Inchcock Today Tue 9 Feb 16: Busy, confused and in pain again – Tsk!

01W01a Tuesday 9th February 2016

I woke up around 0145hrs and tended to the porcelain duties.

I stayed up, the pain from the right leg wouldn’t allow me to settle and get back to kip and the land of nod.

Seemed to recall bits of a dream but that’s all it was, bits and pieces all mixed up? I think I shot someone with a crossbow and then climbed into a cave that was full of people displaying amarulence toward me? 

Covered the leg with pain gel, not that I think this is giving me any relief.  

Got Steve Age UK coming this morning to discuss the demands from the house buyers and the solicitors. Then the rearranged INR tests at the surgery in Carrington at 1220hrs. Not looking forward to the solicitor thing at all!

Made a cuppa, and then started this update.

Still feeling a tad sorry for myself I think. Patti from America keeps telling me to keep positive, so I’ll try me best.

I Graphicalised for over 4 hours for the TFZ site.

2 2a

Pleased with the way they came out.

Had to force myself off the laptop and get a bath and my ablutions ready for when Steve Age UK arrives.

Having abluted (Hehe), I got ready for Steve, who came promptly at 0930hrs.

He read put the letter out to me from my solicitors from the buyers solicitor.

They are demanding that I put back on the water supply that I had to take off to get insurance for the place, and get a new boiler installed.

Also, they say they have found some damp? After five months of having it surveyed, they find a moist spot!?!? They want £2k+ to pay for it to be repaired?

And they have offered £2.5k less than we initially agreed?

After talking things through, I decided to tell them I’d fix the boiler, and told them to take it or leave it!

So this might mean, having to start marketing the house all over again, though, and might prove costly. I was in such pain with the leg. The Angina was playing up too. I have to admit, my decision taking might have been affected?

Steve rang the solicitors to let them know my resolution.

So as of now, I have to wait to hear from Steve about whether or not they still want to proceed with the purchase. If they do okay, if they don’t it’ll be starting all over again! I want to swear at the moment with the hassle and pain I’m having. But I won’t!

Steve shot off, and I updated this diary.

Did a bit work on a graphic to start it off, then had to get on my walk (Well limp or hobble) to the surgery in Carrington for the INR Warfarin blood level analysis?

Boy, was it painful going or what? I even struggled going down the hills, not good this. I took over an hour and a half to get there, usually, I can do it in 45 minutes.

Got in and I must have looked a bit drained or something, cause the desk staff seemed concerned about me. I asked if there was any chance of seeing the doctor. One of the girls rang the GP in her surgery, then told me to sit down and she will call me in.

The nurse came first, and she was a bit worried about my possible condition too. We had a chin-wag while she was taking the blood. I told her about the leg and the buyer problems with the house sale.

When she’d finished (Lovely woman she is), she told me to go and knock on the surgery door.

Then another gem there, Dr. Vindla called me in and asked what the problem was.

She had a feel of the legs, measured them both, had a good grope and asked many questions and sent me to have an x-ray upstairs. I returned, and she was in fine form today, I just love her sense of humour.

The nurse came into the room, and they sorted out informing the anticoagulation department of the situation.

She gave me a prescription for some more painkillers, which surprised me. Then told me not to stop walking, “Just grit your teeth and try not to swear” Hehe! It may be a while until they repair themselves. As I left, she said, “I wish all my patients were as big a laugh as you are!”

I limped slowly and with great effort and will-power down the road, and into the chemist shop to fill the prescription. As the pelican lights started beeping, I set off, as I crossed the road, but they had stopped before I got half way! The tooting horns didn’t help my spirits. Hehe!

I called in the launderette and had a natter with Mandy, then to Lidl to get some bread and Pork Pie.

Caught the bus into Sherwood. Waited a while for a bus up the hill. Hobbled the last bit up and along Chestnut Walk to the flat – drained and in pain I was.

Got some nosh cooking, Lamb stew, and Sweet potatoes.

Changed into my casual gear. Laptop on to update this.

P1020957The weather was not so bad today. The wind had died down, and the rain kept off.

The forecast is a red warning for wind, and a yellow warning for rain for the days to come, though.

The leg was joined by the feet aching now. I reckon it’s all the walking on odd parts of the foot to try and ease the leg. If you see what I mean, like?

P1020976Settled down to eat me nosh, and Steve Age UK called on the mobile phone.

He’d told the solicitors, and they had rang him back. The buyer had agreed that our arrangement was satisfactory to them. 

Steve is coming to the flat in the morning at 0930hrs, and we’ll catch the bus into town, go to the solicitors and sign some paperwork. He is certain this will not be the contract, some procedural data to confirm. Whatever that means?

The meal would have been one of the best yet, but I’d cocked it up by not heating the lamb stew quite enough. Humph!

DSC00162I watched an episode of ‘Frost’, on a DVD.

Stayed awake all the way through it too!

I ate a few (Too many) nibbles while doing this. (Naughty!)

It took me far too long to get to sleep for some reason. Admittedly the leg was aching like, but I was feeling so tired I thought I’d drop off quickly.

I went to visit the porcelain, and ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding merrily away. Took me yonks to get it to stop.

When I returned to my beautiful armchair, I drifted off immediately it seemed.

Regrettably, waking up so many times throughout the night, it felt like I spent more time waking up with the pain of the leg than sleeping. Humph, Huh, and Tsk!

TTFN folks.

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