porridge before I set off – reaching up for the pot and had a dizzy spell – knocked over tins of food which managed to clout me on the ankle and foot as they descended to ground level. I think I might have said ‘Flipping ‘eck’ or something similar.

Feeling the need to cope I told myself “Well, that’s the Whoopsiedangleplop out of the way for the day, I say… well I pray!”

The dizzy left me in few seconds, I must remind the GP about them when I see her.

I felt okay and set off on me walk into town.

0101carrIt was very windy again.

The snow had disappeared, but the sky told me something was lurking up there that would visit us later.

I pressed on pushing myself a bit more than normal to give the ticker a good testing.

0102manrdUp the hill towards the cemetery another pavement cyclist made me jump as he shot passed me from behind.

I did call out questioning his parentage using one word I’m afraid to admit to – but the howling winds ensured he couldn’t hear me. I must give him credit for managing to go so fast against the wind like he did.

0103manrOn up the hill and over the brim down towards the city centre the sun sneaked out as if to mock us – the clouds were moving rapidly in the gale-like winds.

Onwards and down through the Victoria bus station – dropping some bird seeds clandestinely for the pigeons as I went through, going out the other end and into the shopping mall and Tesco.

Where I got some bread and a yoghurt. (I do live  well yer know!).

0105tescI realised I’d got very little cash with me and thought I’d call at the bank and get some form the ATM – now what was me pin number err…

Remembered (A rarity there) I wanted some cod Liver Oil capsule and a new nail cutter/clipper to replace the one I trod on and broke last week.

So I called in Boots and had a wander around – finding the cutter okay then facing the dilemma of which capsules to purchase – so many options and choices oh dear, it’s not nice when one finds it hard to make decisions sometimes as one gets older. Ended up getting the smallest content ones that were on offer 3 for the price of two… no… yes that’s right. Boots own label.

0106PrimMade me way down Clinton Street, and thought I’d pop in Primark (When will I ever learn?) to see if they had got any of the flat caps in stock. A store detective (She not a very good one) tagged onto me and I couldn’t resist taking out me camera taking some photographs for the TFZ gals on Facebook of ladies underwear… (I worry about missen sometimes). Any road, they had not got any caps in and I wandered out down to the slab square and as I left the store it was hailing heavily – but only lasted for a minute or so.

0107tramIt had gone really dark and sleet then began coming down a tad then that stopped – I took out me camera to picture the sad passengers at the City Centre tram stop – by the time I’d got it out (The camera you understand) the weather had brightened again.

Talk about changeable weather!

0108canalI popped into the bank because the ATM was out of order and got some cash.

Then down Wheeler Gate and through the Broad Marsh shopping centre – out over the road and past the car park and bus station up Carrington Street and down to the canal.

0109canalWell talk about windy – it nearly blew the camera out of me hands and the hail returned so I nipped (hobbled really) under the bridge to feed the ducks.

Took me midday medications with a swig of spring water.

I can’t recall it being so windy for years, umbrellas blown inside out, folks a-moaning about it, then the hail stopped as suddenly as it started.

0110canalYou can see it’s affects on the canal. Even the pigeons had problems landing in that wind, poor things.

I got the feeling that the ducks weren’t too keen on the weather either – two of the Canada geese were constantly honking and fighting each other any any other duck that got near them?

Spent a good while chatting to the ducks them I made me way back to the Broad Marsh mall and called in Heron frozen foods where I managed to get a pack of iced-lollies with ice-cream in the centre.

They had a pack of Warburton’s Thins on display that was out of date by three days (Feb 28th) I mentioned this to one of the staff who gave me sort of look that Basil Fawlty used to give to Manuel!


I hobbled up and out down Bridle Smith Gate into town and up towards Trinity Square, noticing en-route that the nice gentle kind Nottinghomian citizenry were still crossing the traffic lights against the red – one of them an apprentice hoody-yobbo on a bike with his face covered in a mask?

Up to Trinity Square0111Trinit where I took a photo of some ‘Bling’ for the TFZ gals.

I see the ultra-expensive new restaurants had their blinds bent and damaged in the high winds – not that it caused any bother or danger to the customers cause they didn’t have any.

Back down and around to the bus-stop 0112lightto catch one back to Carrington.

I noticed the Nottingham folk still crossing the road against the lights on red.

I wonder if Mr Cameron is aware of this?

Got the bus back to Carrington, just as well I didn’t forget me bus-pass cause I couldn’t have walked much further thanks to Arthur Itis making his presence known.

Got in and WC’d post haste.

Made a cuppa and started this diary whilst listening to the howling winds.

Made another cuppa and took me evening medications.

Still feeling apprehensive?

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