Inchcock Today: Wednesday 4th February 2015 Dentistry day

Wednesday 4th February 2015

Took ages to get to sleep last night – eventually drifting off around 0300hrs then woke up with a start at 0545hrs.

Still got some horrible dreams in but can’t remembered any details.

Made a cuppa and took me medications later than usual.

Picked up the newspaper to throw it away and noticed the an article about the expected weather for the UK.

0301newsA biting cold airflow from Siberia dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ will see temperatures plummet to -15°c in Britain next week. Really made me day that did… Huh!

WC’d… no blood hurrah!

One of me mobile oil-heaters died a death – moved one from front room into the kitchen.

Things to do today I pondered: Dentist at 1200hrs, might not be up to doing owt else after they have finished drilling and a-poking around in me gob? Must take stuff to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop cause it’s close to the dentist at Sherwood. Must see about getting new heater soon before the big freeze comes?

Started this diary, Facebooked a while then did a bit of work on blog about Inchcock being interviewed on Radio Nottingham fun.

I realised that this laptop was using Windows to preview pictures and so downloaded Google Picasa3 because that gives me the file name with each preview.

When it was loading it offered a free Google+ Back-up so I loaded that as well. Now after about 25 minutes it has an hour left of the download of my photos to the site. And I’ve got to go to the dentists in 20 minutes? Do I leave it running or risk pausing it and putting laptop to sleep until I get back?

Decisions decisions… come on Inchcock make your mind up now…

I’ll pause and put the laptop to sleep now – just hope all is okay when I return from the dentists. Oh dear.

Got the stuff ready for the Nottingham Hospice shop and then did me ablutions.

Must say the innards seem a lot better today and Anne Gyna, but Arthur Itis is bad. Sneezing a bit too and runny nose. (I know… chase after it then)

Set off and started me walk into Sherwood.

As I at the pelican crossing at the top of the hill on Mansfield Road, the lights signalled green for met cross over and a bus pulled up – as I started to cross a sudden klaxon noise made me stop – just as well because a second later a paramedic overtook the bus and belted passed, I felt the breeze it was that 0302ambulclose… As I got to the other side of the road I fumbled to get me camera out to take a photo – but she was well gone by then, I took a photo though. You might be able to just recognise the ambulance in the distance at the second set of traffic lights?

I pressed on a little miffed into Sherwood.

303MSTwo cyclists on the pavement outside the library today. Tsk!

As I was going up the second hill I noted that the daily Mobility scooter chap was visiting his favourite pub again, well he does everyday bless him.

Hope he doesn’t overdo the plonk intake and run into someone or something when he comes out.

Up the hill and into the Hospice shop. Left the bits and then walked a few doors up to the dentists.

Went in and gave me details and was told to go to Room 2 up the steep stairs, so I did. I worked out they had six rooms in all – each one the size of a small bedroom.

304DentistNo signs of any bodies about so I took a photo of the room, missing the cobwebs and cracked wall plaster.

Eventually the female Obergruppenführer dentist arrived with her assistant in toe and commanded I sit down in the chair – I sat down in the chair.

She waffled on ignoring me trying to explain that I could not hear what she was saying, and with tools in my mouth I just had to hope it was nothing too important she was saying.

They took some x-rays and then gave me an injection of stunner and left the room to tend to someone in one of the other rooms – like a well oiled production line in here!

The foreman… er dentist returned after fifteen minutes or so and set to work with the drill and then filling procedure.

Half an hour or so later it was all done and dusted.

She filled in then handed me my file saying: “You can go now!” – so I thanked her and went, down to the receptionist and paid me £59 odd. The lady on autopilot said “Any pain you return again” – No doubt the £ signs I saw in her eyes were imaginary ones.

303Sherw2As I came out of the premises the sky looked even lovelier than earlier, but the wind was getting up again I noticed – soon as my hat blew off I thought ‘Hello, the winds getting up.’

I started to walk down the hill and called in the Continental shop for one of their Polish continental type sliced loaves and very nice it was too.

305Ambul2As I came out there was the ambulance parked up that had so nearly ended me life earlier at the pelican lights.

I took a photo not realising the female paramedic was sat in it. Boy did I get a look from her as I walked passed!


Poddled on and as I reached Carrington I saw the opportunity to test missen 306carringtonwith taking an atmospheric picture by the side of St John’s Church as the sun was facing me on Mansfield Road and wus tickled pink with how it came out. Especially as for some reason there was only one vehicle on the road gave it an unnatural twinge – no idea wot I’m talking about yer know, but it sounds good dunnit? No? Okay.

Got in and made a visit to the porcelain without any bleeding, made a sandwich and did some microwave baked potatoes and ate well and all of it – the teeth coped well with no pain.

Now I’ll see how the innards handle that now I’m eating again – crossed fingers time here methinks?

Hello hello hello… did I say no bleeding from the rear passage earlier? Cancel that.

The laptop was okay, and within an hour Picasa had downloaded the piccies. But Coreldraw is playing up again, twice I’ve had to force-close and restart. Sod-it.

I thought I’d listen to some music while doing this Dairy and played some Elvis on YouTube but the sound was very low, so tried another one and that was the same, couldn’t hear it… then I realised although I’d got me headphones on I’d not put the jack-plug in the laptop.

Now you may think that my doing things like this on a regular basis nowadays is due to old age, depression frustrataion and creeping senility? You’d be right!

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Had a look in the mirror at me teggies and two at the back seem to have grey lines around them? I wonder if it was something about them that Frau Himmler was trying to tell me about earlier?

Suddenly feeling tired. Can’t nod off, just as well Brother-in-law rang, he’s calling round in the morning.

Watched a ‘Heartbeat’ DVD.

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