Sun 26.4.15 Inchcock Today: Feeling nervous and timid? Why? No idea…

Sunday 26th April 2015


Looked out of the window and thought: “Ah life… another Day”… and passed wind!

Woke after having had a good long sleep – dream filled as usual but the unusual thing is I only had to get up to attend the porcelain twice.

I recall dreaming about me taking place in the D-Day beach attack, cannot remember much just bits of it. At least I know this must have been due to me reading Antony Beever’s D-Day book last night.

Did me tests: BP Sys 157 Dia 98 Pulse 75 Temp 31.5. Took me medications.

Feeling drained still, and even tried?

Rubbed me chin and nearly cut me fingers – realising I’d not had a shave or wash last night… but I’d left the water heater on? What am I doing? Am I losing it a bit faster than I thought?

Went down and made a flask of tea and washed me pots.

Then it started – the calls to the porcelain. Over the next two hours I had six light duty and two heavy duty calls to the porcelain needing answering. This of course started the hemorrhoids bleeding – bent retrieve me tube of cream that I’d dropped and banged me head on the side of the sink…


Went to start the laptop and found I’d left it in sleep mode?

Started this diary.

Still feeling tired? Why? I’ve had a good kip and done nowt strenuous at all, didn’t even get a walk in yesterday? Drained.

Stomach feels a bit er… what’s the word? Like it may return it’s contents!

So no porridge this morning… yet.

Did a bit of blogging sent off yesterday’s Diary and read others blogs, commenting on a few.

Then did the header for todays Diary in Coreldraw9.

I noticed that Mike Steeden had done some rather excellent posts again – stupid ones, daft ones, clever ones etc. I hate him! Jealous? Me? Yes!

I did some graphics on Coreldraw9 of Sherlock Holmes and Watson – with Sherlock having Mike’s head. I thought they might be of use for Mike on his future Sherlock posts.

When I tried to email them the address I’d got was not recognised… I tweaked the address and it sent it off on its own? I hope it gets to the right person. If yer reading this Mike, please let me know.

Did a bit more Facebooking and decided to get ready and have a little walk… although I still feel a bit down for some reason. Tsk!

IMG_0127It brightened up a bit as I left fer me poddle down the street.

Not many folk about, but rubbish had been dumped at the end of the twitchel – three black bags that had been torn open and searched through with the ensuing splodge of crap all over the tarmac and a seat that had been smashed up.

All normal in Carrington today then.

IMG_0130I took a photo of it to put on here, but when it came to downloading all I had was a close-up of me thumb?

Despite the lack of pedestrians I still nearly got clobbered by a Nottingham PAvement Cyclist on the front.

I wobbled down and called in Lidl and got two cobs, some rocket and potatoes.

On me way back I couldn’t help but notice the IMG_0129bustling industrious Carrington businesses on Mansfield Road.

One of the businesses in the photo here on the left were actually still trading and had not yet gone into liquidation or bankruptcy.

As I turned to the right, across the road the hotel that has spent a fortune on doing the place up and advertising themselves in the local press had still only got the owners and the chefs cars outside.

IMG_0128Tis a shame.

The Gurka One next door was no better off, they no cars in their car park at all.

I wandered back to the dump.


IMG_0131Made me nosh and Didn’t fall asleep!

I had Krakowska pork, Seasoned new potatoes, Olde Amsterdam strong cheese, pickled beetroot, tomatoes and rocket with two cheese topped cobs. Followed by a Blackcurrant jelly.


Coreldraw9 was playing up a bit – oh dearie me!

Watched a ‘New Tricks DVD’ until for some reason the headphones stopped working?


Took me medications and applied me creams and lotions. Bit of blood from the piles again tonight.

Seem to be having problems getting to kip again… Huh!

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