Inchcock Today Sun 19 June 16: The Day started well, then…


Sunday 19th June 2016

Most disappointed when I woke up around 0600hrs this morning, somehow I knew I’d been dreaming but could recall nothing about them. Humph!

The £300 second-hand recliner was in the down position, and I has half in – half out of it? I got out and tried it to see if it had stopped working, but (Although noisily) it operated okay?

It dawned on me, how easily I’d just got up – Arthur Itis was in a good mood I must say. The knees were as good as they been for years, only the right wrist and arm any bother. Even, the right foot had turned back inward a bit!

In fact, the knees were so good, for a moment with the confusion over the state of the recliner and feeling half asleep, I thought I might still be dreaming?

I almost felt sanguine… for a while anyway. The call to the porcelain the overrode other concerns, and I attended the throne. A lengthy experience, due to the reluctance of my bladder to cease passing like. No bleeding from Haem Aroids or Little Inchy either. An odd sensation, for me this!

I found myself awaiting a Whoopsiedangleplop or to wake up?

When the ‘flow’ eventually ceased, I had a quick wash and went to the kitchen

P1110173Taking my usual view of the incredible scenery, I took a photo of the flowers on the bushes twelve floors down from the window. I was well pleased with how decent the image from the camera was, from such a great distance and zoomed so close up.

Made a cuppa then got the laptop on. Needed another Wee-wee. I was now getting a bit worried about these extra calls to the porcelain!

Finalised the Saturday post and started this one, in between several calls of nature.Medications

Made another cuppa and took the medicines. Then got yesterday’s checked again and published.

Spent a few more hours on the laptop, when I rose to go for yet another wee-wee, it all started. A dizzy spell, the stomach rumbling and a sudden weariness overcame me.

Sat down in the second-hand £300 recliner with a glass of milk, feeling a bit sorry for myself. Huh!

Started the nosh off.

P1110174Read the book for a while, but still felt drained for no reason?

The fodder was prepared, lamb chops, tomatoes and potato cakes with two slices of bread.

I felt I was eating this out of necessity and not hunger.

Just as well, cause it was the worst meal I’ve ever prepared since I came to this flat – horrible! The chops were tasteless, the potato cakes uneatable, the bread dried and even the tinned tomatoes were bland despite the seasoning I’d used!

Or maybe it was me?

Watched a lot of TV, kept nodding off…

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