Sat 18 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Huh!

Saturday 18th July 2015


Went to kip late last night and soon nodded off into a deep sleep for two hours – after that I was waking every half hour it seemed, filled with dread and apprehension in response to dreams?

I can’t recall a lot about them just bits here and there. Being chased again, underwater and helping a surgeon remove me fingers who kept squirting WD40 onto them?

Bolt awake late around 0640hrs. WC’d and found the fresh cream cakes I’d had delivered with last nights Tesco visit lying on the heater in the hall – Huh!

Made a cuppa titivated the kitchen and returned to the WC. Mmm?

Laptop on and got yesterdays diary done and posted. Much stuff to respond to on Facebook. So I went on there for a good while then started a post for the LOMM site.

Despite the sunshine it’s cold this morning. I’m not opening the window, I can see the trees swaying violently in the wind – that is also coming into the kitchen via the hole in the wall – Tsk!

0702WC’d. Had a good scrub up and shave, got me togs on, got the washing ready in the bag – remembering to take the softener and soap capsule with me and set off down the laundry room.

Met me next flat neighbour as we both opened our door together. Had a little chin-wag, then to the lift and down.

No one in the laundry room so I got the machine going. Went out into the foyer to read me book, the plan was to have a little walk and take some photographs while the drier was on, cause that takes an hour.

I’d forgot to take me book down with me. So went back up and got it, brought it back down and sat in one of the high easy hairs to read it. I kept nodding off, and each time someone came in or out, the Tannoy blasted out “There is CCTV in operation in this building” to wake me and I got funny looks from whoever came in or out. Hehe! Did more kipping than reading I think.

0703Got me togs put away and despite the vicious looking wind I went out for a walk up to the park.

I took this photo of the stubby grass being blown in the wind to show how hard the wind was a-blowing.

Decided not to go too far.

0706On the way up the hill from the back of the flats the hillside has so many daisies bravely blossoming in the grass defying the cruel winds.

Up to the top and passing the kids play area – even with the wind (mind you I had me new hearing aid-batteries in wot I installed earlier) I could hear and lip-read the language being thrown about verbally by the parents and kids themselves… very crude!

0705Over the other side of the hill was some Pitch and Putt players enjoying a game.

I was a bit nervous in case a stray sliced shot came in my direction like?

I turned and took a photo of Woodthorpe an Winchester Court from a different angle, to ones I did earlier.

0704It was getting more windy than ever – I bet the pitch and putters were cursing it when they had to putt?

Then I wandered to the left and the gravel path that leads down to the flats, the one the local dog owners use daily for their dogs to relieve themselves and took one from the front side of the flats.

0703aI noticed that the three flats immediately above mine each had some balcony furniture in use.

I only got two hairs in the flat yet. Tsk!

I returned wind-battered to the flats and visited the WC and made a cuppa.

Then I found two letters on the floor that had been delivered. More Bills! One for me and one for Margaret the previous tenant, both from Severn-Trent.

I cleaned out me hearing-aid accoutrements bag that had got wet and dirty when I moved them in. I took a photo of them on the kitchen window and noticed the Emergency Alarm wrist band button there – and thought, hang-on, if I’m paying for this service as I am… why should the monitoring station phone up yesterday to tell me the battery power was showing too low and have me test it through their line, then tell me they would inform Nottingham City Homes and when i mentioned this to those in charge at the Community shed, they just said I’ll come and have a look Monday or Tuesday? Not on that! Swines!

0701I mentioned the trouble I’ve been having with maintenance people to a bloke yesterday, the lock being fitted and not working, the giant hole in the wall no one seemed interested in etc. and he said:”Tell me about it, yer can’t get owt done properly here!” and he tutted, shook his head mumbled summat and went off to this flat. Don’t bode well does it?

DSCF0150Made me nosh. cheesey beans, bacon and beetroot.

I enjoyed this too.

Hell of a job to get the pans clean afterwards. Huh!

Did a bit of Facebooking and took me medications.

TTFN all.

6 thoughts on “Sat 18 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Huh!

  1. ‘balcony furniture’

    Damn, I never thought of that !

    I’m sat in the garden just now, inchy, on one of 4 folding garden chairs

    and I’ve more in me garden shed

    when I remember (heh, heh, heh), I’ll dig a couple out of the shed, give them a bit of a clean and polish, and bring them with me next time I come to visit

    we can sit and have a cup of tea and a natter on your balcony then – if it’s not too wet and windy

    [and if you like them, you can keep them]

    cheers, mate !

    • Cheers Dunc me new old mate, or is that old new mate…? Thanks anyway. I’m fetching a three wheeled walker with brakes later tonight when BJ comes for me. £20, advertised on the Streetlife site ont web. Not that I’ll need it regularly, just when I have me dizzies. TTFN Sir.

  2. So glad to hear you will have a walker. USE IT! That’s an order from a former health care worker, who now has to use one just to get from my chair to my fridge.. And I love my “new scooter” in your photo gallery. Looks like it could get me places much faster than the one I have. I’m sorry it is so cool there for you, wish I could send you some of my extra blankets, and lots of our dangerous excess heat. Heat index was 110 F today, and I didn’t venture out. It’s windy, but more like a blast furnace outside than a fridge.
    Hope this will go thru. My phone line is dead, but some emails are getting thru. It’s very strange, but with the construction going on, the lines are all exposed in the hall.

    • ‘Exposed in the Hall’ now there is a title for a story not used before. Hehe!
      You guessed what I was thinking with the walker Angel – just in case I need it. I’m alrightish when I don’t get me dizzies. But I thought if I have one in the flat and I’m going out, then I could take it with me. Bit of a bind on the bus mind but there you are I’ll have to cope with being a nuisance to other passengers. Still, I’ve got me stick.
      The City Homes have got other high-rise complex’s in Sneinton and they are undergoing renovation inside and out, so maybe we will be next in line?
      Boy it’s hot over there! Don’t know how you cope with it gal.
      Hope you don’t lose your connection.
      How do you keep cool?
      TTFN X

      • Air conditioning works marvels. If it goes out, I do too. And you would pick the three words out of context and make them look very naughty, wouldn’t you? I just tried to reply to your latest post but it didn’t go thru. I sorta hit a wrong button on the computer and reset it to factory settings, so I lost most of my stored programs, passwords, and everything in between, and I’ll have to spend the rest of my life, provided I live another 100 years, trying to recover it all. What a bother! I had a workman in today to fix my phone service, and it seems I can have internet or I can have the telephone, but not both working at the same time. Don’t know why that suddenly occurred, but it doesn’t really matter. I’ll just cancel the home phone, keep the internet, save some money, and use my cell phone as I have always done, and cut out all of the spam phone calls from the politicians at the same time. Take care Inchy.

      • Oh dear gal… what a calamity with your computer. I understand how it makes you feel Angel, done it myself more than once. It take yonks to get it all back how you want it – and the hassle of trying remember and change passwords drives you insane dunnit?
        Over here they do both lines and internet, in fact they make it cheaper if you have both. The calls aren’t cheap though.
        Thanks gal, and don’t you go tumbling again!

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