Wed 18/03/15 Inchcock Today

Wednesday 18th March 2015

Slept better last night.


Woke thinking about delivery today, then I must take the laptop into the computer shop to try and get the battery power supply problems sorted.

I’ll try to remember to call in at the GP surgery to get appointment to see Dr Vindla about the dizzy-spells on the way back. Had another one last night. And I must remember to post me samples to the hospital.

Feeling a lot better this morning having got some sleep in.

The torn muscle seemed a lot better too, the arthritis not bad, angina okay and the hemorrhoids no bleeding and nowhere near as inflamed as yesterday. I’d feel like singing if wasn’t for the fact that I know how quickly these things can change and it would upset the neighbours.

Took me medications with some spring water and actually fell asleep again. Marvellous!

Stirred into activity and washed shaved and titivated myself then got into me day togs.

I put the laptop and power box in a bag ready to take to the computer shop in Sherwood later.

Washed the pots, took rubbish to the bin (No Fatima or Fred anywhere), started the old laptop.

The screen went blank and nothing I tried got it back?

I force closed and restarted and I’m back here again – hoping for the best. I can’t afford to spend owt on getting this laptop sorted as well as the other – Blunkerbobblecraps!

Now I ain’t feeling so good…

Then the Warfarin INR level test results were delivered – sod me, down to 1.7 again (Target 3.5).

I went down another notch in the ‘How-I-am-feeling stakes. Tut!

Iceland came and I fed Fred as I left the hovel with with laptop to go to the computer shop.

IMG_0007As I walked up Loscoe Road I noticed the Carrington Pottery people had painted high up on their corner building ‘1891’ – by Jiminy that makes it older than my bomb-site that was built in 1902.

The weather was a bit drab but again not cold with it.

Up the hill and down it again towards Sherwood.

I noticed that the sign warning us about car thieves operating in this area had been stolen – well I say stolen, it had disappeared from the Methodist Church lamp-post where it was yesterday.

IMG_0008Down the hill, the sky looking foreboding and not many folk about again.

As I passed the corner mini-market on the left I noticed the police taking two Nottingham apprentice yobboes to to their car.

Shop-lifters I should think?

I plodded on down the hill and as I was approaching the Computer shop I bumped into BJ. No time for a natter as he was on his way out somewhere.

IMG_0009At the traffic lights with Haydn Road a grey car had parked blocking the pavement – anyone on a disability scooter would have had to go onto the road to pass – Tsk!

Oddly enough I didn’t notice any pavement cyclists today – rare that!

A heated argument was taking place outside the pub as I passed by – no way I was going to risk taking a photograph of them as they verbally abused each other and squared up nose to nose.

IMG_0010I got to the computer shop and the chappy bloke welcomed me cheerily asking if I was alright – I replied with a smile on my face “No! I’ve laptop problems with the last one you sold me mate!”

His demeanour changed.

Inchy: “I’ve been getting messages on booting-up telling me the power supply unit was not strong enough. You remember I mentioned this last week to you, and you said it is the right one?”

Computer chappy bloke: “Yer…”

Inchy: “Well I then began getting same message but additional one telling me it is not recognised – connected not charging now?”  

Computer chappy bloke: “Let’s have a look then (Sigh!)

Inchy: “Here you are…”

After 30 seconds of booting it up:

Computer chappy bloke: “I’ll give you another one then!”

Inchy: “Cheers”

I bought a USB hoover thingy and USB multi-connection off of him.

All sorted (I hope).

IMG_0011As I started to walk back to Carrington at the exact place where flash-boy had parked his car blocking the pavement on me way into Sherwood, a woman was stood waiting for a lift – the female driver pulled up on double yellow lines half on half off the pavement – seconds after I took this photo a bus had to veer in passing the Ford Escort and papped his horn.

Didn’t half make the poor gal walking to get into the car jump!

On up the hill and down into Carrington.

IMG_0013As I passed St John’s church some flowers that had been left at an old gravestone caught my eye, they looked so pretty against the backdrop.

Apprentice yobboes sat drinking in the twitchel, so I took the long route to avoid them.

Although me ailments seemed less bothersome today – I still had the fatigue and tiredness overcome me when I got back to the hovel.


IMG_0014Had a microwave mince and potato nosh with a cuppa – then set to seeing if the laptop power supply was working – it seemed okay – I’m glad to say.

I’d forgot to call at the GP Tut! never mind, I’ll call tomorrow when I hope to get a good walk about done.

So tired again, it’s unreal. If it keeps going like this I be getting up WCing having a cuppa and me porridge and going back to sleep again, there’ll be no time to anything done! Hehe!

Oh, just remembered I’ve got the clinic appointment tomorrow – mustn’t forget that.

Oh sugar-nuggets! I forgot to post me samples off as well.

Did some facebooking and this diary to date, but weariness won again and I tried to get me head down – and it isn’t even dark yet. Tsk!

Woke an hour or so later and did me Angiogram post then titivated this and posted it.

Not tired now… Tut and Tsk!

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