Inchcock Today Mon 30 Nov 15: Wet rain, GP, Clinic, Dizzy spells and bleeding… Tsk!

Monday 30th November 2015

Woke at 0345 hrs in need of the WC, Little Inchy not bleeding so bad this morning. Horrible night spent more of it awake than kipping. Tsk!

The rain had stopped at last, and the temperature was 55ºf.

Made a cuppa and took me medications, stomach rumbling again, but I put that down to me nibbling all day yesterday and not having a nosh.

Put me INR dosage card in me coat pocket so as not to forget it later when I go for me Warfarin level blood test.

Put me Lumix camera on charge, then took me morning medications, put me midday ones in me bag.

01W01Misty and raining heavily now – and I’ve got to walk to the GP surgery later, then go to the clinic to have me bumps and lumps checked.

Still, despite every thing I found missen singing again in the bath… Adam Faith and Billy Fury songs mostly, with the odd Rick Nelson and Nat King Cole thrown in.

Two nosh deliveries coming today. Morrison’s any-time now, then Asda tonight.

FooeyGot an email from Sister Jane in reply to mine, Fooey is not doing very well and she is expecting the worst. Poor old Fooey, made me so sad. I asked if I could go up to see them, no reply yet.

Made a start on the laptop and finished yesterdays diary off. Emails, messages and started this one-off.

No Morrison’s by 0845 hrs so I looked at me diary. It’s tomorrow when it comes not today. Tsk!

Out and caught the L8 bus into Sherwood as it was still belting down with rain and a bit windy with it. Dropped of at the bottom of the hill and walked up Mansfield Road and down into Carrington to the GP surgery.

The Obergrupperführer nurse was on duty today. But she doesn’t scare me like… WPlie

Had me test done and left feeling guilty after receiving a telling off about me weight, eating Brassica and going out in the rain?

Out and over the road and caught bus to the clinic (Well soaked again) – in and out in minutes today. Two doctors were off sick and I got another appointment.

P1020547Caught the bus into Mansfield just for the sake of it. Got some of me crossword book done e route.

Rained all the way and got even heavier when I got into Mansfield bus station.

Through the puddles under the subway and out into the shopping centre.

So many leaks coming from the roof I dare not get me camera out in the subway.

Called into B&Q to see if they had any bargains but no such luck, then I wandered up to another store and got some bread and tinned green beans.

P1020548Came out and took this rather sad photograph with the rain, closed down premises and lack of shoppers in the Mansfield City Centre.

 Had a whopping dizzy spell as I went down the steps onto the road.

Stood around holding onto the railings for what seemed like ages for it to abate, probably only a few minutes though. Decided to make me way back to Sherwood and the flat.

Walking to the bus-station in the rain is a blank in me memory?

Got the bus (Bless me free pensioners bus-pass) and felt a lot better.

P1020546Dropped off in Sherwood and an L8 came within minutes and lifted me up the hill to the flats.

Got in and WC’d (Relief!), hung me clobber up to dry out.

Made a cuppa and took me midday medications a little late but still.

The Asda delivery arrived with the usual substitutions on it.

P1020549Got me nosh ready, put me potatoes to bake in the oven, gave the 40 minutes then added the Cottage pie with sweet potatoes for 20 minutes, then popped me last Frikadellen in the oven with the others for ten minutes. The sweet potato-shepherds pie could have done with a bit more time, but I was so hungry I ate everything anyway. Added me carrots and peas from the saucepan, buttered, salted and peppered the baked spuds, added a sprinkling of vinegar and had a lemon yoghurt afterwards.

Drifted off to kip – woke up needing the WC urgently and had another dizzy.

Not a bad one, but it bothered me a bit having two so close together, not normal that.

Washed the pots up and titivated the kitchen but still felt tired, sat down to watch the TV and did so… in between dozens of dozing offs! No idea what I watched now, or rather tried to watch.

Kept waking up distorted and aching in places I didn’t know I had? Hehe!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Mon 30 Nov 15: Wet rain, GP, Clinic, Dizzy spells and bleeding… Tsk!

  1. Sweet potato Shepherds pie sounds interesting. We always use white potatoes. Have you been telling lies on WordPress? Nanny nurses can sure be a drag — how’s the warfarin goin’? Of course, we have the “Affordable Care Act” here in the US of A now. Before the ACA my health insurance that covered everything, anywhere in the world cost me $300/month, and my wife’s policy at the university was $200/month for a total of $500/month for our health insurance. I lost my policy last year because the government decided it was illegal, and my wife lost hers because the university said she could go get it from the government. Now we have an “affordable” health insurance policy that I only have to pay $1300 a month for. I can’t use it at my primary care doctor, and they won’t pay for my wife’s doctors at the student health services, either. So far it doesn’t cover a whole lot of things but the insurance company’s and government’s pockets.

    • Gawd that’s a crabby situation they’ve put you in Sir. Swines! Reading this made me search for costs here. None of the Companies will tell you the cost until you have applied for a quote for a family with two kids seems to start from £1,650 ($2492) a year – but the exclusions are pages long and very confusing. I had to get this price from a newspaper site. Tsk! So f it’s right that’s not as bad as you’ve been saddled with.
      A nice change having sweet potatoes. Got some sweet potato chips being delivered today to try.
      TTFN TIm.

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