Inchcock Today: Thru 5th Feb 15

Thursday 5th February 2015

What an ‘orrible night of dreams and waking up every few minutes.

0400hrs: Again I sprang wide awake. WC’d – made a cuppa and took me medications.

Got downstairs with relative ease and Arthur Itis was not too bad at all. Anne Gyna bothersome though.

Started laptop and this Diary.

Within seconds the innards rumbled grumbled and caused me to urgently attend the porcelain… Okay now.

Coreldraw9 crashed and I cannot do any graphicalisationing! Boo!

I tried the SerifDraw package, but it’s so convoluted I couldn’t get into it at all. Tsk!

I’ll take off and reinstall Coreldraw9 and see what happens… oh dear!

Went through uninstalling process via control panel – restarted and installed coreldraw9 – restarted and opened Coreldraw9 but it was the same as before no change and didn’t work when tried – Grrr…

Again I went through uninstalling process via control panel – restarted and installed coreldraw9 – restarted and opened Coreldraw9…

Same again ‘Coreldraw9 not responding. Shit!

Lost hours of the day in-vain there!

So glad I managed to do some graphics for me Radio Interview post before Coreldraw collapsed. Still feeling bitter and sorry for missen mind… Huh!

Now the bloomin’ angina’s starting again – oh… Nicklebothersome!

Expecting sister Jane and Brother-in-law to call later – so must gerrup and ready for them soon…

They were a little late and Pete opened the front door as I was going out with a bag of rubbish for the bin… the bruise on me head will soon heal I’m sure.

Luckily their being late meant Jane stayed in the car and did not come in to the flea-pit. (Phew!)

I gave them the pressies and Pete gave me one, a throwaway type basic camera that wasn’t a throwaway one.

They were off in a few minutes and I got me togs on for a walk to the clinic – I suppose you thought I’d forgotten about the appointment and only remembered when I got an email telling me to take the used swabs in with me at today’s visit? (Ahem!)

Had a slow walk to the clinic and took me sample-swabs with me as requested. I got seen to straight away by this young lady doctor who seemed to take great pleasure in going further into me cavern than any other doctor has.

If no improvement they will get me in for a camera viewing.


0401CarringI caught the bus back to the hoppit, changed me togs and set out for a walk into town.

The sky from the same position as I took a photo yesterday looked calmer somehow – the rain continued to trickle down.

I walked through the alleyway slipping 0402Carringthe birds some seeds as I went through onto Mansfield Road.

Very little traffic about, as I waiting for the little green man to cross the road at the pelican lights an ambulance came flashing along with its blues and twos on… Not having me this time like yesterday I thought.

Started my slog into the City, the angina not as bad, but Arthur Itis making going difficult.

0403artWhen I got to the traffic islands just walking passed the bus-stop I noticed some more Nottingham Street Art!

Some kind Nottingham apprentice-yob or alcoholic thought the bushes would look better with lager cans and rubbish spread about in them?


0404ambI took a slightly different route on me hobble today and walked down Huntingdon Street on me way to the Aldi shop for some cheapo beef pasties.

As I approached the traffic lights yet another ambulance sped by with its blues and twos on.

0404aVicI took a photo of the Victoria Centre flats – they looked awfully  fragile against the backdrop of the expanse of the gloomy sky. Twinges from Anne Gyna started again and stayed wth me for the rest of the day.

I got in to Aldi and had a potter about, bought a pot of porridge, some beef pasties and two pots of luxury… I say Luxury lemon curd yoghurt! Why they were called Luxury I don’t know, but they were very nice.

0405fireAs the chap served me I noticed through the window two ambulances and a fire-engine go past towards the City Centre. When I left the store I heard another fire engine coming and got me camera out to snap it as it made its way down Huntingdon Street toward town as well.

Annoying not knowing why innit?

Now taking this photo might not have been such a good idea I thought – as I put the camera back in me bag it punctured the foil lid of one of me pots of yoghurt… I mean Luxury yoghurt.

Luckily I had plenty of kitchen towels with me (Bleeding piles for the use of cleaning up in the event of emergency you’ll understand), so I was able to clean up the bag and its contents a bit.

I walked down to Maplins and asked the chappy there if they had any covert cameras on sale – they hadn’t, only had filming covert cameras.

0406policeAs I walked towards the City centre I managed to catch two policemen in their car who had obviously passed through the lights before their way was clear.

The black car had to veer around them because his lights were on green.

Naughty boys!

0407AtLightsAs I got into town proper I then espied Nottingham pedestrians crossing at the same junction as yesterday against the lights again.

I of course waited for the little man to turn green before moving, cause I’m a good boy.

The rain and Angina persisted and I wandered up and took some ‘bling’ photographs for the TFZ gals.

Then caught a bus back to Carrington and fed the pigeons craftily on me walk to the flea-pit.

0408noshWC’s, put me nosh away, kettle on, passed the tiniest little plop of wind from the rear and nearly gassed missen!

No Inchcocks were harmed in the production of this Diary… today anyway up to now. Hehehe!

Took an angina pill, rubbed some extra Phorpain gel into me knees and hands and passed wind again. Worrying this is… but it stopped later – not the passing of wind, that seems endless, but the aroma was not so pungent thankfully.

Turned the laptop on and got a message: Dell Inspiron – Battery supply cannot be determined and will not charge in DOS. Then took me to dreaded blue screen with tons of information I knew nothing and understood nothing of what was on the screen. I just clicked save and exit… Windows then opened as normal. Internet opened alright, Apache works, Coreldraw even working now?

Started doing this diary and guess what – Coreldraw let me import. Still jumpy screen and very slow but working.

Oh this flipping Anne Gyna… must get to make appointment to see GP see if I can go back on the under-tongue stuff.

Had a meal of frankfurters in bread thins with bbq sauce a yoghurt and a drink of Citrus flavoured spring water with me medications.

Watched some ‘Heartbeat’ episodes and enjoyed them.

Got me head down, took ages to nod off again… Tsk!

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