Wed 17 June 2015: Inchcock Today – Housebound Again! Tsk!

04hWednesday 17th June 2015

Got a decent kip in last night – which is good ’cause I was well shattered!

I realised I’d missed off one of me Whoopsiedangleplops from yesterdays diary, here it is:


f1The Orange X is where I caught the L 8 bus at the flats thinking it went to the City Centre, it is also where I got off the bus after it did its anti-clockwise circular route back to the flats!

So I walked back to Carrington instead.

Later I found out there was another bus, an L9 that does go to town from the flats, but only one an hour, Mon to Fri from 0933 t0 1633hrs, Saturdays only four buses between 1031 and 1630hrs and none on s Sunday – not very good for getting about then from these flats?

Took me medications with some orange juice and did a bit of Facebooking.

The shoulder/back is still sore but I think less so than yesterday.

Got to stay in today, in case Steve from Age UK calls with any news about the Colville Court flats, and I can make me way to meet him quicklyish if viewing possible today – if I go out sometimes I cannot hear the mobile ringing with traffic or any noise about me.

Started this diary off on the new laptop when I got down, and made a cuppa.

Thought of feeding the pigeons but they were outnumbered by the preying cats under all the cars.

Did some graphicalisationing – the Steve rang.

He’s kindly arranged for us to go to see the flats tomorrow – he’ll ring about 1200hrs to let me know the time to meet him there.

Now I can get missen washed and brushed up and go to Morrison’s see if they have owt appealing, must not buy owt I don”t need though. (Oh yes you say, we’ve heard that before?)

So, no longer housebound – I abluted and set off for the bus to town and get another bus out to Morrison’s.

IMG_0159The City centre was busy when I arrived.

Walked around the corner and waited for a number 5 or 8 bus out to Gamston’s Morrison shop.

I love me free pensioners bus-pass!

The wind was getting up a tad on the way as I noticed the trees a-blowing in it like.

IMG_0160twisted wrongly or moved – Tsk!

Arrived at the store and set off to look for the Walls BBQ sausages on offer from £2.50 down to £1.

Found them and took the last four packs from the freezer.

As I came out the wind was even worse, and just managed to miss the bus.

Still one came along 15 minutes later.

I’d bought only light stuff along with the sausages so as not to risk pulling on me wound. Marmite Crisps and Oddities bikkies.

Back to ttown and caught bus to Carrington.

Enroute me phone made a noise and I checked it – a message from the Surgery confirming me 15.45 appointment tomorrow to have me wound cleaned and re-IMG_0162plastered. This caused me some concern, because the hand written note on me card looked like 13.45… oh dear.

So I called in the GP surgery (Getting like a second home this is – wonder if they might put me up? Hehe!) to confirm the time. It is 1545hrs.

When I came out the wind was really belting at a pace.

IMG_0163Back to the pit and changed the time of this appointment on me diary.

Decided tonight would be sausages in tomatoes that I added oregano, basil and Rosemary too.

Hope it tastes alright?

It were grand it was. Rated it 8.5/10.

Them new sausages are marvellous!

Bit of bother with the haemorrhoids bleeding when I woke up after 15 minutes kip. Soon cleaned missen up and nodded off again.

TTFN all.

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