Thr 14.5.15: Inchcock Today: Enoxaparin into ticker – by lovely nurse!

Thursday 14th May 2015

DaveBeen dreaming of me medications last night, it seems I was using them in a meal of seaweed and sausages? But I couldn’t find the vinegar and was very miffed with this and was stopping people in the street searching them for me bottle of vinegar – why I was cooking over a candle or in the street I don’t know. That’s all I can remember.

GP surgery this morning to make appointment for my extra INR Warfarin level test and sort the message I got from them out.

Then will be doing only clearing out and up until I’m too fatigued or run out of room to store stuff ready to go.

Did me checks: Sys 148, Dia 79, Pulse 76, Temp 35.2c

They all look alright to me. Took me dedications.

No WC visit yet! Mmm?

0735hrs: Going to get ready for GP now, I’ll get back to yers after I’ve done some cleaning. TTFN.

IMG_02081055hrs: Well I’m back – but had to struggle back with the bag of bags of stuff for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, because of an unplanned change of plans like at the GPs.

Oh me poor feet – hehe.

I poddled down to the surgery IMG_0205(Arrived with me bags at 0825hrs) and asked for an appointment for tomorrow (Fri) like to have me Warfarin test done as their emails instructed me to – one receptionist said they don’t do them on a Friday, the other said they did. After consultations with the GP they gave me an appointment for tomorrow at 0930 hrs.

Then they told me the doctor has only just got the details of the hospitals request for me to have the Enoxaparin jabs. And she needs to sort out what levels I was supposed to be having.

The rather gorgeous GP called me in and we went through some details. Then she asked me to wait in the waiting room while she saw some other patients then she’d find out where to ring to attain the dosage level for me and call me back in.

I got me crossword book out and spent a while having a go at them – ajnd the GP appeared asking me for me Anticoagulation Alert Card for the details, she returned to her surgery, and I got back to me crosswords.

Later the receptionist gave me back me Alert Card.

The GP called me back into the surgery and she explained that she had arranged for a district nurse to call twice today to give me the 80mg shots of the medication around midday and then again later. So I must get myself to the chemist for the syringes to be dispensed from the prescription she gave me and then home and stay there for the rest of the day so as not to miss the nurse, and after she had been to remain near a phone in case of allergic any reactions.

IMG_0207So off to the chemists and got me prescription filled for the 7 Enoxaparin filled Syringes.

Got another pack of St Johns Wort essence, being as I could see they only had one pack left on display.

Rang me brother in law while waiting to see how he and sister Jane were doing, they have both been feeling poorly.

They’re both feeling a bit better, so that cheered me up a bit. Disappointed in not getting rid of some bags of stuff to the Hospice though – everything seems to be stopping me getting on with sorting things out at the flea-pit lately. Tsk!

IMG_0206Walked back through the twitchell and the pigeons came down for their breakfast as I got to the dump.

Scared to go up to the WC in case I missed the nurse – Mmm!

Tried to access Gmail but the laptop wouldn’t let me for some reason?

Did a bit of sorting, not a lot only the tiniest bit – I’ll have another go after the nurse has paid her first visit methinks – that is if I feel up to it and none of the possible side effects the GP spoke of affects me – all go and get nowt done here innit?

I’ve just looked up possible side effects:

What lotta of em! The ones I’ve already got from the other medications have got an * asterix next to em. The onlt reason I copied them here is the number of them surprised me – afterwards I looked up some side effects if some of me other medications and realised this list is not so long after all. Puzzling int it? Hehehe!

  • coughing up blood

  • Bleeding Gums

  • difficulty with breathing or swallowing

  • * dizziness

  • headache

  • increased menstrual flow or vaginal bleeding?

  • nosebleeds

  • paralysis

  • prolonged bleeding from cuts

  • red or black, tarry stools

  • red or dark brown urine

  • shortness of breath

Less common

  • * Bruising

  • chest discomfort

  • * collection of blood under the skin

  • * confusion

  • continuing bleeding or oozing from the nose and/or mouth, or surgical wound

  • convulsions (seizures)

  • fever

  • * irritability

  • * lightheadedness

  • * lower back pain

  • * pain or burning while urinating

  • * swelling of the hands or feet

  • tightness in the chest

  • uncontrolled bleeding at the site of injection

  • vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds

  • wheezing


  • * Back pain

  • burning, pricking, tickling, or tingling sensation

  • * chest pain

  • chills

  • cough

  • decreased urine output

  • dilated neck veins

  • * dizziness or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position

  • * extreme fatigue

  • fainting

  • fast or irregular heartbeat

  • * general feeling of discomfort or illness

  • * irregular breathing

  • leg weakness

  • * problems with bowel or bladder function

  • skin rash or hives

  • * sneezing

  • sore throat

  • sudden fainting

  • * Becoming good looking and appealing to women (Joke, sorry)

  • swelling of the face, fingers, feet, genitals, mouth, or tongue

  • thickening of the bronchial secretions

  • * troubled breathing

  • weight gain

Incidence not known

  • Abdominal or stomach pain

  • deep, dark purple bruise

  • hives or welts

  • irregular heartbeat

  • itching, pain, redness, or swelling

  • large, flat, blue, or purplish patches in the skin

  • nausea or vomiting

  • * nervousness

  • * numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, or lips

  • puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue

  • redness of the skin

  • * skin rash

  • * unusual tiredness or weakness

  • * weakness or heaviness of the legs

Some of the side effects that can occur with Enoxaparin may not need medical attention. As your body adjusts to the medicine during treatment these side effects may go away. Your health care professional may also be able to tell you about ways to reduce or prevent some of these side effects. If any of the following side effects continue, are bothersome or if you have any questions about them, check with your health care professional.

I feel a bit less down today, despite me best laid plans being sent to pot again?

Knuckled down to do some paperwork sorting for three hours.

Obvious now the nurse isn’t calling at lunchtime then? She’s probably up to her neck in it. Maybe she can get the evening visit in. I can’t nip to the surgery to have the nurse there do me injection into me ticker cause I might miss the nurse coming to do the injection into me ticker… mouthful that!

Did me tablet box’s up, took about an hour this time – and realised because of taking all the extra Warfarins I was getting a bit short on em like, I wont run out but will if they increase me dosages tomorrow. I think me monthly medications should be ready about now – and I foolishly forgot to ask when I was in there earlier getting the Enoxaparin syringes… Tsk and Huh!

Getting weary now.

Started the laptop – on third try! No windows on first two attempts (Oh I hate the Bill Gates!) Windows updates came in when I closed down earlier? I got a message when in eventually loaded telling that my windows updater was out of date and offering to upgrade it if I clicked here? No identification of who the message was coming from? I declined, being unsure like. Anyone else had this message please?

Started to update the diary.

Well I still can’t move out to get me medications or go to the doctors for me injection cause the nurse hasn’t made it to me yet – and I am suffering cause I dare not go up to use the porcelain throne for fear of missing her… or him. It’s understandable because she/he will have her/his regulars to tend to.

The Nurses came, two bonnie beauties with a good understanding attitude.

The gave me a jab in the ticker and left me with one syringe for the GP surgery nurse Obergruppenführer Herr Goebbels to use in the morning when I go for me INR level tests.

They interrogated me mildly and gently with many questions and then did a tour of the house to assess how I was coping… or not coping.

They even left me contact numbers for them and said that one of them would be round tomorrow about 1530hrs if needed, to give me another injection, bless them.

I shot off to the chemist to get  some Liver oil capsules and find out when me medications would be ready for this month.

Back soon folks!

IMG_0209Got to chemists and bought me capsules and they said the medications would be ready tomorrow afternoon. On impulse on the way back I noticed the Chinese take-away was open and nipped in and got a nosh.

Got back to the bomb-site and demolished the sweet and sour pork and chips meal. Gorgeous!

Then onto the porcelain – and there I stayed for an hour! A side effect of the medication or the meal? Painful and slow evacuation achieved.

Started to finish this diary… Fell asleep with the laptop still on… finihed and posted it in the morning.


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  1. I get a message that says software updater needs updating. I hit no because the first time I hit yes thinking it was normal I let a virus loose. I still occasionally get it, but I put no and close it.

      • It got so bad my friend had to rebuild my computer for the unpteenth time. 🙂 It you it yes try to go to your history and wipe out the last 15 minutes he told me if you do it right away.

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