Inchcock Today Sun 7 Feb 16: Sister Jane visited the flat for the first time today – Cheered me up!


Sunday 7th February 2016

I sprang awake at 0330hrs. For a few seconds I recalled a lot of the dream I had been having, and then it faded so fast. Tsk!

Moving the legs was not as bad or painful as yesterday morning, but still not good.

To the WC, Little Inchy bleeding a bit, and the constipation was a lot easier. I’m anticipating the rumbling innards to switch places with it again soon.

As I walked to the kitchen, I took note of the things that needed attention in the flat: before Sister Jane’s arrival to do her investigatory inspection of the apartment.

Grave concerns lingered about how she would declare the state of the place – then start telling me what I’d done wrong, not done, needed to do and must not do.

I made a cuppa, took the medications and started the laptop to do the diary.

Did a graphic and posted it off. 21Jan

Wrote a funny Ode to go with it.

Then titivated around looking for anything that might get me for rollicking from Jane when she gets here.

Had a good shave, did me teggies and somehow managed to get into the bath. Getting out was a little harder, but no hiatus ensued. Doctored Little Inchy, dolloped Phorpain gel on me knees, lower right leg, feet, the neck, hands and wrist.bath

Got myself into all clean clothes, washed my spectacles and hearing aids, polished my head, scrubbed the bath sink and WC. Then I checked for any spots of dust I might have missed.

Oh no, Janets inspection visit isn’t worrying me at all!

01W01 Well…

Jane rang to inform she and Pete would be here around at around 1100hrs.

After taking the medications I had a good shave, teggies, I took a bath, soaked in Radox and Dettol. Lovely! And getting on and out, was the usual painful exercise.

Jane and Pete arrived.

Had a jolly good natter, and I was advised on the things I needed to do with the flat.

  1. The TV was too small and not a new enough model; need updating.
  2. Curtains were needed in the kitchen and living room.
  3. The pipework in the bathroom was old fashioned and needed updating or masking.
  4. The temperature in the kitchen was 5º below the recommended minimum.
  5. The bedroom and the stuff in it need urgently sorting out.
  6. The alarm box needs attaching to the wall.
  7. Curtains for the living room must be two-part, one for the window, one for the glass door.
  8. The electric fire that the previous tenant Margaret left behind needs a health and safety check.
  9. A fitted cover is required, for the arm-chair.
  10. The draughts coming in through the kitchen window and outer walls need putting right.
  11. The walls are too bare.
  12. The fridge is too close to the wall and window.
  13.  The Hallway is too dark, needs a new, different lighting mantle.
  14. I must go and threaten the solicitors with going to use another lawyer to get them to hurry up and get on with selling the house – having waited six months since the sale was verbally agreed, and still no end it sight, is too long a time. 

On the plus side, though:

  1. They love the 1968 G-Plan cabinet thingy that I have.
  2. They adored the corner display thingy.
  3. They are pleased with me being in the flat now and away the yobboes.
  4. They like how I’ve got the cleanliness of the place, despite the cracks in the walls covered thinly and badly with cheap paint.
  5. They like my little hand-held Hoover.
  6. They took the measurement for curtains and offered to check them out for me. Bless them!
  7. Their interrogation was far less severe than I anticipated. Hehe!

They both listened to what I had to tell them, and that was nice.

Jane was in a good mood, although she was still feeling unwell, she’ll never know how much I appreciated their calling to see me today.

They had a cuppa with me, luckily I have got three mugs now.

Walked out with them, feeling relieved at how the visit had gone. Gave Jane a kiss and thanked them both, and off down the lift they went.

As they went down the lift, I realised I had not remembered to take any photographs of them – Tsk! I thought it would be a good idea to take one out of the kitchen window as they returned to their car.



An old photo I used for Jane

I completely neglected to remember the mess the window makes when I open it. Phoned her on her mobile to tell her to look up so I could take a photograph of them. As I leant against the open window, the soot, grime, rust and dead flies tumbled into the newly cleaned kitchen sill, heater and floor, and all over me clothes!

I waved a cheerio, forgot all about taking the photo, and set about cleaning the kitchen up. It took me longer than when I cleaned it yesterday for their visitation!


Oh, dear, more aches and pains now! Hehe!

I made some sandwiches, took the medications, with an extra magnesium tablet, and fell into the chair to watch some TV.

Nodded off almost immediately.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sun 7 Feb 16: Sister Jane visited the flat for the first time today – Cheered me up!

    • Hello Dunc me old sparrow, your retirement getting closer I see?
      It’s getting time and fit enough to sort things out now mate. Problems with the solicitor, the house buyers niggling and wanting more cash off the price!
      And the proble with my right leg is getting no better. Going to book an appointment when I go for me INR blood test this morning. I’ve had so much pain walking.
      Still, I’ve used the delivery system of Asda and Morrisons to stock up wiv nosh.
      If the burkes that are supposed to be buying the house don’t hurry up, I ould be in bother the oney is running low now. Hogwash & bunkum are rampant! Hehe!
      I just can’t find time to get things done. If it isn’t Solicitor hassle or medicationalistalisational appointments, then it’s hassle with the leg! Still, Little Inchy isn’t bleeding too much. Oh, I’ve got the opticians and dentist visits coming up too…
      I’m a little down again methinks.
      Went to look at some curtains in town yesterday, but the leg was so painful, I had to come back to the flat.
      Look at me moaning away again… I must apologise mate.
      Hope all okay your end; are you getting exited at the approaching retirement date? Be here in a flash it will!
      TTFN cheers pal.

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