Inchcock Today Sat 18 June 2016: Chemist Whoopsiedangleplop and Baked cheesy potatoes the highlight of the day!


Saturday 18th June 2016

Before I stirred at 0520hrs, I was having a dream of, even for me; Great confusion. This time, once again, I could recall a lot of bits of it:

  • Hundreds of school desks, all I could find in mine was giant bars of carbolic soap?
  • The teacher in an SS Uniform with leprechaun assistants was checking along the lines of tables and patting everyone on the head, blessing them and giving each of them a lollipop for keeping their books and pens tidy?
  • I was panicking as they drew near to checking my desk – I lifted the top and jumped inside the desk to hide?
  • I found myself instantly in a sewer being chased by giant rats, next bit confused, but they caught up with me and handed me a bus-pass, telling me I’d dropped it when I fell in through the chimney? They lifted me up through a manhole…
  • I was in the middle of a dual carriageway (Confused again) – Found I was in a police cell that had been painted pink with flower pattern tea cups and saucers on the Noddy desk… Policemen were interviewing me, one with a long beard kept clouting me over my head with his plastic truncheon? 
  • Held in a cell overnight, in the morning I had Spike Milligan as my lawyer, we were sat on commodes talking…
  • I was, to be charged with failing to make my mind up on the Brexit issue?

I’m sure, there must have been more happenings, but could not remember them. But what I did recall was more than I usually do and bits were rather lucid too.

The £300 second-hand noisy recliner worked, and I got out of it and to the porcelain room. I had what must have been the longest lasting weewee of my life. I thought it would never end! Still, no bleeding this morning from anywhere.

04Into the kitchen and got the kettle on – the view out through the window of the copse below brought a smile to my face.


As I took the medications, I pondered… I’d forgotten to fetch the prescriptions yesterday, so I can have a walk into Carrington to get them later, or leave it until when I go for the INR test? I’ll never hang myself, far too much of a vacillator.

Got the Friday post finished and commenced this one. Facebooking for a few hours got caught up at last.

Got ready, shave shower and sh… the rest of the stuff like. Then off on my walk into Carrington for fetch the prescriptions and get some potatoes to make some cheesy baked spuds to have with me last ‘Not-yet-burnt’ minted lamb chops’ Then I realised I couldn’t cook them together, so decided on a beef slice with the tatties. Hehe!

Had an absolutely marvellous shower and did my ablutions. Used the orange shower gel today.


Caught buses back – oh me poor feet!

Off on the walk to the chemist shop.

No sun shining but is a pleasant enough day and the rain kept off.

I called en route to see how BJ was. But, he wasn’t in.

I thought I’d taken a photo of his street, but it didn’t come put on the screen.

Decided not to use the camera until I could find out what I’d done wrong or what had caused the annoying mini Whoopsiedangleplop!

On to the Lidl food store and had a wander around. Getting some bits en route: Tin of tomatoes with basil, jelly babies, mild chicken curry, BBQ ketchup (Catnip in America I think?), Natural and lemon yoghourts and some baking potatoes.

Caught the bus back, because me feet and knees were giving me some grief by then. Got another one for the three stops up Winchester Street Hill.

P1110171Got in the flat, wee-wee’d and made a cuppa. Took the midday medications. Then I got the laptop on and updated this to here and tried the camera out by taking a photo from the kitchen window.

Seemed to work okay? How it didn’t work earlier… Another mystery to take to my grave with me?

Got the potatoes in the oven and then checked the emails, a lot had come in since this morning.

Did some graphicalisationing on CorelDraw. Then did some Facebooking.

KipChecked the baking potatoes, turned them over,

Then applied some antiseptic cream to the burnt fingers. Tsk! 


Finished the Facebooking, turned off the laptop and wee-wee’d with great involuntarily sustained persistence once again.

One of the baked potatoes skins had split, so I decided to get the flesh of both of them and spent ages mashing and mixing. I sprinkled some vinegar, sea salt and a lot of grated mature cheese with the potato for ages, then spread P1110172the mixture on an oven tray and forked the top of it to allow for quick browning and returned it to the oven, along with beef slices.

Half an hour later, it looked okay, and I served it up without burning my fingers this time.

Some tomatoes were added to this.

I scooped some of the cheesy potatoes into the surviving husks, dipped it in a bit of BBQ sauce, ate the split skins, and I dined away. The potatoes tasted lovely, wish I’d made more of and just ate them alone, now.

Planned to watch some TV after viewing some DVD. Kept nodding off, though. Reckon I got off proper around 0100hrs… with a very contented tummy, though! Hehe!

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