13.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Desperately seeking sleep

Saturday 13th June 2015

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Rain and wind this morning

No sleep really last night – every time I moved it seemed to catch, pull or press against the wound and the stinging was painful. I’ll probably nod-off involuntary at some stage today – as I do not intend to go out at all.

Got me deliveries coming from Iceland and Tesco today.

I’d planned to start packing the long life stuff in bags ready to take with me when I move to a flat – but it would be too painful at the moment with the Cancer wound and angina both vying for the place as lead pain-maker of the day. Hehehe!

Made a cuppa and took bags out to the bin. Raining a bit windy at the moment (0455hrs).

Took me medications. Yesterday when they took me INR Warfarin level before doing the surgery the level had dropped somewhat – so I took half a Warfarin and an Codiene extra.

Finished yesterdays diary and got it posted.

Spent a few hours trying to get into the workings of the Serif Draw x6 graphics package. Didn’t get very far though – so complicated compared to others, but it does have decent bitmap options, when I learn how to use them properly like.

Wasted time there then.

Managed to learn how to save names to numbers and delete messages on the Nokia Lumia 635 – the battery in it seems to run down rather quickly though.


Marinating Nosh

Now awaiting the arrival of the Iceland delivery.

I phones Janet (Sister) and Pete, had a chin-wag.

I marinated some baked beans and potatoes in a dish ready to cook and have later.

The deliveries came and I tried to sort them out but had to leave them, too painful at the moment.


Inchcocks Hearing-aid de-coking, cleaning and tube fitting kit put to use today

Thinking what I could be doing and me hearing-aids in need of a de-coke, clean and re-tubing I decided to do just that. Normally a half hour job at most… but not today.

Today the Whoopsiedangleplops returned in my efforts to carry out this task. I’ll explain:

The cleaning and de-coking went well – Not. Confidence returning to me here, getting a bit cocky with it eh?

I only had four tubes left and thought ‘I’d better be careful not to waste any here… Huh! The first left one I angled the flipping tube for the right one when I fitted it – had to pull it out and it was no use to use again.

Very carefully with shaking hands I cut sized and inserted another one. All okay that on then… until I realised I’d somehow managed to lose me pull-througher brush… spent yonks looking for it, but no luck? Oh dear…

To the right one making sure I’d aligned it for the right hearing aid and fitted it – but I’d cut it too short and the tube would go around to me tab-hole. Tsk!

Another tube wasted, no reserves now.

Got the last one fitted alright, at last.

Technical stuff confuses me yer know!


Home-made Curried beans, potatoes, bread and polish sweet-cured ham for nosh, followed by cream cake. Rated 5/10

Made me nosh and fell asleep ‘Heaven!’ for two hours in ten minute portions kept catching the wound. Followed by a fesh cream Horn cake – I don’t remember ordering those from Tesco at all.


 I wrote down the different recipe I tried for the beans – threw it away afterwards, eugh!.

Rated 5/10.

Woke and laptop on and this diary finished off.

Did some Facebooking and WordPress reading.

8 thoughts on “13.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Desperately seeking sleep

    • Cheers pet. Mustn’t let missen get down if I can help it – just feeling a tad low like. But planning on bouncing back (Bouncing? Me?) What am I like? Hehe! Sausages tonight (Sun) methinks, with mash and garden peas? Unless I change me mind later of course. I do that a lot yer know. Take care and thanks again.

      • Oh, Inchy, I’ve tried to bounce and it just doesn’t work. Maybe 72 years ago, but not any more. Now it just hurts and breaks bones. So do it my way and crawl back. Hard on the knees, but safer. Not so far to go when you land. And changing your mind really is the prerogative of a woman. Please tell me you aren’t going to do a Bruce Jenner, and turn into a Caitlin. (-: LOL

      • Things are getting sorted out now Inchy. I’m back to trying to pack for the move to the soon to be renovated apartment, probably in August or September. Going thru papers now, trying to get them sorted out, what to keep, what to get rid of. Mostly crochet patterns and recipes. Hard to decide which ones I want to keep and use, and which ones to toss or give away. No need to shred those, just share them with anyone who wants them. After I decide on the patterns I want to make. If I live another 100 years.

      • Sounds just like me again gal. The surgery wound is so tender swollen up stretching the pads, pain and stiffness in the neck above and a beauty of a sore throat is starting – and me haemorrhoids are bleeding this morning – Tsk!
        Seeing the nurse for me Warfarin level INR check later today. I’ll ask her if the sore throat is connected in any way to the surgery wound. Oh, I’m waffling again, sorry Angel.
        At the moment I’ve had to stop doing anything about sorting due to the wound being too painful when I move at all.
        I wish you all the best with your mammoth task Angel. Not easy is it, sorting. TTFN pet.

      • Have you seen the nurse yet? That wound shouldn’t be swollen so much Inchy. Now I’m really worried about you. There is infection someplace in the area, and that is not good.

      • Thanks gal. Going on Thursday to the GP nurse to have it cleaned and re-wrapped like. I’ll find out then I hope. TTFN

  1. Good idea gal – I’ll try the same thing and crawl back. Hehe.
    I don’t keep up with the news nowadays, only local – had to look up on google who he she was. I hope you manage to get things sorted soon Pet.

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