Inchcock Today 19 March 2016: A Day In – then changed my mind. Huh!


Up at 0330hrs; To the bathroom and rubbing in Phorpain gel on my neck and right shoulder. The pain is so bad it’s now worrying me? Took the medications with an extra pain-killer. Thi seems to have taken over from all the other ailments, apart from Roger Reflux playing up as well. (I reckon Roger will see me off) But this whatever it is in the neck and shoulder must be mentioned to nurse on Monday’s INR blood test visit. Most annoyingly uncomfortable and persistent it is this morning.

Still having this urge to get on with the NCH Repair posts, though. I finished yesterday’s diary, started this one, then got Part One finished and published.

Did some Facebooking. Then some email checking.

By then it was 0645hrs and the shoulder was getting less painful I’m glad to say. A mystery as to why the neck and shoulder pains came on at all?

MarieEgyptDid a graphicalisation of TFZ Angel Marie, with her friends out for the night.

Naughty girls! Hehe!

Feeling a bit livelier now, I might get the personal ablutions done, and try to get out again?

Yes, I will; Got the bath running and togs ready. Managed to get into and out of the tub without any hiatus, didn’t cut myself shaving, no bleeding teeth when I brushed them; However, the shoulder and neck were somewhat tenellous.

I left the flat, then returned to collect my hearing aids. Left again and met a couple of tenants waiting for the bus, had a little natter with them. Then got on the City bus and read my book (Sniper on the Eastern Front) for the whole journey.


Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street, went into the pound shop to see if they had any bath salts – no luck there.

Then crossed the road and called at Boot’s in theVictoria Shopping Mall – No luck there either.

Walked to the other end and en route took some Bling photos for the TFZ girls. Then into Tesco and got some bits, including some Radox bath salts.

Out of the mall and up through Trinity Square,  found some interesting stuff to photo for the gals again in the second-hand jewelry shop.

Did a bit of hobbling around and window shopping. Sneaked the pigeons some fodder when I hoped no one was looking.

02bI got a decent photo of an Easter rabbit in a shop window too.

Then had a nasty dizzy spell. So I didn’t go to the Arboretum. Instead, I made my way to the bus stop and caught a 40 that drops me off on Winchester Hill (Providing I don’t fall asleep of course, Hehe).

I limped along to the bus stop near the Post Office, and nearly got myself knocked over as a barmy Burke on a bike belted passed me and caught my right elbow a wallop! Humph! Now that started the shoulder and neck off as well. Grrr!

I took a photograph, from the 40 bus terminus of the Council house.02c

This shows how dank and murky the weather had turned.

Got the book out, but the bus driver must have been a fan or participant in stock car racing or Demolition Derby driving, cause he was a bit crude and wasn’t showing much interest in slowing down for the speed humps or corners.

This meant the ride was painful and uncomfortable.


I was lucky when I dropped off on the bend in the hill, no traffic in sight either way, so I didn’t have to rush across the road.

Got in the flat, finding a letter had been delivered – from the bank. Got to stop spending so many pounds methinks.

02dI put away the purchases of the day. Noticing to my utter and flabberghasted mind, that there on the tray was… well, I don’t like to say really.

But a pack of two Fresh Cream French Horns!

How they got into the basket when I was shopping, I just don’t know or understand at all! 01W04 … Whoops!

Then got the fodder prepared. Beef pie (A big one!) and roast vegetables with pan cooked green beans.

Updated this diary while they cooked.

Oh, I forgot to mention this, I called in Wilko and has a look at their slow cookers. There were two that I thought would fit on the counter in the kitchen, but both were too heavy for me to carry. Also, I need someone to come with me who understand all the functions and compare then between the two. One was 5 litre the other 3.5 litres. I’ll have to get some help on this one.

I checked the food cooking at the time estimated for completion, but it still needed a good while yet, as the vegetables were nowhere near cooked. Gave then another ten minutes then checked again.

No, not done, gave them a bit longer then?

P1050280Eventually, it came out not too bad.

I could only give it a rating of 7.2/10!

Some of the vegetables were okay, others were a tad underdone.

I’d overdone the green beans and the beetroots were like mini golf balls!

The pie was done to perfection.

I left some of the pastry, being as the pie was far too large really.

Lethargy, exhaustion and fatigue quickly overcame me, the ringing in the head returned and generally I collapsed into the 1959 damaged imitation leather arm chair and stayed there, moving only between the bathroom, to take the late medications, and when I caught one of the many painful bodily areas as I waited hours for sleep to overtake me. Humph! 

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