Tue 11 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Carpet (Cowboys) fitting day

Tuesday 11th August 2015


Best I could manage for a photographicalisation taken leaning over the balcony rail this morning – shaky yes… but so was I! Hehe!

0225hrs: Woke up distorted in the chair, nearly fell off of it.

Then to the WC. Little Inchy had been bleeding a fair bit, so applied some of the Betamethasone cream.

The fridge-freezer has developed a few new clunks and thuds, but it’s Whee seems to have disappeared?

Took the photo above from the balcony.

Started to move the remaining stuff into the kitchen but me back gave-out and now I’m in agony again – not to mention the angina, arthritis and duodenal ulcer playing up as well. Huh!

Made a cuppa (Not easy getting around a kitchen filled with box’s and carrier bags etc).

Underarms and the cancer wound both itching something chronic now as well.

DSCF0253Laptop on to start this diary off, too early to take me medications yet… I don’t know though, at least if I take em now I’ll not forget later? Yea, I’ll take em…

Sod-it, another dizzy-spell.

Did some Facebooking while I had the time –  I think this will prove to be another busy day – just hope the carpet man comes on time and get done on time so I don’t miss me dentists appointment.

Made another cuppa and then moved what I could carry, of what was left in the bedroom and front-room into the kitchen – if I collapse now there will not be room to fall onto the floor!

Later, the carpet men arrived, but there were two of them with another calling in to see them now and then. They looked a bit on the hard side and communicating with them was difficult, because I didn’t fully understand what their different grunts, ugs and mutterings meant.

DSCF0255I popped out to see the lady next door, very nice, pretty, refind and polite she was – and I explained to her about the noise that might emanate from the flat while the chappy-blokes are laying the carpet today.

Being 2½ men on the job could mean they will still be finished on time fer me to get t’dentist on time.

UNBELIEVABLE! Now they have gone off to do another job now they have got the underlay (with United Carpets Air-step printed on it) and the door strips down!

DSCF0254They told me the carpet has not been delivered to them yet from United Carpets!!!

Cowboys or what?

Yes, Cowboys!

Hi-ho Silver Away! Don’t know about silver but it coas me £100 to pay em.

0705Ran up this graphic in praise of Untied Carpets!

Long may they lie cheat con and upset the elderley customers like wot I am and are thick and gullible enough to be taken-in and fooled – idiot I am!


Now awaiting there return…

They rang back at 1205hrs – still no carpet – not bad considering I ordered it 3 weeks ago – now they may not make it back in time – I could swear!

They rang back again 1238hrs – the Carpet from ‘United Cowboys’ has just arrived. On their way back to the flat, ETA 15 minutes.

It so Farcical innit?

Really pee’d off now, this means they are going to rush the job and it’ll be below standard I’m sure. Are they going to get it done in time for the dentist?

Yes they did – like lighting they were!

DSCF0256It only took em 25 minutes to lay the lot! Worrying that?

I’ll have to pick up the shreds of plastic and carpet scattered all over the flat later, cause I want to call in and take the letter to the community shed.

They kindly left me two gigantic bags of cardboard paper and cut-offs – don’t know what else in in them yet, but they were too heavy for me to lift?

Got me things ready fer me trip to dentist and called in the ‘Hut’ on the way out.

Obergruppenfurher Kamp Commandant Julie was in – I told her about the farce with the carpet layers and she was kind enough not to yawn too loudly like. Huh! I forgot to give her the letters.

DSCF0257Set off up the hill into Woodthorpe Park and down into Sherwood and the dentist.

Three Nottingham Footpath cyclists today.

Got into the dentists and was commanded to take a seat and the charge will be £18.80 “You pay now!” So I did.

DSCF0258I was told to go to treatment room 1 – handily up two flights of stairs, which Arthur Itis was not too pleased with, then Anne Gyna started getting nasty about it again as I climbed the stairs.

In the surgery/room, the first thing I noticed was they had cleared the cobwebs off the ceiling, but not yet repaired the split in the seat of the chair.

DSCF0259They had also got a new painting up on the wall. I told them I liked it and one of the technicians told me she bought it, the owners would never waste money on anything like that – I’m beginning to worry if I should have signed with this practice?

They did the checks and informed me I needed grade 2 treatment. She told me what it was but the shock of being informed it will cost £229.80 blew me hearing aids!

I was instructed to go down to the receptions and book an appointment. So I did… I got the Polish receptionist again: She told me the date and time 8/9/15 at 10.15 for half-an-hour. I like the way she asked if you can make that appointment: “You will come ya!” before I got a chance to reply in the affirmative she barked “Gut, sorted!” threw the appointment letter at me and called the next patient up to the desk, making everyone jump with fear, before I’d picked it up. Still, it’s never boring going there, it might bankrupt me and scare me to death, but never boring! Hehe. £299.80? (that’s US$496.96 – Canadian $613.77 and Aust $640.68)

I ran out as fast as could and got on a bus to Carrington, using me pensioners free bus-pass that I treasure so much.

I thought as I got on the bus, I was only going about four stops, that I’d pop in the GP and try to make an appointment for next Monday for me INR blood test.

Got off the bus and forgot all about it.

Walked to the old house, they had tipped me bins up again.

Went in got the mail – nasty one from the Water company…? Welcoming me to me new home on Sherbrooke Road telling me to ring them and they will be happy to open my account???

DSCF0260Got some bits together in to bags, and made e way to the bus stop in Carrington with em.

Caught the bus into back into Sherwood.

I’d just missed a bus, so set off on a walk through the park again back to the flat.

i met the nice lady with her friend and she kindly asked how the carpet fitting went… she did laugh when I told her.

Got back to the flat and made a start on picking the bits out of the carpet in the bedroom – then thought it would be best if I moved some of the stuff out of the bathroom first so I could have a bath later.

DSCF0261The bedroom door is hard to close and open, catching and tearing the top of the carpet – well fancy that! I knew it would happen! Damned cowboys!

Laptop on and updated the diary. Put the dental appointment on me Google diary.

Very tired again suddenly.

DSCF0262Made some nosh. Potatoes, fresh garden peas, pork loin, mature cheese and veggie sausages. Rated 8/10

I added me 1960 Kenyan policeman’s truncheon in the photo just out of interest and in the hopes of getting an offer of a massive amount of money as an offer to buy it from someone.

01topaSo I can raise some cash like. Also I have an original one quart Esso oil bottle open to offers.

Desperate times need desperate measure, I’ve had these items for donkeys years and hoped to hand them down to someone when I kick the bucket, but now find missen in need of cash. Maybe, when I get the time I’ll search the web ro find out what they might be worth?

Tiredness and depression overcame me. No bath or shave (Mind you, I’ve still got to empty the bath of all the stuff I put in it yesterday to make room for the cowboys to do me carpets) just got down in all the rubbish in the kitchen and slept…

12 thoughts on “Tue 11 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Carpet (Cowboys) fitting day

  1. Oh, hun, that is so depressing. To not be able to sleep in your bathtub has to be the worst! And you probably don’t even have a light shade to wear as a night cap, do you?
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist that Inchy. I feel your pain, because I’m living it also. I have one room that is relatively open, but my “office” that used to be my bedroom is so full of boxes I only have a path thru it now. Arthur is also living with me constantly now. Just can’t seem to get rid of him, no matter how many times I tell him to go away.
    The noise is back now, so maybe they will have my apartment finished soon and I can get that move over with. Here’s hoping.
    Now, sir. Take care of you!!! Dentist is over for now, carpet is laid, so take a day to rest. That’s an order!

    • Thanks Angel. Fings not good at either end are they pet? Tsk! Your spot about the light shades too gal – I’d not even thought about them yet. Hehe! I like your humour Angie.
      Today I’m going to try and take it easier as ordered. Hehe”
      Living in disarray ain’t good is it – but we’ll have to do the best we can – I only hope that progress your end is finally coming… oh I hope so!
      Found the carpet layers had broken off the telephone connection box from the wall today, I’ve put a little bit in me diary about it hopefully warning others about the united Carpet Cowboys! TTFN and high hopes for advancement in yer mayhem flower. XXX

      • Oh, honestly! Did they even tell you about the telephone connector? My son has a friend who used to show up for visits when I was on the farm, and he would climb on the newest, most expensive equipment we had, take it out in the field, and always manage to break it, or get it stuck in mud or run off in a ditch. He never told anyone, just came back to the house, packed back up and left without a word. When he left like that, everyone knew to start looking for the broken down equipment somewhere in one of the fields. He wore out his welcome quickly.
        I just spent an hour trying to find my address book. Never found it, but I’m hoping it will turn up in one of the boxes that are packed and stacked in the bedroom. It is very inconvenient, and everything that is packed will have to be un packed and the boxes taken out after the move. I’m not sure which is worse. It seems hopeless at times.
        I think I’ll take a snooze right now. I’m feeling sleepy again just thinking about it all.


      • They did rush off in a bit of a hurry gal, never gave me a chance to check their work before they were gone. Cowboys!
        Losing things is easy for us innit? Hehe!
        I’m becoming a bit of an expert at forgetting and losing things nowadays.
        I hope your snooze was long and uninterrupted – snoozes are important to us gal I think.
        Take care pet. XXX

      • My snooze was short, but it was peaceful and I felt rested. So rested that I’ve been up all night again, in fact. I guess I’ll just take ’em as I get them. It beats no sleep at all. I’m trying to make a path in my former bedroom tonight, and it’s a challenge I’m not sure anyone could handle. I have opened a small amount of space, but very small. At least I can see the floor now. This is really an ugly carpet. I hope the carpet in the renovated one is nicer, and a prettier color. I’ll have to go thru this junk and decide what to keep and what to toss. There just isn’t enough space for everything. I have enough empty boxes in here to start a moving business. Not even sure where they all came from, or how they got in here. I think they’ve been spawning when the lights are out and the door is closed. But of course, that’s just my opinion.

      • And a very logical opinion Angie – i thought the same. Hehehe!
        Good idea to take yer nods when the body tells yer to as well gal.
        Taketh mucho care pet. X

      • Usually I’m not expecting sleep, it just happens, even when someone is here. Could be why some people never come back, but that’s not my problem — I hope. I’m chuckling here.

      • I nodded off on the bus again yesterday too – Hehehe, then when the day drew to an end, I nodded off again on the swivel chair, it’s hard enough not to fall off that when I’m awake, but I love sitting in that chair. How I didn’t wake up on the floor is a mystery to me.
        Visitors don’t bother me, I don’t get any, apart from maintenance men, debt collectors and the caretaker called once. Hehe, I’m not complaining though, I still like it here, and one day I’ll get the old place sorted and sold, then I can concentrate on this place.
        Getting people to understand why this happens is hard for anyone who has not got or had the problem to empathys with us flower. Keep kipping Angie! Warm cuddles sent. XX

      • I fell asleep at the computer once, fell out of the chair (no arm rests) and woke up on the floor the next morning. Other than being a bit chilled, I was well rested, but a bit confused about being in that particular position. I don’t normally choose the floor under my chair as a place to sleep, especially without a blanket, especially in winter. Must have been okay though, because I didn’t even catch a cold from that. Just a bump on my head and a good story to write.
        I can’t put my lower teeth in right now because of a large ulcer on the gum. Need new, better fitting plate, but can’t afford it right now. I’m saving for that, and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have enough to get them. Until then everything has to be very small and soft. I had some smoothies today, but will have to buy more ice cream tomorrow. What a shame! Such a chore to buy more ice cream! So many flavors to choose from.

      • I’ve nodded and fell off the chair a few times, but your story was more interesting and wittily written than mine.
        I hope you can get your teggies sorted soon – mind you, having to be forced into buying ice-cream is a bit of a bind innit (Hehe). Last time I got some it was plain vanilla and I squirted some lemon juice in it… not recommended, it wus ‘orrible. My favourite is Strawberry or Raspberry ripple, you’ve got me going now Angie, I must get some again.
        TTFN and well done on the kipping!
        Gerry ‘Ice-cream loving’ Chambers XXX

      • Just had to get to the grocery this morning, and I was in such a quandary. Ice cream was $3.99 per carton, or 2 for $5. I have so many problems with math, but I knew the 2 cartons would be a bargain, so…what to choose. Vanilla, for the root beer floats, and then…..they shouldn’t do things like that to me. They must have had 50 flavors in front of me Inchy, and each one looked better than the one before it. I wasn’t feeling adventurous though, so finally got chocolate. The next time I’ll pick up strawberry and peach. IF they are still on sale. I’m sure it will take me a day or 10 to finish these.
        Take care now. I have a dish of ice cream screaming my name. Hugs,

      • Well done gal – stocks of Ice-dream for emergencies are essential. Hehe!
        They do lot of that pricing over here, three for the prices of two, or buy two and save 30% – it ain’t fair on single folk who would like simple price reduction on one item/product and not end up having food they can’t eat before the sell-by-date… Tsk!
        Ah well, that’s me chunter over. Take care Angel, gentle hugs in return. XXX

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