Mon 6th July 2015: Inchcock Today

Monday 6th July 2015

0104aUp at 0125hrs, shivering with cold and wide awake?

The cramps were not so bad and the wounds from yesterdays Whoopsiedangleplop weren’t too bad either.

A few recollections of me dreams lingered:

A woman was telling me off about something or other and I kept pouring cups of tea for her… and could not get the right amount of milk she wanted?… then the door opened and in filed dozens of women and they formed a queue near a snooker table demanding their cups of tea? – In walked Harold Wilson and sat in the chair?

That’s all I can recall.

Had a dizzy-spell later – not good that, I thought they were on holiday. Hehe!

IMG_0043BJ is calling this morning to fetch some stuff for me from the hovel. The decorator is due around 0800hrs – not sure if Steve is coming or not – perhaps Glendora will call?

The patriotic car from yesterday was still there when we passed.

Did some Facebooking – I dare not use the taps for a wash this early – noisy plumbing might disturb me new neighbours.

IMG_0047Painter arrived and soon started in the living room. Sociable chap, very helpful.

BJ rang he’s on his way. Said I’d meet him outside so he didn’t have to come all the way up.

Met him in car park and we set off to the hovel.

We collected no end of stuff, filled his car I think, and took it to the flat.

On the way we stopped at the Co-op store and got some bread (Being as I had got me toaster in the car )and long life milk.

Bit of a job getting it all up to the flat but we managed somehow. BJ had to shoot off and I went down with him and thanked him for his help again.

Realised that until we get the place sorted I could not use the toaster. Tsk!

Then the decorator went off for his nosh – and the Tesco delivery arrived. Well, IMG_0048by the time I ‘d put the stuff anywhere I could find to temporarily, the painter was back.

I got the clock I bought from Tesco out and we both agreed it was knackered – the hands were loose. Tsk!

And the White grape and blackcurrant flavoured spring water I’d bought tempted me to a quick swig – Eurgh! Far too sweet! Undrinkable!

IMG_0046Then a maintenance man arrived to repair the loose wiring in the Intercom line. Soon had it all boxed in for me. He didn’t want any bottles of White grape and blackcurrant flavoured spring water either!

I asked the painter chappie if he would like a bottle of White grape and blackcurrant flavoured spring water, but he was not too keen.

By now with all the lifting and carrying and the nowhere to sit comfortably scenario my back, arms and legs were suffering – also the affects of me Whoopsiedangleplop on me right wrist was humming a bit.

Steve rang, he’s coming later to have a chat.

Feeling well and truly done in now – cramps starting, so tired.

0104cSteve and Paul the decorator got the Fridge freezer and cooker ordered from Currys for me, delivery tomorrow between 0800 and 1800hrs.

But we are not sure if they will ‘fit’ the cooker for me or not like?

The fridge-freezer should be okay to just plug in?

0104dI’m really looking forward to having some oven chips – but with my luck I’m not holding my breath…

I have got a doctors appointment in the morning and then going to Asda to see if we can get some of the plastic drawers on offer.

Steve and Paul left with a bottle of White grape blackcurrant spring water each, and a weary me put the laptop on to do this diary before I fall asleep.

Mind you, I want to have me Marmite sarnies first.

I bet the cooker is still not been delivered or if it has not connected when I get back tomorrow. I’m not that lucky.

TTFN from a tired, weary, in pain and far poorer Inchcock.


2 thoughts on “Mon 6th July 2015: Inchcock Today

  1. Poor Inchy. But on the bright side, you are living in your flat, while I’m fighting bed bugs over here. I’ve captured and imprisoned almost 2 dozen today alone, after making their living quarters more difficult to approach. And by putting a pink quilt over the nest, I can see the little buggers better, so it’s easier to find them. Getting lots of good ideas for after the big heat wave on Wednesday when they hopefully will decide to go find another place to live.
    My new apartment probably won’t be ready until late September, or even early October, at the rate things are going now. Maybe they will surprise us by getting the apartments on that end of the hall done faster than the ones they are working on now. We can only hope.
    Now, my orders for you are to take care of yourself, and stop having those Whoopsiewhatsies so you can spend 25 more years in your new flat, enjoying that lovely view. I’ve noticed a sign on the wall downstairs offering $300 to anyone who gets their family to move them instead of having the movers come in, so I’m going to go that route. Nice to have a large family at times like this.

    • Thanks Angel. I hope things come right for you and you are so happy in the new place. Being on me own is slowing things down a bit, but all I have to do is get on with it, then win the lottery and come and bring you over – Yippeee! TTFN

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