7/4/15 Inchcock Today: Medicationalistical Appointments

Tuesday 7th April 2015

I woke up 11 hours after falling asleep while reading me book. Tsk!

Took me medications and set about finishing and posting yesterdays Diary blog.


Made a nice cuppa.

Assessed me current medical situation:

Arthritis not bad – Angina very fair – Reflux valve Okay – Boil on bum starting to sting now I’ve moved – Growth on shoulder Stinging – Ulcer Okay – Haemorrhoids Nasty but no bleeding yet – Ticker still ticking – Rumbling innards Much improved.

Must remember my appointment at the GP for 1330 hrs today. And to explain about my increase in dizzies lately, the boil (If that’s what it is on me bottom), the growth on me shoulder and me feeling drained and tired all the time lately.

Also must remember me INR Warfarin level tests are on Wednesday this week.

I rang brother-in-law Pete to see how he and Jane were – Pete is coping as well as can be expected (doing well with it I think, well I hope he is). Jane is the big worry. Wednesday they go to the City hospital to get the results and analysis of the big C tests – and hopefully they will be able to manage with the results. I’m so worried about Jane and Pete, both awaiting test results and then have to face the outcome of them.

I did a bit of Facebooking.

Laptop turned itself off – blue screen when rebooting. Flippin’ ‘eck!

0201Got myself cleansed and set off for the Chemists first, as last Tuesday they told me the medications would be ready this Tuesday.

As I poddled along to the jitty through to Mansfield Road I noticed the sign outside the local – The Gladstone, was hanging loose.

The sky was nice though and it wasn’t windy at all today.

I fed the pigeons as I walked down to the chemists, calling in the paper shop to get ‘The Mirror’ to read in the GP surgery.

0202Cycl1The chemist chap told me the medications would be available on late Friday? Hey-ho.

Crossed the road and walked up to the GP surgery.

Saw the first pavement cyclist of the day went by with no hands on his handlebars! Huh!

0203Went in through the new automatic door entry system.

On the way in a chap was coming out and I said with a smile on me face like… “I can’t hold the door open fer you today…” and grinned…

He scowled back and said: “Wot? Wassa marra wi yer?” sneered and carried on out of the building.

Well I thought it was funny at the time…

0204I gave the receptionists some nibbles and took a seat getting the newspaper out to read… after taking great care in sitting in the right position to avoid hindering me boil and haemorrhoids.

I think this performance at first confused the other patients sat waiting, before bringing a smile to a couple of their faces.

It was only a few  minutes and then the locum GP called me into the surgery.

Decent sort of chap.

I told him of me growth on me shoulder that needed checking on first:

He got something out of a box and dug a bit of whatever it was on me shoulder and examined it. Wiped it clean and told me it was Skin Cancer I had and not to be concerned as to which type as he thought it would be benign as opposed to malignant and will send off to get me an appointment at the hospital as soon as possible – there’s a big queue so it might be about two weeks and I’ll get a letter with appointment.

Well that’s something new I thought. I’ve had bowel and prostate ‘C’ in the passed.

He then checked what I hoped was a painful boil me bum – thankfully that’s what it was – nowt to worry about there then.

Told him about me dizzies and after a few investigative questions he suggested I buy a Blood pressure Monitor, recommending one for the arm and not fingers. He the counseled me to get one from Boots but not to pay more than £30 max.

Then I informed him of the pains on the inside of me arms – he didn’t seem concerned, like I could expect them now. Fair enough.

I thanked him and left and caught a bus into town to go to Boots fer me monitor.

When I arrived in town and got off the bus – Another pavement cyclist nearly had me TSK! No chance of getting me camera out in time though.

I plodded around and into Boots and after searching for a while had to ask an assistant for help in finding the BP monitors. She led me to them: The cheapest one was £29.99 and they went up to £349! Needless to say I purchased the cheap one.

0206Left the store and noticed the suicidal Nottinghomians still crossing the road against the red ‘Don’t Walk’ signs, bless their cotton socks.

I felt the heat emanating from the lady’s glare as I took the photo… rather bravely I thought.

I walked up through Trinity Walk 0205Cycl2where I’d hoped to feed the pigeons but too many folk around to risk getting caught and or reported.

Pavement cyclist number three sped passed, but I caught him because I was getting me camera out to try and take some ‘Bling’ photographs for the TFZ gals.

I noticed some apprentice yobboes roller-skating around amidst the crowds as well.

I walked down and caught a bus.

Two Asian ladies, one elderly one young were sat taking up two seats with their shopping bags on the seat besides them that any people standing night have liked to sit on. The young one in front of me was also sat on the disabled seats! No consideration some people – but I can understand nobody saying anything for rear of being called a racist if they did. Moral-less people abound in Nottingham – mind you they do everywhere nowadays don’t they?

Got off the bus and the twitchel was yobbo free so I cut through and back to the decaying house.

0208Made a meal – Tomatoes, cooked beetroot, garden peas new potatoes, bacon bits and three bread thin sandwiches. (But me eyes were bigger than me belly – I couldn’t eat all the sandwiches)

Enjoyed it though all the same.

I called Brother-in-law Pete see how things were – he’s got his appointment for Friday to have his mole removed – so I said I’d go with him. It’s Jane we’re both worried about really.

I told him what the GP had told me and he said “I just can’t believe that a doctor would tell you outright that you have skin cancer, how would he know that!”

I told him I was not lying. Felt a bit hurt there. But Pete’s got a lot on his mind recently.

Hey-ho. Had me jelly and made a cuppa and got on with this Diary.

Feeling tired again now.

No dizzies today at all? Beats me!

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