Sat July 2015: Inchcock Today –

Saturday 14th June 2015


Up at 0310hrs.

The bedroom felt cold last night, the other rooms didn’t?

Made cuppa and took me last pot of medications.

Bit of thunder and lightning going on this morning, it soon stopped though.

Then I took a photo from the kitchen window from the same view as the one I took last night. Interesting comparison I thought?

01topLaptop on, another cuppa and started on this diary.

Must remember what I need to get today.

Back to the dump to get medications, chemist to get new prescriptions, get bread and long-life milk (The little bottle I got has curdled now – no fridge yet! Huh!)

Checked emails and Facebooked for a while.

No hot water this morning, have to boil water in the kettle to have a shave.

IMG_0026The rain turned to mist and then fog after I took this picture.

Managed to force down a pot of Golden Syrup flavoured porridge, cause I imagine it ain’t good not eating for so long. Just not hungry?

Then, although I haven’t got all the seasoning to make curried beans, I opened a tin and mixed in some sultanas left them to soak in. I hope to remember, and be able to carry some of the seasonings from the flea-pit later today. (I forgot – huh!)

There are only four buses today (Mind you, tomorrow there are none!), first one at 1030hrs, so I have plenty of time to have wash and shave using hot water from the kettle – what a farce. I still haven’t seen anyone to ask about this lack of hot water in the mornings and days. (I dare not ask the Camp Kommandant Obergruppenführer woman), but I think a lady told me there are none of them on site at the week-ends.

Ah well, I’ll get the kettle on and have a shave then… back in a bit…

IMG_0030Set off taking the letters for Mrs Leadbetter with me and couple of bags to put me stuff in from the flea-pit and me shopping.

On me way down in the lift I put the camera low so it wont be seen and took a photo of missen – then remembered the CCTV camera, Tsk!

The Community shed was all locked up. So stuck the letters in me bag to deliver later.

Set of on me walk down Winchester Street hill and on to Carrington.

The sun was coming out now.

Got in the hovel and packed some stuff that I could find that I might need, mobile charger, socks, undies, etc. I thought I’d put some shirts in as well, but later found they were some Lounge trews that were too small. I decided to bus to town and get some cheapo t-shirts.

Called at the chemist who told me it’s two weeks yet before the prescription is due. All this hassle got me even more confused than usual.

So back to the house and picked up what medication were there to do-up into pots tomorrow.

Called in Tesco in town got some bread and ham to have with me beans later.


A good few folk about.

Went to the bust-stop to get the L9 back to the flats – next one was due 2 hours later!

There was only four buses running on a Saturday – every two hours over 0930 to 1630. And there are none running at all on a Sunday. So I might get me medication pots done and have a walk locally to get the lay of the land so to speak?

I called in Primark got some shirts and socks then back to the bus-stop.

When I got back to the flat many letters had been delivered. Three for Mrs Leadbetter, and five for me!

One about the direct debit fer the rent, and three giving me dates fro when the repairmen will be calling to do jobs.

The other a con-job from a someone giving me a number to ring to get 200% return on summat or other – binned it.

01topYou should see me Google diary now. Hang on, I’ll try to take a screen shot of it…

I put the hot water immersion on but nowt happened.

An hour or so later tried again and the light came on – it worked?

Searched and searched for me mobile – going potty I was – had I left or dropped it on the bus – oh dear…

Eventually after a beard growth or half an inch I found it – plugged in charging behind the microwave. Wot a plonka!

I had a bash on Facebook to have a break like.

The blow-up bed that Steve has loaned me has a Velcro like coating and every time I moved it holds on to me jammies and this caused a nasty Whoopsiedangleplop within minutes of me nodding off. The little Inch started bleeding rather badly. Spent the next hour or two in the bathroom cleaning missen up and trying to stop the bleeding. Got bad at one stage and I thought about calling for help.

None of the clinics creams or pads here at the flat – an oversight I regretted. Must remember to collect some tomorrow from the dump.

TTFN all.

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