Inchcock Today Mon 8 Feb 16: Plans go askew… again! Hehehe!


01WMonday 8th February 2016

Kept waking up throughout the night, most disturbing!

Got up around 0400hrs. I remembered the Morrison delivery coming twixt 0830>0930 hrs. This won’t leave me much time to get to the surgery for me INR blood test at 1000 hrs. I just hope it arrives early, and then I might make it to the  GP in time. The dodgy leg will make my walk there slower, still, I’ll take me stick with me.

Got to get back for 1600 hrs, for the Asda delivery. Now, you may ask; Why the heck did I order food from two places on the same day? I know I ask myself ‘Why the heck did I order food from two places on the same day!’ Huh!

When I stirred and moved to go to the WC, the cramp-like pains were activated immediately when I stood up? On the bright side, there was only a modicum of blood from ‘Little Inchy’, and the piles were bloodless!

I hobbled into the kitchen, made a cuppa and took my medications.

Then, made sure the Haematology Record card was in my coat pocket, and added the camera, just in case owt interesting occurred on my walk.

Haven’t heard anything back from Steve Age UK about us going to see the solicitor to sign some papers yet?

Had an early bath and did me ablutions so I was all ready to shoot off after the Morrisons delivery.

The wind was howling outside again, and the rain started to fall.

Well, that cheered me up no end that did. Humph!

If the Morrisons van comes late, even at 0930hrs, I should make it in time to get to the GP INR blood test in time; Put the stuff away hurriedly and catch 0939 hr bus down the hill into Sherwood, and walk into Carrington.

IMG_0001Then I phoned the GP and got my appointment cancelled and made for tomorrow at 12 20 hrs.Oh dear, change of plans, 0940hrs the driver called he is behind and will be half an hour or so late.

Oh, dear, more change of plans, 0940hrs, the driver called, he is behind and will be half an hour or so late.

Oh dear, change of plans, 0940hrs the driver called he is behind and will be half an hour or so late. I told him I’d cancelled my appointment at the GP, so it didn’t matter now, and to take care on the roads. (As it is still a howling wind and the rain was beating down something awful!)

While waiting for MR Morrison to arrive, I checked the emails and found one from Steve Age UK. The buyers want a reduction due to the dump and boiler? Steve will be calling in the morning to see me.

Morrison’s arrived 1012 hrs. Poor chap in a pickle, an accident on the motorway delayed him.

Put the nosh away quickly and got ready to go out to catch the bus to town, and then get the tram out to Hucknall.

Change of plans again, I got into town and walked no further than a few yards when became apparent that walking a long way would was not a good idea for the right leg. Too painful.

I went in the Victoria Centre, to Tesco and got some bread thins and potato cakes.

DSC00159Then limped to the bus stop on Upper Parliament Street.

Not too many folk about in the rain and wind. I can’t blame them either.

It was getting dark a little early this afternoon.

All the people on the bus sounded a DSC00160little depressed, and chuntering on about the gloomy, windy weather.

As the bus travelled through the estate, I could not see anyone out and about at all?

The rain came on even heavier now.

Storm Imogen, to blame I expect?

Much worse and the buses will not be able to get through. Tsk!

I noticed that today, I was walking with the right foot sticking out to the right, to keep the pain down? Puzzling?

I got off the bus at the flats, struggled to get up to the apartment, with the leg no easier. Once in the flat, I had the brainwave of doing the laundry, as I had two and a bit hours before the Asda delivery might come.

I IMG_0004checked my legs and put some more Phorpain gel on them both, although it was the slightly more swollen and hard, very more sore bottom of the right leg that needed it applying.

Got the laundry ready and popped down in the lift with my crossword book and pen. And Lilly

I got the washing in the machine and toyed with the crosswords – mostly cheating to get the answers as my brain was not it gear at all.

IMG_0002The lobby was barren of tenants as I did this.Lilly

A few did walk through and out; I gave each one a cheery ‘Hello’, ‘How are you keeping’ or ‘Horrible weather again.’ comment.

None of them replied, responded or acknowledged me.

IMG_0003After a while, old Lilly came and sat in her favourite chair, in seek of companionship bless her cotton socks.

So I gave her some nibbles and had a good chinwag with her.

When I was taking the finished washing from the machine to the dryer, Elsie from the 7th floor came down to remove her washing from the other dryer. I took it out for her and put it in her laundry trolley.Then cleaned out the filter.

Then cleaned out the filter.

We had a natter.

Got the dryer going and Lilly’s Granddaughter arrived – Lilly looked so happy, it made my day. I thanked the girl for coming to see her. 

These names, by the way, Lilly and Ethel; I think they are the names of the actual people, or they may be those I’ve given to them? Hehe!

More failed cross-wording attempted.

Back up to the flat. Started feeling a bit sorry for myself with the leg, the solicitor and buyer getting awkward too. And all my plans being upset. Hey-ho!

Decided tonight to have lettuce, tomatoes (Although they are horrible bad Spanish ones that claimed on the pack to be “Baby plum tomatoes” but tasted more like misshaped bitter red acid drops), Cooked Pork and loin sarnies, garden peas, beetroot and toasted jam soda bread sarnies for afters. Well, that’s the plan as of now like.  

I made a strong cup of tea, took the medications then got the laptop on and updated this diary.


DSC00161Tired out now, and niggly at myself with the ever-nagging pain in the right leg.

The meal ended up consisting of;

Beetroot, Potato scones, garden peas, lettuce, pork sarnies, and buttered toasted Irish soda bread. Followed by a delicious strawberry cheesecake.

The chronically bitter-sour Spanish tomatoes were discarded to the waste bin.

Washed the pots, pain gelled the leg again and put on a Frost DVD, Keys to the car. 

The DVD was still on when I woke up around 0135hrs to use the porcelain, and stayed up, as the pain from the leg was preventing me getting back to sleep.


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