Fri 15 May: Inchcock Today: Hectic and a Frustrating day!

Friday 15th May 2015

Woke up to find I’d nodded off with the laptop left on and me bent over it, the light on and a little disorientated.

Amazing but I could not remember dreaming at all last night.

I stirred and did me BP test:

Sys 163 – Dia 88 – Pulse 80 – Temp 32.3 Looks right to me, must remember to take the log with me when I go to see the Obergruppenführer Nurse this morning at the GP surgery for me INR level tests.

IMG_0210Took a photo of the gloomy sky when I went down to make a cuppa.

Noticed the notes I’d left to remind me what to do today: GP nurse INA 0915hrs – Take BP log, take nibbles – Go to Hospice shop with what I can carry there – Fetch medication from chemist – Fetch reading glasses from boots – Try to do some more clearing up – Nurse coming 1530hrs injection maybe? Call to see BJ. (I got two done)

Now all I have to do is lose the list. Hehe!

Onto the porcelain expecting another slow painful session- but it was alright this time.

Started to finish yesterday’s diary – Laptop mouse sticking a bit? Got it posted and started off this diary.

Coreldraw9 froze again when I was creating this header.

I sat here thinking (Dangerous that I know!) IF I get in this flat – what how do I need to get it right – Curtains, hard bed, fridge-freezer, carpets etc… I’ve got none of these things here, or they are so old and dilapidated they can’t be used again… then I thought: “Hang on mush, you ain’t got it yet, why punish yerself wiv worrying abarght it now?” Of course there was no one to answer me.

I wish sometimes my mind could be turned off to gimme some rest – but no doubt there are millions of proletariats just like wot I am thinking the same? Hey-ho!

Got another urgent call to the porcelain throne – boy have things changed quickly… the runs starting now! Bogglesplonkunblow!

Got missen titivated and set of to the GP surgery with all me gear needed.

I was soon with the nurse – having to explain everything again. She was busy and said she was only allotted a few minutes for each patient, not nasty like, nicely.

Felt guilty asking her about me painful but not seen boil on me bum, she had a quick look and couldn’t see any boil?

Then asked to have a quick look at me BP log reading, she said a few high but others okay.

Then she took me INR blood test and recorded various details on the computer.

Then she gave me the injection into me ticker.

She seemed in a good mood when I left, despite patients waiting to see her being held up my me.

IMG_0212I walked to the chemist to collect me monthly prescriptions, but they weren’t ready. Call back in late afternoon he said. Summat else to forget there!

I’d hoped to get to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop with some bags but decided I’d never do that and collect me Prescriptions in time to get back in time for the nurses visit.

So I set off on me walk into the City Centre to visit the EE shop for guidance on me ‘orrible new mobile phone and collect me new spectacles. (Yes I lost the IMG_0213other pair!)

The usual collection of Nottingham Pavement Cyclist en-route.

At least this ‘erbert didn’t go over against the lights.

A bit further on there was an altercation going on outside one of the ’24 hour Continental Shop’ – I kept wobbling on not wanting to get involved like, there was a good few fellers involved so no photographicalisationing there.

IMG_0214I know when not to get involved and this looked like such a situation.

I saw the police vehicles with blues and twos going as they passed me on the way to the incident.

I poddled on through Milton Street and across into Clumber Street and down to the EE shop.

Being earlyish there was no customers in IMG_0216the shop and I approached the ankle-snapper assistant who actually yawned when he greeted me.

I asked him if he could show me how to store numbers in the phone and he toyed with it for a few minutes then said – you don’t do it on contacts on this phone (Which he’d just learnt by trying to do so and failed)

He then went through the People option, so quick I had to ask him to do it again so I could write it down. what I ended up with was Press Phone – People – Plus sign – Microsoft account – Type -Disc sign… very helpful… I’ll try it when I get time.

I then asked him how I changed the ring tone and made it louder – his fingers flashed, beeps beeped and within seconds he’s handed it back to be saying “Done that, anything else I can help you with?” as he looked at the ceiling?

I thanked him and got the standard half-hearted “Have a good day” from him. Not the choice of words I fancied that he wanted to say like.

IMG_0217As I walked through the City Centre to go to Boots Opticians I spotted these mannequins in a shop window with the writing: ‘The Groom Goes Free’ – there are some who would not agree with that methinks Hehe.

So up passed the Tram Stop and up to the top of Friar Lane and into Boots Opticians shop.

The spectacles were not ready. (Well fancy that I thought)

IMG_0223I thought I’d taken a photograph of the new stalls appearing in the slab square as I crossed it on me way to Trinity Square.

I hadn’t.

It was supposed to be of the Ostrich steak thingy… this is what I actually took? – Tsk, Twit!

IMG_0220Up to Trinity Square and took a photograph of the upmarket very expensive massive new Harvest Restaurant – you can see how popular it is with the Nottinghomians massed eating al-fresco can’t you?

And this was lunchtime on a Friday too.

IMG_0224Fed the pigeons some seed and meal-worms.

Then wandered painfully down Trinity Walk towards the bus-stop.

The feet and knees had joined the mystery boil in giving me some pain now.

IMG_0219Around the corner and more Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, bless em.

I decided to divert and call at Tesco in the Victoria centre to get some bread, tomatoes and apples while I was in town.

I got a call on the phone but the sunlight prevented me seeing the answer button and it stopped before I could find it. I had a look when I got inside the centre but couldn’t tell which one it was that I’d missed – eventually I found two missed calls with no number to ring back on – Tsk!

IMG_0225Into Tesco.

Came out with me tomatoes and Cox’s apples and a Cheese and Caramelised Tear and Share bread? Looked good to me, and it was £1 on offer.

It’s a complete mystery to me how those two fresh cream strawberry Jam doughnuts could possibly have found there way into me shopping bag!

An total enigma, conundrum and puzzle that is. WWarnLie

IMG_0215Managed to avoid this Pavement Cyclistess who actually made a beeline towards me after I’d taken the photograph!

In ever increasing pains from me bum-boil and feet I made me way to the bus-stop and caught one back to Carrington and the flea-pit.

As I walked down the street to the house, a chap loading his van informed me that two nurses had called to see me and were concerned I wasn’t in. I thanked him.

Realising they must have been me missed call. They had left landline contact numbers yesterday so I called on day time one – engaged, so I made a cuppa and put me things away and tried again – engaged.

Call to the porcelain answered.

I started to update this diary and then tried calling them again and got through. They were not sure if I needed another Anoxiparin injection and I explained I’d had one this morning got at the GP, and I was not in because they told me you would arrive at 1500hrs? She said to wait in near the phone in case they call me with the result of today’s test from the hospital, then we’d know, and to give them a call at 1500hrs either way.

I did mention earlier that’s it getting confusing didn’t I? Haha!

An hour later it got even more confusing!

0501I got me Anticoagulant Therapy result back through the door at 1230hrs! How they did that so quickly I don’t know! It usually takes 1/2 days – it must be serious this time eh! – Tsk! It says to start Enoxaparin shots and to take 3 Warfarin for 3 days then follow the guide on the form.

Then I saw the date… it was for the tests earlier not this morning’s, it said my next Test Date was today… really confusing now innit?

The lid on me new cheapo Asda flask broke so I’d used me expensive one like. But it didn’t keep me tea warm?


I rang the District Nurse as instructed. I told her about the Coagulation result form coming back on the same number I rang earlier. Of course I didn’t get the nurse I got a receptionist – so, as me call allowance on the phone dwindled I had to explain things again and got put through to another nurse – explained things to her. She said she would make arrangements for a night nurse to call around 8 to 10 o’clock and give me the injection but if I get the results from the QMC and I did not need them, ring back and let them know ASAP.

I usually get me head down early to avoid seeing the yobboes.


IMG_0227I made sure me phone was in me pocket in case the QMC rang me with the results and made me way to the chemist to try once again to get me monthly prescription medications, what a day of failed futilities! Hehe!

Set off down to the chemists, the kids were coming out of school – not that that stops any Nottingham Pavement Cyclists from belting passed the school gates. He was In the distance before I got me camera out but he’s there, the Git!

IMG_0228Through the twitchell and as I turned right into Mansfield Road – another unthinking Nottingham Pavement Cyclist caught on camera.

This time an idiot in High School uniform with a Scooterist in tow with him.

Down to the Chemist and asked about me monthly medications – they told me it was the remainder of the Exonaparin syringes that had arrived that they were short of on IMG_0230me prescription for them yesterday. Well that’s put the pan in the fire with the District Nurses, who had naturally thought that because they had seven syringes had arranged for 7 to be given – now we find they’re two more, now I’ve got go through all that explaining on the phone again… That is if me call-credit doesn’t run out first! Huh!

Said me farewells after giving them some nibbles and thanking them and popped into the Co-op to see if they had any pickled beetroots in.

They hadn’t, not that that stopped old spendy-boy here from spending. They had some Cheese and caramelised onion scones and some packs of mixed leaf greens… I weakened again.

IMG_0231Got back to the tip and made me healthy nosh fer the night:

Petit Pois, cheese & onion scones, lettuce, seaweed, tomatoes, cheese and caramelised onion bread, sweet pork loin and followed that by having one of the amazing jump-in-the-bag-on-their-own-accord Tesco Fresh Cream Strawberry doughnuts.

Oh, and a Cox’s Apple.

And very enjoyable it was too – shame about no beetroot but there yer go.

An even bigger shame that I haven’t got any sorting out done – feel bad about that – but now, after a day of frustration and failure I am fully fatigued. But I’ve still got to go on and wait for the night nurse to come later, I’m drained but dare not go to sleep for fear of missing her.

Mind you, I don’t know if I should be having another injection or not yet?

I haven’t heard anything from the hospital Anticoagulation Therapy people – maybe I ought to ring the GP surgery before it closes and see if they have been informed… yes I will…hang on a moment please…

Well, I called them and they do not know either.

She said she would ring me back.

As I said earlier, Hey-ho! What a day.

So tired-out now… waiting, hoping to get the promised call back…

Did some Facebooking…

Read a bit of me D-Day book…

Did some more Facebooking…

Picking my nose now…

Going on YouTube to watch a film, no, no good can’t hear it on this laptop and dare not use the headphones for fear of missing a call from the GP or nurse. Tsk!

Trying a game of Tetris now as I continue to wait…

Fed up now.

Scratched me bum and started me blind-boil stinging. Huh!

Made a cuppa.

Want to go to the porcelain but dare not in case I miss the nurse.

Went on BBC news site.

Feeling frustrated now and nervous.

Over five hours waiting for the promised return call from GP receptionist – hopes of getting one about nil now.

Nowt from the nurse either – checked that the mobile was on, it is.

Getting irritable now.

Getting really dark now.

Did some WordPress reading.

Aha… after just seven hours the nurse does cometh…

I explained the bother and failure I’d had in trying to find what my INR level tests from this morning were and if I needed the Anoxaparin injections still.

I was told in no uncertain terms that “Your having them anyway, cause it’s down on my sheet, two a day until Monday, now lift yer shirt up…”

Fair enough, I lifted up me shirt.

She did me and filled in the sheet and was off.

0501Tired and now depressed I was turning everything off and remembered I hadn’t eaten me cream cakes.

So I got upstairs and did! Hehehe!

Naughty but nice!

I started the laptop to finish this diary and get it posted – and the thing wouldn’t boot first time – turned her off and tried again and it took ages for it to load eventually – oh dear, hope it’s going to be alright next time.

Well, one of me most frustrating days for yonks is coming to a close – thank gawd for that!

Now I don’t feel tired! Gnash!

3 thoughts on “Fri 15 May: Inchcock Today: Hectic and a Frustrating day!

  1. Wow that was frustrating! 🙁 When do you find out about the new flat? When do you get someone to look at the invisible boil again? It looks like you walked a different route this time. Please tell me you didn’t carry worms in your pockets for those pigeons!

    • Thanks gal. It’s all in the wind at the moment Rachel. With having to be in twice a day for a the District Nurse to call and inject me has manured my system and time clock. Awaiting Assessor to interview/assess and pass me as acceptable for the aided-flat, Thursday she/he comes. Waiting for an Advocate from Age UK to call as well. With the INR Warfarin level not behaving itself this causing upsets and destroying plans made to get things moving in any hopeful move.
      I reckon the Anoxaparin is making me feel high then low ever changing and also so tired it’s unbelievable.
      But hey -ho, I must press-on and live in hope eh? It’s bound to get even more hectic if I do get the move – Hehe!
      The meal-worms are in dried pellet form and I mix em with the seeds fer me pigeons and mallards.
      Take-care thanks again. XXX

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