Saturday 10th June 2017 – Had an intended idle day. So there! Hehe!


Saturday 10th June 2017

Latvian: 2017 Sestdiena 10 jūnijs

0330hrs: Stirred, lay there doing my best to recall details of the dream I’d been having; something about me being chased in a skyscraper full of office corridors? Haven’t had one like this for ages, but, any real memories were too vague.

Fell off to sleep again (another uniqueness for me, nodding off again).

0530hrs: Came back to life, of sorts with a jolt. Found rubbish all around the £300 second-hand recliner again. I’d been nibbling, that was obvious by the crumbs and wrappers generously scattered around on the carpet, the chair and me. I can’t remember eating at all, let alone fetching the biscuits to eat?

Off for a wee-wee and heavy duty session. Little Inchy was raw and sore, but no bleeding again. Haemorrhoid Harold only bled the tiniest bit. I could tell Duodenal Donald was building up for an attack. However, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were in a good mood – and, no signs of Constipation Konrad either. So no complaints there.

To the kitchen, where I rinsed out the mucked-up oven mitt things from the bowl where I’d left them to soak. Drying them was a problem, how to? I put the clothes airer on and balanced them on top.

Did the health Checks: Sys 145, Dia 79, Pulse 88, Temp 35.6 and the weight was 14.8lb

Mephitic emissions of the wind from the rear arrived unexpectedly. The aroma seemed to linger all day. Tsk!

Computer activated. Checked on which programme if any the Scotland v England match would be on. I was delighted when I found out it was on ITV tonight. A  hard game for me in some ways to watch. I have a great liking for the Welsh and Scottish teams. The likes of Andy Lochhead (My favourite, a great old fashioned centre forward), such a shame he was not selected for the Scottish Squad, he did get just one under-23 match in.


But his going South of the Border made him a de trop to the selectors, I’m much afraid.

Ian Ure and Dennis Law were both great defenders, too. Jim Baxter was fantastic in his hey-day. So, I’ll be unhappy whichever way the match goes… unless it is a draw? Haha!
Others that come immediately to mind: Welsh: Terry Hennessey, Ronnie Rees, Dean Saunders. Scottish: Kenny Burns, Peter Cormack, Archie Gemmill, Frank Gray, John Robertson, Kenny Dalglish, Tommy Dockerty, etc. Ah, good times!

6Sat15Nipped into the kitchen to pod the peas and get them cooking in the Crock-Pot. I also put some Jersey potatoes in the saucepan to boil.

Hence the advice on the left here.

Another wee-wee and back on the computer.

Updated this diary. Then caught up with WordPress reading.

Checked on the cooking and saw that I had not turned on the power to the cooker. Ah-well, done now!

Onto Facebooking then. Spent hours on it enjoying myself.

Went to check on the fodder’s progress.

You recall how I forgot to turn on the power to the cooker earlier to do the spuds? Well, I didn’t turn on the oven when I put the lamb nosh into it either! Gerrin’ fed up with missen today!

6Sat17Cooking now, though.

Scoffed the lot of it, a yoghourt, some bisuits and some nougat too!

Back onto CorelDraw 2017, but coud not concentrate very well. Perhaps the expectations of the upcoming Interernational twixt Scotland and England later?

Nodded off and dreamt of Sister Jane and me living together with our beloved Auntie Kath, I was the butler and we were all so happy doing things we never did before together.

Woke, took the medications, did the Health Checks and visited the Porcelain Throne and settled to watch the match on the gogglebox. The abutions can wait now, ’cause the match is due to start.


The match itself was wonderful to watch, with the most exciting last twenty minutes I’ve watched of a match since the 1966 World Cup Final.

But the aftermath saddened me so.


It happens that the authorities had sent some Metropolitan Police officers to Glasgow in case of terrorist activity, so it seems, up to now to me, that they coped with the vandals and yobboes reasonably well. Took the edge off of my enjoyment, to think about this return of mindless hooliganism and hatred.


The so called fans were even rioting when on holiday in Magaluf!

Did the ablutions with mixed emotions, happiness at seeing a great match and agreeing with the score for once, loathing and not understanding of the rioters, satisfaction at the good tasty meal… cut myself shaving due to lack of attention. It took a lot of stopping, had to resort to the aftershave, need a new bottle now. Hehe!

Shaved, teggies done, ear-holes cleared, Little Inchy medicated and showered, I got the nightweat on. (Well, it was nippy tonight).

7Sat24Head down in the £300 second-hand recliner. (It’s lasting well for a cheapo bargain is this chair) But, I could not get to sleep thinking alternatively about the great match, the fighting hooligans and the newly attacking Duodenal Donald. I don’t know if it is the fodder or the vandals that started him off, but by gum, he’s back with a vengeance. Took an extra 40mg Omeprazole.

I’ve been on this medication along with so many others for about 13 years now, looked it up to see if any alternative is available on the NHS. Got side tracked with this page on the left here: Methinks I might have a word with the pharmacist or doctor on my next visit.

I Googled for any Omeprazole alternatives. It seems that almonds and almond milk after eating has helped some people get off of this drug. Thaty should it says, only be taken for short periods; And my doctor has had me on it for 13 years plus?

Another suggestion was deglycyrrhizinated licorice, DGL? Never heard of it, but this is more for Roger Reflux than the ulcer. Then they suggest Apple Cider Vinegar, but it must be organic. Each time I ask about Omeprazole, it relates again to the reflux valve and not the duodenal ulcer, so I put in the search; Duodenal Ulcer Medications UK. Andthere it was, but only as an antacid. Confused now. Tsk!

6 thoughts on “Saturday 10th June 2017 – Had an intended idle day. So there! Hehe!

  1. When we lived in Spain in the late 1990’s, there were always complaints about the hooligans from the British Isles, but the Spanish hooligans weren’t any better behaved it seemed to me. Apparently, England won with a tie. I’ve never understood soccer scoring. From my very American point-of-view, if they are tied at the end of regular play, they should continue to play until one side scores a point to win the game. My programmer had a baseball game on the other day that went something like 22 innings before one team scored a winning run (regular play is 9 innings).

    Skyscraper dream? Interesting. I tried Omeprazole as a suggestion by one doctor and found it was pretty useless. I use Cimetidine to control reflux. It’s a very old drug, gets hard to find sometimes, but it’s still the one that works best for me. When I was in the hospital for 3 weeks, they gave me Pepcid, because Cimetidine was no longer in the circulation of prescribeable meds for reflux. Pepcid worked okay, but the next best has been Ranitidine when I can’t find Cimetidine. Since I don’t take any other drugs on a regular basis, it probably makes little difference what I use to deal with reflux. You have a lot of other medications, so it’s hard to say how well they mix. That’s a darn good looking meal you had there.

    • It’s baseball that confuses me, Tim.
      I’ve made a note of the names of the medications and will have a look in town later today, after the blood and DVT tests. (If time of course) Hope to get some photographicalisationing as well, might look for closed down shops again?
      Thanks. Cheers.

  2. I did some wandering about on the net looking things up about omeprazole, as I thought it was a proton pump inhibitor but couldn’t remember for sure. What that means is that it can halt acid production in the stomach up to 99% (the effect of which lasts around 24 hours) & there are many vitamin & mineral deficiencies that can happen without the stomach acid to break them down to levels that can be absorbed into the bloodstream. This class of drug is also indicated to help heal duodenal ulcers, but I would think after 13 years it is likely not being effective for your anymore & you probably have calcium & B12 deficiencies, which can cause a variety of problems up to & including confusion (lack of B12 can also create a condition known as pernicious anemia, where the red blood cell production is flawed due to the lack & you cannot carry enough oxygen, leading to spells of dizziness). Talking to your doctor or pharmacist is a great idea, after so long I would think that the consequences of taking the medication outweigh the benefits (always what should be measured when proscribing a drug). I am not a medical professional, though I was a nurse years ago, so while I might be able to offer some advice it is recommended to talk to a current practitioner. <3

    • Thanks a lot for the advice, gal.
      I take Vit B Complex tablets with the other load in the mornings, as someone suggested tears ago, I can’t remember why now. Also a magnesium tablet at night. That was recommended to help with the night cramps, and it worked (Thanks, Sandra Lentz). Hehe!
      Have to avoid too much Vitamin K, again, can’t remember why, though.
      I’m hoping to have a much needed long hobble into town after the medical appointments, (weather permitting) so will call into the chemists for a chinwag. Must remember to take the pen and pad with me.
      Cheers fro the help flower.

      • Avoiding the vitamin k has to do with the anticoagulant therapy, as vite k will boost your clotting factors & render those drugs useless. 😉 As to the oral supplements of the b complex, that may or may not be helping, since you rely on you gastric acids to break down the tablet or gel cap so that you can absorb it (gel caps would probably be better in this situation as those are generally already in absorbable condition, the digestive process only needs to dissolve the outer layer, which doesn’t take a lot to accomplish). Hope all goes well for you <3

  3. Thanks fer the tips gal. X
    I think, if I remember rightly, somebody told me that Vit B complex might help with the memory? If not, I’ll stop taking it methinks.
    Off again to the hospital today, as the INR level has now shot down to too low, on 1.4! Tsk! Going to have a further test, and Enoxaparin injections if needed. Told to have four Warfarins last night.
    Fingers crossed for no Whoopsiedangleplops eh? Haha!
    The plates are stinging a bit, hope yours are okay flower.

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