Wed 8/4/15: Inchcock Today – Great News Arrives!

Wednesday 8th April 2015

I woke up around 0530hrs WC’d and put the water heater on. Nodded off again and around 0745hrs I rose and set-about getting  the stuff ready for the hospital visit.

0301Used me new ‘Boots’ £29.99 Blood Pressure Monitor for the first time this morning.

Recorded the results that were:

Syst: 139 Dia: 67 Pulse: 78

I’ll have to find out if this is expected and normal – not that much can be considered normal abut me I’m sure. Hehe!

Made in China I noticed.

I’ll look it up after doing this diary if I don’t fall asleep first that is.

0302Got myself spit and polished and set off on me walk into town.

Hot today, sunny too.

Took a photo at Gregory Boulevard Junction, but it came out a bit shaky… Tsk!

Pressed on into town, having to avoid another pavement cyclist on the way up the hill.

As I was hobbling passed the newly  renovated houses that had been advertised as:

0304A unique opportunity to acquire a beautifully refurbished grade II listed Victorian town-house just five minutes walk from Nottingham City Centre.

The spacious accommodation comprises of a spacious lounge, a modern open plan kitchen/dining room having built in appliances which include gas hob, double oven, cooker hood, dishwasher, american style fridge freezer and microwave, utility/guest cloakroom to the ground floor.

The property boasts four double bedrooms over two floors, the master with a luxury en-suite shower room, a generous sized family bathroom and an extensive basement/cellar having the potential to convert into further accommodation.

There is a lawned garden to the front and off street parking to the rear. Must be viewed!

Offers above £280,000 considered.

Has been bought by someone who has opened it as ‘Mama’s Inn’ – Boutique Guest House. What’s a ’boutique guest house’ I wondered? A posh bed and breakfast? I also wondered how much they have to charge to get their money back?

0303Onward up the traffic was accumulating.

Over the top and down into the City Centre, I called into a shop and some extra bits of nibbles for the nurses to add to me bits in me bag I had already for them.

Caught a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre, thinking about our Jane going for her results today – said she’d let me know how things went later. Crossed fingers.

0306Arrived at the QMC and noticed a patient outside smoking one of those new electric cigarettes. At least the weather was nice for him.

As I moved across to the entrance door – the old smokers corner was still in use on the front corner. Comical in some ways to see several people, some with drips attached, all in their wheel-chairs and the smoke rising above them as they chuffed away and had a natter.

I should have thought of a post on this I thought – but with me being so very busy lately me concentration has gone to pot.

0307A good few in the waiting area when I arrived at the haematology department.

As I got me ticket and sat down I said to the lady sat next to me – “Good morning” that’s all, just good morning – she tutted picked up her things and moved to the back and another seat?

Oh dear…

Got seen too after only about half an hour – no time for a natter with the nurses today, they were too busy.

Went up to the 4th floor for me results from the scan last week – straight in to see the Doc – all clear on the prostate front.

Out and caught the bus back into town where I had a poddle about for a bit, taking a photo of some bling for the TFZ gals.

0305Noticed these Asian ladies showing an interest in the ‘Bling’ in the Pawnbrokers window. The shop is near premises that include: An American Ladies Nail shop, a French Restaurant, Chinese herbalist, Japanese Nails shop, Jewish Jewellery shop, Italian Restaurant, Halal take-away food shop, and a closed down English cafe. Never let anyone tell you that Nottnigham isn’t doing its bit for multiculturalism. I like it.

0308Had a  walk through Trinity Square back to the bus-stop.

Noticed the World Buffet place that sells all sorts of food from all over the world.

I think one day I’d like to try it and went over to have a closer look – the prices frit me a bit!

0309Caught the bus home, as it stopped near the BBC building being demolished there was little left for the mechanical triffids to pull down.

Dropping off the bus in Carrington – there was a motley collection apprentice villains sat and stood around drinking on the seats in the twitchel, so I took the long route back to the hovel to avoid them.

Fed the pigeons en-route.

Got in WD’d and wondered about how Jane had gone on today at her hospital visit?.

Must also remember Friday I’m going with Pete for the removal of his infected mole.

So busy…

0310Made a nosh of ham sandwiches, banana, pork pie, cheese pasty, cooked beetroot, franks and medications. I forgot to get some tomatoes when I was out. Fancy that Me? Forgetting? Hehe!

Couldn’t eat it all. Tsk!

Fell asleep after eating what I could – and  was awoken by the mobile ringing – by the time I’d found it I’d missed the call.

It was from sister Jane so I rang back nervously anticipated the conversation about to take place…

Great News!

Jane is okay – the growth in her innards is benign!

I could have cried with joy. (I did, but I’m not telling anyone about it so please don’t tell anyone!)

So, with Pete on Friday to get sorted, then Inchcock in a fortnight or so with his skin cancer tests.

Might just sleep in for all of tomorrow hehehe! Oh no, me GUM clinic checks, no rest fer the wicked. Tut and Tsk!

I’m so glad the pain in the bum was not another growth and only a boil.

Now good news about Jane has arrived I might be able to concentrate a bit better? Or not… hehe!

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  1. Glad to hear the good news of your sister! As far as Red Hot World Buffet is concerned, I’ve been there a handful of times, loved it when it first opened but since the prices have gone up and the quality has gone down in my opinion. Still, worth a try if you’ve not been as it’s layout is that of an airport and the quantity and variety is brilliant.

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