Inchcock Today Tue 31 May 16: The demolition starts!

Tuesday 31 May 2016


Up at 0455hrs, straight to the bathroom and the throne. Well, I say straight. After I’d fought with the mechanism of the secondhand £300 recliner chair and freed myself from it.

Haem Aroids bleeding again, Anne Gyna not very happy either.

Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Had what will, or should be my last bath (So sad). Cleared put the things from the bathroom. (Arthur Itis was not too pleased with me doing so, Hehe).

P1090050Did some WordPressing the made another cup of tea.

Got the vegetables prepared and into the Crock-pot in slow mode.

Looking out of the window, the colours looked wonderful. But the trees and bushes blowing about in the wind made me feel rather glad I wasn’t going out today. Although tomorrow I’ve got the INR blood tests, Thursday the Social Hour and to collect Siste Janes pressies from Asda, and Friday the Clinic. I’ll just have to risk it and leave the demolition men on their own? 

(No signs of the NCH demolition chaps yet) I sorted the rubbish bags and took them to the chute.

Worked on the Bathroom post and got it done. Just a daft ode I thought was aa03Rachelfunnyish.

0925hrs: The Nottingham City Home plumber man arrived. Not happy that it was a high rise flat he had to work on. Gave him a cup of tea and he told me that Thursday or Friday would be the worst day for noise, he has to start drilling to do the floor in the bathroom.

Glad to report he’s a tea lover, so gave him several in the large mug using demerara sugar and he liked them. The smell of the Crock-Pot was driving him crazy. (Me too)


I spent virtually all day doing TFZ graphics, I’m hoping to do one of each of the members and ask for up to a three-word comment from the others, for a bit of fun like.

Cost me many enjoyable hours, here are just two of them completed.

These I thought, came out okayish.

I don’t want to show them yet, as I am only about halfway through by the time sleep was demanded by my body and mind.

2aThis second one I did, I converted to sepia to see how it would look.and reckon it is

I like doing sepia ones, trying to make them look aged.

Adding the food to this one gave me some hassle and it isn’t perfect by a long way, but the subjects (TFZ gals and guys) are.

The Carpenter chap had a final cuppa and departed about 1625hrs, and tried to clean up after himself.

Seems a nice chap.


Got the vegetable stew served up, and boy it was gorgeous!

The leeks were excellent.

Took the medications and watched some of the ‘Pie In The Sky’ episodes.

I soon nodded off but woke with a start an hour or so later… I’d had an early dream about falling down cliffs and riverbanks while trying to evade folks chasing me again?

I lay there a while, trying to extrapolate enough facts from what I’ve read about the Euro referendum to try and make up my mind which way to vote.

I’m still not decided.


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