Fri 12.6.15: Inchcock Today – Skin Cancer surgery – Whoopsiedangleplops, it’s all go innit?

Friday 12th June 2015


Woke at 0430hrs. Not feeling good.

No dreams remembered at all?

Thought about me tasks to get sorted today: Finish yesterdays diary and get it posted (I was just too tired to do it last night), start this diary off, contact the clinic and beg their forgiveness for missing me appointment and make another, contact Steve with update on the Colville housing application… there’s bound to be others.


No one on the street this morning

Cuppa made, and laptop on – email from Guinness saying my application had been forwarded to Chesterfield for consideration.

I’m feeling very heavy eye-lidded this morning. Suppose yesterdays long day of tasks completed didn’t help.

Another cuppa and took me medications.

Can’t get any shredding or sorting done with all these appointments to tend too.

Finished yesterday diary and got it posted. Did some Facebooking.

Had a good bath and scrub-up.

Then off and caught the bus into town, then another out to the QMC treatment centre. Walked round to the back of the compound in into it and up to Cancer treatment section G. Handed in me paperwork and waited until  I was called in.

To the waiting room locker and got changed as instructed by the highly intoxicating nurse.

Then taken into the treatment room where they started on removing some of me infected back for analysis.

They took me INR level to make sure it was safe to dig out me infected bits to test first.

It took them well over and hour to sort me out – with me laying on me face as they chatted away about why the doctor had the email of one of the nurses and not the other?

Eventually the stitches were put in, and a massive double pressure pad was applied then a gigantic plaster. When one of the nurses told me the eleven stitches must be protected, I mustn’t do anything physical for four days at least, must go to the GP with the paperwork she gave me to arrange the stitches to come out on the 24th June. If it bled I was to stand against a wall pressing backwards for at least half an hour and summon assistance?

She then took me in the anti-room and gave me a much appreciated cup of tea, telling me to sit there as long as it took for me to feel well enough to wander home.


The bus wot I missed pulling away from the bus stop – never mind eh…Tsk!

I dropped off the paperwork for the receptionist and staggered down the two flights of stair, out and around the compound to the front to catch a bus to town.

I saw one at the bus stop and hastened best I could up the winding path to the same level and just managed to miss it as I drew close it pulled away. Hey-ho!


The Old Guildhall – unused since it closed

When I got off the bus in town, I thought what a shame it was the old Guildhall building was still unused.

A grand looking and character ridden part of old Nottingham.

I imagined a McDonalds, Pay-day loan sharks, one of the £3 a cup coffee shops, Mobile phone companies or maybe a pawnbroker or two might have been interested? Only joking like.

The pain from me back started stinging as the pain-killer began to wear off, and I still felt so tired.


One of any Gits Cycling on the Pavement today

Took a photo through the bus window of one of the many many Nottingham Pavement Cyclist I saw during the day.

I has this idea come to me like – feeling confident that I as about to get a sheltered flat fairly soon, and not being able to carry owt from the shops while the stitches were in – I’d sign up for Tesco on-line and order a load of long-life nosh and cleaners etc and put them into the bags I’ve got ready to take with me. As it turned out, not one of me better ideas at all... more about this later like.


Me visits here are getting a bit too frequent too!

Dropped off the bus and walked to the GP surgery where I gave them the paperwork and explained about needing an appointment on the 24th fer the removal of the stitches. She looked on her computer and said I have an appointment on the 23rd. But none of us knew why? So she moved it to the 24th with the stitches one.

I later found out the 23rd one was for me CHD checks. Must let her know on Monday.


Mansfield Road near the GP surgery

Surprisingly there was not much traffic on Mansfield Road.

That was until I tried to cross the road of course.

So I wobbled painfully up to the pelican lights and as I crossed on the green man, a ruddy Cyclist nearly had me as the idiot didn’t stop on his red lights!

Still flt a little bit giddy and the wound was really stinging now as I made me way back to the flea-pit.

Got in and WC’s, even sitting down is painful.


What a bloomin’ Day!

I decided to sign on the Tesco site and did so successfully. Then put me order in – but when it came to paying – it kept telling me the card was suspended  and I had to call the Co-op bank – so at great expense I did.

They informed me the card was not suspended and they had no claims for cash from Tesco?

So I rang the Tesco, so called helpline. (Helpline! Huh!)

The chap eventually after keeping paying for the call for ages – it was suspended now after I’d tried so often to get it accepted.

So I called the Co-op bank again and explained what was occuring – it had been suspended by Visa – (Eventually gawd knows how much must have cost me) she said she would cancel the suspension, but it would talk two hours to clear.

Well pee’d off I rang off and started to update this diary while I waited the two hours to try and pay Tesco again!

What a crap day I’m having! Intense pain, Whoopsidangleplops and try as I might, I don’t seem able to get any decent sleep in – Huh, Tsk and bother!

I just made a cuppa, and it even hurts to lift the cup to me gob… though

 I shouldn’t be surprised, it hurts when I do nothing as well. Just a bit worse when I move anything.

I’m dreading it if I sneeze! Hehe

Well, it’s been two hours and ten minutes – so I’ll risk trying to pay Tesco again – Oh dear, here we go…

Gordon Bennet! Had to do a new Tesco password now…

Aha… Success!


The nosh it took me three hours to get round to eating!

That means tomorrow I can at least get some packing of stuff to take with me done… and maybe a bit of shredding too… wound permitting.


Better get me nosh done.

Refried means, bacon and sausages.

Unfortunately as I came to shutting down me laptop, I got a message telling me there was an update for Coreldraw 7x – so I thought (I keep doing that recently, thinking… it does me no good yer know!), I’d just download it. It took about 15 minutes… then I was informed it needed a restart to take effect…

The green start screen came on – message on it: Restarting.

That was a hour and a half ago! Not sure if something wrong or is it the installation of the Coreldraw update that’s taking all time?

I seem fated not to get any sleep or eat me nosh.

Well another half hour as gone by now, I’ll go and check it again, hang on please…

No, no luck yet, still the green ‘Restarting’ screen.

Eventually started eating me nosh on me knee waiting for the laptop to finish restarting. It was still good reheated, Excellent taste! Rated 8/10.

Nature Camping & Hiking - Postcard - Large

Managed to take a photo by painfully distorting my body to get me hand up and behind me to take a photo of me wound dressing to see if I could see any blood leaking. A bonus here I caught a bit of the wound I got on me head when I banged it on the cupboard door. Hey-ho – Carry on regardless!

Struggled to take a photo of me dressing on the surgery wound to see if any blood had leaked out, but couldn’t get a shot of the lower 2/3rd of the dressing. And it toook me over nine attempts to get this one.


Had to lay in a contorted position to avoid pressing on it and I consequently got very little sleep again.

Huh! TTFN all.

18 thoughts on “Fri 12.6.15: Inchcock Today – Skin Cancer surgery – Whoopsiedangleplops, it’s all go innit?

    • Thanks a million gal. It’s the lack of sleep that’s worst methinks. Pain I’m used to, lack of sleep not so. I can see me nodding off sometime soon… for a day or so. Hehehe! Take care pet.

      • Thanks again gal. Just finished de-cocking cleaning and re-tubing me hearing-aids, a simple job, half an hour at most. (Hehehe…) It took me an hour and fifteen minutes with me shaky fingers dropping bits, losing the tube, and cutting the wrong length. Sad innit? Still it’s done now. TTFN pet.

  1. Oh Inchy, I hope you are feeling better by now. I’m back to getting therapy for my shoulder, so I sure know the pain involved in trying to reach for something just out of reach. Be well soon luv.

    • Thanks a lot Angel. Not too good today (Sun) a few of me ailments playing up at the same time – bother! Hehe. Got a few appointments again this coming week, so I’ll be able to speak with the nurse about things on Monday I hope. Tuesday CHD checks surgery nurse again, clinic and visit to prospective flats with the man from Age UK Steve. Still, it keeps me busy like! Hope your coping gal. TTFN X

      • Coping okay Inchy. Thank you. Staying occupied helps, and fighting with my computer and printer have kept me very occupied for several days. Be well my friend, and please don’t over work yourself. I worry about you.

      • Do you remember the old Atari ST plug and play computer? Oh so easy to use too. Still, I wish I was cleverer and could help you Angel, TTFN

      • I made it work Inchy. I really made it work. Now I’m trying to pat myself on the back, because I remember how I did it. Oh, I should write that down so I’ll remember the next time, The one thing I know for sure is that there is always a next time when it comes to my printer and computer. They really don’t communicate well, because the printer is old and the computer is new.

      • ♫ Congratulations, and celebrations…♫ Well done gal! I know just what you mean about not knowing how you did it – a mirror of my machinations. Hehe!

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