Inchcock Today Wed 10 Feb 16: Visit to FraserBrown Solicitors this morning


Wednesday 10th February 201601W01a

Got up gingerly at around 0320hrs.

The leg seemed a bit easier this morning, but then I haven’t done any walking yet have I? By the time I got to the porcelain it had started aching and hurting again. Tsk!

Little Inchy was bleeding, the piles were bleeding, and the reflux valve was sticking again. Still the other ailments were behaving themselves.

I put the kettle on and pondered on the needs of the day.

No chance of any imperturbation for me here either. Steve Age UK arriving 0930hrs, we’re to bus into town and see the FraserBrown, the pretend solicitors, to sign some paperwork, and find out how the and lies

So I planned out my anticipated routine: Get the diaries done early and out of the way. If time, to work on the graphic I’m creating. Get my ablutions and bathing sorted early. The mind seemed to wander off at this point…

I got myself a cuppa and took the medications. Lathered some pain gel on my legs, I’m not sure if it helps with the torn muscle, but it shouldn’t do any bad.

Washed the pots up, passed a painful emission of wind and got the laptop on and did the diary for Tuesday.

Meat flies around the flat again?

Started this diary off.

Had a good spit polish and soak in the bath. Pain-gelled the legs and feet again. Treated Little Inchy.

P1020977An interesting little incident occurred after I cleaned the bath.

I spent ten minutes trying to scrub off the shadow from the bath that was cast from the plug. Tsk!

Next time, I’ll put me spectacles back on after drying myself off and cleaning the bath!

Laptop on to record the plug happening.


0410hrs: Electic Fire Mystery Noises?

There seemed to be a rattling noise coming from the electric fire area?

I never did find out what it was.

Huh! I might find out later, had me hearing aid in too.

I’ll ask Steve to have a harken at it.

Got the rubbish bags made up from the bin ready to take down with me when we go out.

Awaited the arrival of Steve. Steve rang. he will meet me in town at Burtons on Friar Lane.

I took the recycle box down with me and left it at the caretakers door.

IMG_0006Caught the bus into town, dropped off on Upper Parliament Street.

The Nottiinghomian’s were out in number.

I almost got knocked over twice as they rushed passed me and caught me good knock on the shoulder.

I struggled to Friar Lane, where Steve was waiting patiently for me. The leg was now as painful as yesterday.

We went up the hill to the FraserBrown offices and entered. Steve did the talking. We were sent to a back room, where the lady dealing with the house sale arrived shortly.

She explained what I had to sign. To assure the new buyer that the entrance at the end of the houses was an access route?

Then her solicitor arrived, I signed the form, he went and she told me that was it!.

I limped back into the City Centre with Steve. Told him he might as well get going, I’d catch the bus in town. Thanked him and wished him well.

The bus was not due for another 30 minutes, so I had a wander around and returned in time to catch the five minutes passed the hour bus.

It arrived at fifteen minutes passed the hour.

Had to make an effort not to nod off on the journey.

As I was getting off the bus, the tenants who were waiting to get on it all burst into either a smile or laughter; Frank said “You’ll never make it in that state” as he saw me limping – “Both the lifts were out of action!” Argh, just when I’ve got me torn muscle – Humph!

IMG_0008I set about mounting the twenty-four flights of concrete stairs.

Many folks on the way up or down, chuntering away bless them! I actually caught up with an old lady struggling more than the others. I offered to carry her shopping bag up for her.

I should have known it – she was on the fifteenth floor! So went up with her, then walked back down to the twelfth and the flat.


Rang Sister Jane to update her.

Then got my meal on the cook. Lamb casserole with black bean sauce in the oven, added some roast potato halves later. Trimmed the green beans and mushrooms got them simmering away in the saucepan. stirred the stew after half an hour, added the boiled potatoes to the pan.

Laptop on to update this tosh.

IMG_0009Got the meal



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  1. Another difference between lawyers and Vampires is Vampires only suck blood. That’s sweet of you to carry the bag for the woman. you need to start marking on the lift door every time you have to climb the stairs. meal looks good.

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