Tue 7 July 2015: Worn missen out again! Tsk!

Tuesday 7th July 2015


Up at 0505hrs – I slept on the floor in the kitchen on a duvet with a throw to cover me last night – and managed to get some sleep in, partly due to sheer weariness and tiredness I expect.

Not so many cramps either. But plenty of fretting and worrying about things I’ve got to do etc. So much to do and so little getting done.

No hot water again – so I put on the immersion heater hoping it will work so I can have a wash and shave before Painter man arrives and I set off to the GP surgery for me INR Warfarin level tests, Meet BJ at the launderette so as to go to Asda to see if I can get some drawers, bin and bits.

Hoping the things (Cooker and fridge) arrive while I’m out. Fretting something awful now.

Laptop on – Made a cuppa and took me medications, started this diary off.

Water getting hotter now, so immersion seems to work in the mornings? But it is an exspensive way to do things – and I’m spending far too much as it is… Worry fretting panic setting in again – Tsk!)

Got missen spruced up and into the few clean clothes I’ve got left. I really must try to get to the laundry room today and find out how things work there.

Had a good wash and shave and then made another cuppa.

Made list of things to do to take with me when I go to the GP nurse.

0202The pull-start string on the heater on the kitchen wall came off when I pulled it – Tsk! Some things never change.

The painter Paul is late coming, he said he’d be here for 0800hrs so I could have time to walk to the GP appointment and someone would be here just in case the fridge and cooker arrived early.

If he doesn’t get here soon – what do I do?

Missing the INR blood tests is not on really.. ah he’s here…

Got me things ready and left on me 40 minute walk to the doctor’s surgery.

Got there and waited a while and got called in around 0915hrs.

I realised I’d taken the wrong Anticoagulation Record Card with me and told the surgery Nurse – but it was the nice one and she said not to worry?

She had a look at me damaged wrist and said to come back if the blue swelling had not gone down in three day.

I thanked her and made me way to the launderette to meet BJ.

One of the infamous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists nearly had me as I left through the gate – Swine!

Hobbled down and across to the launderette.

Had a chin-wag with Mandy, had her in tucks and all I was telling her was what had happened to me – It must be the way I tell em! Hehe!

BJ came in and his laundry was ready to be taken out of the driers.

We were soon off to Asda. Where I got a call from the Curry’s delivery drivers, they could not get into the flat – no answer to their call!

panic set in then… I called Steve from Age UK and asked him to ring Paul he painter to tell him they were outside.

BJ said a few moments later, ring Steve back and confirm they got in or I’ll run yo back sharpish. I rang him and they had got in – Phew!

Knowing this, I got some butter, sausages, sausages and sausages from Asda. But forgot the milk – hope the one I got yesterday has not gone off. Then got two of the 3 drawer storage thingies.

We made out way back to BJ’s house for him to show me the storage cabinet he’s got from Ikea to see if similar would be suitable for me to get. They were practical, but expensive.

Then he ran be back to the flats and dropped me off outside, thanked him and he shot off.

Got up to twelfth and as I got out of the lift – a pile of shredded foam was all over the area floor! Currys to thank for that. Decided to get it cleaned up ASAP or risk getting a bad name with the other residents.

In the flat I greeted in the kitchen by the fridge all looking nice in the corner near the window, and the new Cooker, unfortunately still in all its wrappings – Foam, plastics, wood slats etc.

Paul painter said they told him not to start the fridge-freezer for three hours? The place was a mess with bits of wrappings all over and Paul’s mementos of spots of paint. Oh dear, just when I was getting to feel drained too!

I struggled but got the cooker wrappings off and broke them down and carried some down and out to the caretakers refuse door – and it was open, so I popped in and found the lad Robert – who had apparently asked the Curry’s men if they had taken away their rubbish and they assured him they had – Naughty! they had not! I told him about the cooker and my ringing the Council City Homes to see if they provided a cooker installation service and they did not.

He (Robert) said he would come up in a bit to see what’s what.

I went back up and started to clean up the mess the Currys lads had left near the lift – no easy task as the giant air-vents either end of the landing were letting in the wind and it was very gusty too! Huh! Took me ages to corner the bits of foam. Hehe, must have been a funny sight!

Then I had a look at the cooker and there were not connection wires as I could see to attach it to the electricity supply box?

I started to clean the place up again and Robert arrived to have a look. He tried to sort out the problem with the hot water – but we got nowhere with it – he did explain about the night storage heaters – they were expensive!

Then he looked at the cooker and said indeed the cables were missing to link it up? He would return on Thursday to have another look and will try to sort some out for me. Thanked him an off he poddled.

I went down to the community shed leaned and spoke with one of the two ladies there – not the Frau Obergruppenfurher Camp Kommandant one, I just smiled in her direction but kept out of any verbal communication.

The lady said see how it goes, she’ll ask someone to come and see me. (Loud Tut from the Frau Kommandant on the next table at this stage).

The wind was now the worst I’ve ever encountered locally.

Back to the flat and painter Paul was clearing his thing ready to go – so I paid him his money and off he went.

I relaxed a bit now I was on me own again checked the kitchen out and started to appreciate all the mementos he’s left for me in the kitchen:

Paint splashed on the sink, draining board, laptop, door, cupboards, floor, windows, draining tray every exposed bottle, tin, crockery, the chair, the chair cushion (which incidentally had one broken tie when I left the house earlier and now had four broken ties?) and even the kettle was speckled in magnolia paint!

Took me ages to clean em, in fact I ain’t done em all yet. Tsk!

Just had a peep in the front room – the new Virgin modem, telephone and the windows will need specks removing too.

I’m too nervous to check the other rooms

IMG_0052Then I got the fridge turned on – the cooker in position then made a cuppa.

The cooker looks like it has an expression on its face don’t you think?

Tonight methinks beans and sausage.

Cleaned the sink area but not all the bottles, jugs, sprays etc, just too tired and wanted to get this diary finished off while me memories were semi-fresh.

IMG_0051The bare looking fridge was photographicalised for posterity.

If that’s the right word?

Must try to get some frozen nosh in tomorrow – maybe-not though, I forgot the cooker ain’t working yet – I’m easily confused yer know.Tsk!

Oh that reminds, nurse Nicole made an appointment for me cardiac blood test 0945hrs on Mon 27 July.

Hang on, I’ll put that in me Google calendar now…

Done it, thanks fer yer patients… no I mean patience folks!

IMG_0053The two three drawer storage units I’ve put in the kitchen for now. They are plastic and I thought a good idea for storing stuff in the bathroom?

What do you think?

I just got me first incoming phone call on me land-line – wrong number. Huh!


Got me nosh ready to go into the microwave. I’d IMG_0054stuck with the idea of beans and sausage. Mini cocktail sausages.

Had no time to prepare Patti Berkert’s curried bean recipe so had them straight as if to speak.

The milk had not turned or gone off so enjoyed a good strong cuppa with them – (and some un-mangled from being squashed on delivery along with the broken clock) Tesco mini-rolls for afters.

I think Glendora from Age UK is calling tomorrow. Hope she’s been told about me appointment at the clinic.

Tired again now.


8 thoughts on “Tue 7 July 2015: Worn missen out again! Tsk!

  1. I still Love your apartment Inchy. You really should file a complaint with the delivery people about the mess they left They should be hung from the yardarm for that, or made to walk the plank off your balcony. I’m tired just from reading about your day, and can only imagine how you feel after living it. Take care of you, Inchy.

    • Your so kind Angel, thanks.
      Not so good this morning, but better than last night if yer know what I mean.
      The weather has changed here and it’s so cold. I can’t work out the night storage heaters here, but someone coming tomorrow who I can ask.
      Today is a bit of pressure, cause I’ve got two repair men calling – and hope that they arrive in time and get the jobs done for me to get to me emergency INR blood-level test at the Doctors. And I have utilities and bank to call to change me details. Also I’d hoped to get back to the old place so I could collect some warmer clothing and carry it back to the flat. Ah-well, I know I have you rooting for me gal.
      Hope things will go alright for your move, and you get settled and some contentment and peace of mind with it flower.
      ♫ “For we have ‘High Hopes’… ♫

      • High apple pie in the sky hopes”….Stil love that song. They were unable to treat my place for the bedbugs today because I was not able to get everything off the floor, so now I have until Friday, which gives me one day. I’ve tried to get help, but no one is willing, even though they finally told me that alcohol will kill them. I sprayed alcohol on my nest last night and watched them fall off dead, and finally got my first night of sleep in the 3 weeks they have been here. Why they didn’t tell me this in the first place is a mystery, but it might have helped yesterday when I told the lady who my brother is. I hate it when I have to use his name to get some respect or a smile from someone, but at this point I’ll do what I have to do. Had to spray again tonight after moving most of the stuff off the living room floor, and tomorrow I’ll have to use more after working on the bedroom, but I have lots of alcohol on hand, and can get more on Friday, the day they will treat the place now. Just hope I can get out without killing myself from a fall, because I can’t take my power chair. Have to walk out, and can only walk 3 steps before I fall. Wish me luck.

      • I assure you of my best wishes Angel – you seem to have done a good job sorting gal, proud of you.
        I understand about ‘Why they didn’t tell you this in the first place is a mystery’ – sometimes folks are so confusing cause they don’t explain things very well to us.
        So happy to hear your stocked up with anti-bug alcohol.
        Wish I could help.
        No falling either please, I insist gal!
        TTFN pet.

      • I made this one up gal:
        ♫ A room with a view,
        I could be with you,
        We’d both be less blue,
        If we were in a room with a view… ♫
        TTFN pet.

      • I love that Inchy. Just set it to music, and I’ll sing it when I paddle across the pond to see you. I’ve managed to stack about half my other room, but can’t lift the rest. More shredding to do and the things I am able to do myself will be over. Just hope they will be satisfied that my son will be here later to do the heavy lifting for me, and it will either all be off the floor, or all in one or two stacks. Twenty years ago I could have done it myself, but I haven’t figured out how to turn the years back yet. Oh, well, still making sure there are no aerosol cans lurking about to explode in my absense.

        Take care of you.

      • Well done Angel. Having to rely on others to do the driving and lifting is frustrating as you say gal. I also need them to make phone calls cause of me hearing, or lack of it. TTFN pet.

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