Inchcock Today: BJ to the rescue

Tuesday 17th March 2015

Not a wink of sleep all night – no passings on the porcelain, but not much pain – apart from the bleeding haemorrhoids that is.

Did a lot of coughing and snuffling throughout the night though. You watch, I’ll fall asleep when I don’t want to 

Can’t understand it really, I feel so drained and tired but the body won’t let me sleep… You watch, I’ll fall asleep when I don’t want to – Huh!

All night reading or Facebooking.

Took me medications around 0500hrs.

When it was time to get up I could have nodded off – Blanglewurzelspurt!.

A bit gloomy again this morning.

Got missen spit and polished and waited for BJ to arrive, he said he’d be here about 0750hrs.

0100medsGot an email asking me to see the chemist to discuss current prescriptions suitability, relevance and assessment with him.

0101Only Fred came down for breakfast this morning when I popped me head out of the door to see if BJ was arriving.

BJ arrived and lifted me and me bags of laundry to the launderette, that, I appreciated more than he could have known.

When we arrived Mandy was on duty and greeted BJ with a welcoming smile and they had a chinwag – BJ going in the back with Mandy and having laugh – of course I was not jealous at all – 0103oh no, good luck to him if Mandy finds him attractive, entertaining, good looking and socially attractive, younger than wot I am, richer than wot I am, more hair than wot I have, taller than wot I am, wittier than wot I am and has an ebullient personality wot I ain’t… oh yes… (Hehe)

We got the washing done and BJ lifted me to Asda, where I spent a good bit on stuff I didn’t really need.

I got some of those microwaveable burgers that I like so much, they didn’t have any potato-gratin meals in stock, got some bread-thins, beans, bbq sauce, pots of jelly, etc.

0104On the way in, in the the foyer they had a palette of Irish Gnomes at £15 and£25 pounds each, many had been sold for the St Patrick’s day celebrations.

After doing me shopping I was waiting for BJ near the exit when two people going out of the store set off the alarm – what happened then confused me a bit:

0105The security guard on the door took a few paces towards them and the lady siad “I have nothing, me no buy today…”

The guard said in reply “Oh okay then alright” and returned to his desk?

I reckon that Asda must be the Nottingham shoplifters delight!

John lifted me home and carried the stuff in for me, I thanked him and he said he might be going to Loughborough train museum in a couple of weeks and would I like to go with him – Yes please I said.

As soon as BJ had gone I got the dizzies – bad this time.

Can’t remember much until I was making a cuppa and felt so tired (As I expected with getting no sleep like) and just had to five in and get me head down.

I woke up about four hours later and nearly did a whoopsiedangleplop and took me morning medications in error fer me evening ones but just stopped missen in time.

I had no hunger that I would normally have at this time of night and started to do this diary when another dizzy attack came, not so bad this one though.

I must after the Iceland nosh comes tomorrow go to the computer shop and get me battery sorted out.

I’m a tad confused at the moment – suppose it’s with the forced falling asleep?

Again feeling so tired now – must give in to it again, sorry not much exciting occurred today.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: BJ to the rescue

  1. Oh dear, poor you. Dizzy spells are horrible; I do sympathise. You are one of the people I have passed the WorkSpace blog hop baton on to, by the way – no obligation to actually do it! But the people I have chosen are fellow bloggers I have a high regard/fondness for. xxx

    • Thanks Ali. WorkSpace blog hop baton? Well when I get me concentration back properly I’d like to have a look see what I can do gal. Today started so well for me… then Warfarin level found to be back down again – then me second spare laptop (that I’m on now) went blank and had to force restart – I’ve got to take me ‘better’ laptop into the shoo today to get the battery and power box sorted – then I dropped me flask and broke it – I should have known things couldn’t be as bright as I felt when I got up. Hehehe!
      Take care gal, TTFN. xxx

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