Sun 5th July 2015: Progress – Slowly, but progress plus late Whoopsiedangleplop!

Sunday 5th July 2015


Sorry, I meant through the balcony netting

Up at 0315hrs.

Cramps were bad last night and even worse the ‘Little Inch’ lesion had been bleeding bad – and I have no cream here at the new flat. Tsk!


Made a cuppa – it seems to taste better when brewed here in the flat?

Took me morning medications with it. Made a list of urgent things I need from the old dump when I walk back to the dump for Michelle to collect me old fridge-freezer.

Must remember to collect Warfarin, Vit C complex, Oil capsules, clock, mobile charger and me curried bean spices.


Just look at those clouds

Then took the photo at the top of this diary – and hour later it looked like this. Beautiful cloud formations I thought?

As I withdrew the camera from between the netting, it caught on the netting a bit and then commenced a few worrying moments as swore as I fumbled and juggled with it to retrieve it before it went over the balcony… (Oh dear, frightening seconds there!)

Somehow I got it back in my arthritic hands and sighed such a sigh of relief. Phew!

A Whoopsiedangleplop of mammoth proportions avoided there!

Had a pot of porridge and enjoyed it. I hope I can get a fridge soon as the milk keeps going sour and the nearest shop is a 25 minute walk each way. Tsk!

Made up me pots of medications last night – but realised I’d missed bringing the Warfarin – so must get them later when I go to the flea-pit to give the freezer.

Went on Facebook for ages, nice having a few folk show interest in me welfare, I like it.

Got missen ready and had a walk to Carrington to do some sorting and meet the folk who are collecting the fridge/freezer.

IMG_0040 Took a bag of rubbish to the chute and got the lift down – et a chap at the entrance had a little chin-wag, seemed a decent sort.

No buses on Sundays, so set off down Winchester Street.

No one around much, traffic or pedestrians at this point. I had plenty of time and dawdled a bit, then realised I was missing sorting out time at the dump, so increased me speed to 1.1 mph. Hehehe!

Arrived with 2 hours to spare before the ETA of he people – so knuckled down and shifted the debris and rubbish to make a pathway through for when they come to take the fridge-freezer and its contents.

I was getting a bit weary by then, but foolishly pressed on sorting and taking bags of unwanted crap to the bins.

By the time I decided enough was enough I needed to use me walking stick – good really, cause it reminded me to take it with me back to the flat.

But oh me back and knees – I really must get a bed, that air-bed that Steve lent me is crippling me.

Then came an incident that made me really appreciate getting away from the area. Two maisonettes opposite have been occupied – and here are about eight kids from about three to eleven years of age – and can they scream and ball!

I took me hearing-aids out but could still hear em!

The two men arrived a little late. They knew what they were doing as they had it out in minutes, barrow and straps all ready.

One of the bloke took off with fridge in his van and the other one, both sounded Russian or Polish, offered me some cash and I said no – you’re doing me a favour, one less thing for me to worry about.

Then on impulse I asked him if he could run me back to the flat and he agreed as he actually had to pass it on the way home – lucky that!

His Mother in law lives at the same block, and he warned me about a bloke who has been getting loans of off residents, including his mother-in-law and using the money to get Ukrainian prostitutes in. He said he was about 70 years old and to avoid him. They had gone to the police as others had, but was told there was nothing they can do as it is a private matter? He was telling me as he ran me home.

Realised I’d forgotten to get some milk.

Well shattered I got in and sorted the two bags of stuff I’d collected. Then added the Warfarin to the pots I did yesterday.

Put the stuff away and had a cuppa.

Then on the laptop and added to this diary.

It rained giants droplets for about 30 seconds and then stopped?

Took me medications early so as not to forget them later.

Got the painter coming in tomorrow – doctors at 09… no, they changed it to Tuesday… confusing yer know innit?

Opened the window a smidge and the gnats feasted on me within seconds. Hehe!

I brought me binoculars with me to view from the window and balcony – I’d forgotten how crap they were. A sticker on them says: 6×35 High Power – Phwert!

Checked me emails.

Made a list of things to see Steve from Age Concern about.

Updated me diary.

So weary now, but not tired?

Then it happened…

CityRainI was just finishing putting away some things, in the kitchen turned, and managed to trip over a loose floor tile.

Bruised left arm wrist, scratched right wrist and banged me head (No bother on the last one).


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