Mon 14 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Medical Mayhem – Lovely Cuddly Nurses though!

Monday 14th September 2015

Up around 0600hrs straight to the WC despite me knees not liking it.

Had a bit of cramp last night, first bad attack for ages.

Think I dreamt about being executed in a barber’s shop by guillotine while a nurse was shaving me legs?

Cleared up and got me bags ready for the rubbish chute on me way out later to the medical appointments due today.

INR Warfarin blood level tests first at the GP surgery this time. Then the GUM clinic, then the Audio centre to get some more batteries for me hearing aids.

Kettle and laptop on.

Finished yesterdays diary off, Facebooked a bit then started this diary off.

Nearly forgot me medications, made a cuppa and took them very late but still.

to sleep last night – but when I did nod off, I stayed off – No WC visits until I woke up a good seven hours later!

No memory of any dreams this morning? Rare that.

01topWC’d made a cuppa and took me medications.

Finished the graphic for Marissa’s birthday and posted it to her Facebook page. “Have a great day Marissa!” X

Did me ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the chute. Met the lady who found e hearing aid last week and had a little natter.

Getting  bit close to leaving time if I was to get to the surgery on time for me appointment – so set off on the traipse down Winchester Street and on to Mansfield Road and along into Carrington.

Sun01The drizzle started to come down

Over the hill and down to the GP surgery, timed it well, I had ten minutes to spare when I booked myself in.

I asked for the prescription for the cream and painkillers, it took the new gal some time, but she eventually found it had been forwarded to the chemists.

I took a seat expecting to wait a few minutes – twenty-five minutes later I was called.

The nurse was very nice again, she took me blood and I left in good spirits and walked down to the chemist to collect me extra medications.

I called in the paper-shop en route and got some Lottery tickets. (Well?)

To the chemists and got me prescriptions filled, then to Lidl to get some cheese topped cobs – I’d decided I was going to have battered fish-cakes and fish-finger cobs for me nosh later.

Caught a bus to the City Hospital and got to the GUM Clinic in plenty of time for me appointment there – but had to wait an hour-an-a-half to get seen to. It was the young lady who had to call for advice from her colleagues on my last visit. The usual questions then we moved to a treatment room.

Laid me out, pants down, microscope with spotlight turned on (Dead embarrassing that yer know! Tsk!) and prodding pulling and poking commenced.

She was pleased with how the new cream was working and would arrange for some more to be made-up and let me know when it was ready.

Then I thanked her and left the Clinic and walked up to the E19 building (Haemorrhoid Specialists apparently).

Whoopsiedangleplop! My appointment was not this Monday, but next Monday – luckily I noticed just before the queue reached the counter and i read the forms I’d got out ready.

Not sure how I managed to make that error? I walked through the compound to the place I should have been (Dep’t of Gastroenterologyfor them to have a check on me haemorrhoids.

Lots of waiting between departments before when I returned from the x-ray (Very attractive mature nurse with tree-trunks legs and a nice nature there today) I was informed an appointment would be made for me and they would send me a letter and given a tube of cream to use in place of the one currently that I’m using.

Getting on now, the day had gone effectively for me, I felt drained.

Caught the bus back into Sherwood, and popped in the Co-op store just to annoy the Female Obergruppenfurher on the till – but she was not on duty. Bought a pot of sour-cream to try out.

Sat06A chap Pavement Cyclist passed by with a kid on a seat behind him – bouncing about something rotten she was.

I checked the timetable on the bus-stop post, but I’d just missed the L9 bus, so started walking up and over the hill to the entrance to Woodthorpe park.

Sat02Where I tried to take a photograph of a cute little dog – but missed him, I did get his owner here on the right though. (Ahem!)

Well, it’s a new camera I’m using?

As I started to walk up the hill on the footpath, I couldn’t help but appreciate Sat05the view under the trees. I feel so lucky to be able to walk here daily. So, so glad to have moved from the flea-pit now. (Although still worried about getting the house sold).

On up to the thicket and right down the grave path, couldn’t see any squirrels to photograph. However when I got to the Sat01bottom there were a few on the concrete slabs near the flats? It felt like they had come out to welcome me back home!

Got in the flat, put me medications away, WC’d and made me nosh.

Popped back in the bathroom for a quick freshen-up, after which I sprayed myself with deodorant – or rather I meant to spray missen with deodorant… I accidentally used shaving foam – what a mess! On the porcelain, mirror, bath, wall, door, clothes, well all over the place! It’s amazing how far it can travel yer know!

Sat04 pigGot me nosh and enjoyed it despite being so weary suddenly.

Fish-cakes and battered fish-fingers beetroot, mushrooms and cheese topped cobs.

Different, but nice. Rated this one at 8.1/10.

Laptop on and updated this tosh. It took a while, me fingers are stiffening and giving me some gip now. Huh!

Checked me emails and Facebooked a bit.

Took me evening medications and watcheda bit of TV… fell asleep in the chair…

8 thoughts on “Mon 14 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Medical Mayhem – Lovely Cuddly Nurses though!

  1. I’m so sorry, but still laughing at your shave cream incident luv. Kind of reminds me of my incident when I mistook my dad’s shave cream for toothpaste. What can I say? I was still half asleep and grabbed the first tube I saw. You can be sure I checked after that though. You’ve had a long day with the medical people. My doctor will be visiting me tomorrow, I think. There was a message left on my phone, and I think that was what they told me, but just not sure. I’ll be here though, so whatever happens, will happen. I just wish I could wave a magic wand and get this other room neater. I think I’ll shut the door and hide it all from view.
    Take care of you luv, and don’t forget your appointment NEXT Monday–hahaha. (I’ve done that also)

    • I think I’ll shut the door and hide it all from view. Perfect response Angie, I like it! Wish I could shut me door to the bedroom and hide it, but United Carpets laid them and door won’t close! Tsk!
      My worst Whoopsiedangleplop with aerosols was when all the stuff was in the bathroom and I climbed over it to get a bath – afterwards (No glasses on of course) I grabbed hat I thought was me deodorant and sprayed missen – it was “oven-cleaner!” – luckily I’d not emptied the bath so jumped (in a fashion) back in to calm the burning skin. All okay though. Just dare not take me shirt off for a few days fer fear of blinding folk with me red skin! Hehe!
      Hope the GP visits and looks after you gal.
      Take care gal. X

      • I think oven cleaner would have to be the very worst thing to spray yourself with luv. I can’t even imagine that feeling, and sure don’t want to try it.
        Doc came early and caught me just getting out of shower. Could have been worse but she is a she, so it worked out, except didn’t have time to shut the spare room door. At least all the open cartons showed I was working on it. B/P very low, so tests ordered. Whee!
        New lock put on my door during nap time, and I slept thru it all. Slept most of night also. I’m catching up now, so that’s good thing, even though the ball of tangled yarn is getting to a dangerously huge level. I sure would hate if it explodes some day. Little yarn lint everywhere wouldn’t look very pretty. I sure hope I never have to move again as long as I live. The more I get moved to storage boxes, the neater things look and the better I love it. It will take all winter to get it finished though.
        Take good care of you luv.

      • We ought to merge together gal – with my high BP and your low BP we’d both be about right eh? Hehe. I hope they can sort it for you.
        So glad your getting in some more sleep at last Angie love.
        I can imagine the ball of tangled yarn from here – taking over ad scaring visitors away… hehehe. Perhaps a pet-name for it?
        I wonder who’ll get their flat sorted first Angie, you or me? My money is on you.
        Going to try and sort me paperwork out today, I’ve got some folders ordered so I can get it organised (He says full of hope).
        TTFN pet, well done and all the bestest. X

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