Sat 25.4.15 Inchcock Today – Incredibly tired

Saturday 25th April 2015

Woke up tired and weary? Why? – no idea!

Perhaps it was the shock of having a good day yesterday?

The haemarrhoids are bleeding again, Anne Gyna is back and I had an early dizzy spell! Tsk!

Did me BP tests and that: Sys 140 Dia 82 Pulse 78 Temp 30c.

IMG_0125Huh… another dizzy spell – oh dear.


Went down to make a cuppa and porridge to nibble.

The sky looked a bit threatening when I took this photograph, but it soon brightened up a bit later.

IMG_0124Made me cup of good strong Thompsons Punjana tea and a pot of cheapo porridge that I added a tiny bit of lemon honey to and returned to the laptop and gobbled em up.

Took me medications, then when I moved to visit the porcelain again I spotted a beta-blocker tablet on the mat… unsure if I’d dropped it this morning or not – but took a chance and wiped it un took it. These Bisoprolol tablets are so small, a bit like my… well never mind that now.

I feel I could fall asleep again now?

Did some Facebooking and a post on WordPress about Nottingham Pavement Cyclists – well, it’s just a gallery of about 30 photographicalisations that I’ve taken of the scallywags on me walks.

Nowt much else happened fer rest of the day I’m afraid – I just felt shattered, so tired and listless.

I kept trying to concentrate – tried learning a bit more about Corel Paint Pro but gave up in the end – fell asleep – tried watching a DVD but the drive kept sticking, did some graphics of sorts – fell asleep – eventually gave up and actually got me head down and slept some more…

So tired.


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