Inchcock Today: Not one me best days…

Sunday 1st March 2015

Slept better last night – didn’t get up until 0700hrs, latest I’ve risen in a long time.

WC’d – no bleeding!

Went down and fed the pigeons – this attracted six cats to the location within two minutes.

Had a session of haemorrhoid treating. Not too bad. The angina very fair. The ulcer, don’t know it’s there. Arthur Itis… just got to live with him I’m afraid. The bruising from me Whoopsiedangleplop down the stair almost gone.

A new month and it seems to have started hopefully… I shouldn’t have said that!

Made a cuppa and started making me medication pots up. 


Started the old laptop up to do this diary and Facebook requested me password – which I couldn’t remember or find, I know I wrote it down somewhere… Huh!


Made another cuppa and went up to the newer second-hand laptop and continued, that let me on like.

Did the graphics Coreldraw not crashing yet.

Huh! now it has! Cobblers! Restarted and went through the opening and warnings coming thick and fast from the new second-hand laptop now. Tsk!

Did some Facebooking.

It’s gerrin’ flipping windy this morning. Howling and blowing me inside doors open – brrr…

Got missen brushed and scrubbed and had a little wander around to take some photos and get some biscuits from Lidl.

As I left the house I noticed a family were moving in the big end house – and they had seven kids bikes outside ready and five 15-17 years olds lurking – oh dear?

0704I wandered down to the shops – the wind was horrendous but the sky looked bright enough.

At the twitchel a gang of nerr-do-well yobs were sat around so I took the long route to Lidl.

There was very little traffic or folk around, and as I walked down the sky 0703began to change from ultra bright to shady?

A pavement cyclist caught me out as he belted passed my me from behind – to fast for me to get my camera out.

At Lidl the atmosphere was taught – don’t know why but it was.

Got some apples, mint biscuits and a bar of chocolate.

Still a tad concerned about the family moving in on my street – I do not want any more bother from the yobs again – it nearly destroyed me and me life last time.

0705I’ll try to get to meet and welcome them tomorrow, see what they are like socially or anti-socially. Hope I’m worrying over nothing.

As I left the shop I noticed the Hotel across the road had renamed their restaurant ‘Gurkha One’.

Got back to the flea-pit and WC’d.

Had some ribs with bread to wipe up the sauce followed by a mint biscuit or two.

Brother-in-law Pete rang. Jane has got to have more tests on her back and legs to try and find out what the cause of the pains are.

Did some Facebooking and updated this diary.

Must remember I do not have an INR test tomorrow – it’s on Thursday this week. Might try to have a run out to Derby or Mansfield?

Oh dear – the promised rain is now really belting down.

Feel tired again, so tired.

I anticipate tomorrow will be another day of over-excitement and lust-satisfaction and record breaking and mind-shattering boredom like today… Tsk!

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