Inchcock Today: Fri 6th Feb 2015

0501aWoke up and lay there trying to remember a dream… wrote down a graphic and notes for later when I’d have the laptop on, took photo of the note.

WC’d, bit of blood, angina still niggling, arthritis not so bad – started laptop and went down to make a cuppa returned and started Coreldraw9 and took me medications.

0501Coreldraw9 froze again, when I was doing graphic of me dream because I thought the photo of me hand written note would not be clear enough on screen.

Seems that Mike Steeden was in  a car at the end of a garden and calling some thing to or at me and I was calling back from a bedroom window?

Can’t remember owt else about it – but felt the house garage and garden might have been a mixture of passed dwellings?

Frustrating innit?

Had to restart system again.

Started this diary, then finished yesterdays and posted it.

Took me medications and got ready for a trip out up Woodborough Road for a change, I decided to bus into town then another out and up to Mapperley – have a wander about, take some photo’s and walk back down, should only take me about an hour to walk back I reckon. (Ha!)

As I walked to the end of the road on me way to the bus-stop I observed that Severn-Trent were digging and planning a lot more judging by the marks on the road and pavements.0502Carr

I caught bus to town, then another out to Mapperley, I’ve not been there for years so had an amble up one side of the road, crossed over and had an amble back then turned down Winchester Street – camera in hand all the time – even when I had me Whoopsidangleplop later!

0503TopsThe first new to me thing I noticed across the road when I got off of the bus like (All praise the Nottingham City Council Pensioners Free Bus Pass please!) was a 30 Minute Workout for Women shop had opened?

I won’t say what thoughts went through me head when I read the sign… best not to eh?

0504TopsThe Waltham antenna relay mast was clearly visible in the distance.

Within seconds I realised it had gotten very cold suddenly – then realised it was because of how high I was. Not on ale or drugs like, high height-wise like.

Does seem to get very cold up here. They had even put some sand/salt on 0505Topsthe pavements near the shops today – I wish they’d do that everywhere when it threatens ice and snow.

On my way back towards Nottingham now, after seeing some Purple and Maroon carrots on sale at £1 a pound at the greengrocers next to the Co-op store on Mapperley Plains, what next.

I looked them up when I got back to the laptop: Before the 17th century, almost all cultivated carrots were purple. The modern day orange carrot wasn’t cultivated until Dutch growers in the 16th century took mutant strains of the purple carrot and developed them into the sweet plump orange variety we have today. Before this, pretty much all carrots were purple with occasionally white and yellow 0506Topsaones? Just thought I’d mention it like…

I moved on and at the butchers they had a sign outside offering Exotic meats.

Ostrich, crocodile, kangaroo, camel and bison!..but no horse?

I wandered on (Feet aching a bit now, 0507Topsbut nothing compared to how were going to feel when I eventually got back indoors… Tsk!) and took scenic photographs best I could manage from a high points I could access.

As I viewed the thousands of houses below I got a touch sentimental thinking to myself:

0508FTopsAmazing to think that most of these dwellings will have an unemployed person or two in them, shoplifters, muggers, maniacs, Uninsured and unsafe Mobility scooter drivers, cyclist who cycle on the pavement, alcoholics, drug addicts, drug pushers, gunmen, terrorists and UKIP supporters in them, chilling!

0509topDAs I began my walk down the steep bendy Winchester Street I came across nature again that fascinated me.

Next to the pub was a hedgerow that had three distinct varieties of bushes all competing with each other for survival. I’ve no idea of the types of bushes they were, but this sort of thing often gets me thinking about humankind.

0510TopDiceAbout a third of mile down the long street I turned into Woodthorpe Park thinking I might save time by taking that route although not sure if I could get through, I persevered. First thing I noticed was that the snow from two days ago was still frozen in chunks on the pathways?

As I cut through some trees and came 0511TopSqout on the sodden grass, there was a squirrel climbing a tree trunk and he didn’t seem to bother about me, in fact I think he posed for the photograph. Nature again impressing me here.

There he was unconcerned with normal human beings and apparently having the time of his life… 

That reminds me, I must draw up a draft of me letter for David Cameron… hehehe!

As I walked carefully (I thought) down the hill towards the two blocks of flats it made me wonder why they had made them Senior Citizens only? Out of the way, hills all around and no shops 0512TopDflatsnearby?

Then I had me Whoopsidangleplop!

Sipped on the wet mud and grass and carried on down for a good way on my haemorrhoid ridden backside! Struggled up and collected the things that had fell out of me bag, thought I’d 0515TopDmudlost me shoes but they were just hidden from me view by all the mud on em… Tsk!

I could feel the blood coming out from my back passage and tried to get off the slippery surface but still had a couple of hundred yards to go before I reached the flats and concrete.

0513TopDwinchWhere I did me best to clean off the mud from me shoes bum and trousers, unsuccessfully.

Limping and in pain now I can tell yers…

Down past the laundry and onward towards Mansfield Road, not a happy laddie at this stage of me walk at all. 0517Frustrated, in pain, bleeding, angina rampant and had a dizzy spell! Oh hell! (Note the bit of poetry there to help lighten the mood folks?)

A good way to go too. Still, this part was downhill at least.

Eventually hobbled into Mansfield Road turned left and called into the Continental shop for a loaf of bread.

Took a photo of the sky when I came out of the 0516xshop, I’ve no idea why I did but I did so I might as well put it in eh?

Maybe it was the lack of traffic that made me want to record it?

Who knows, so much pain now I think I was getting a bit irritable with missen.

0520Not a good thing considering what was just about to take place at the top of the hill in the distance.

As I reached the Methodist Church this turd on a bike came around the corned on the pavement and nearly had me over.

I took a picture and shouted at him but 0518no response – I am getting so fed-up with this happening so often. If it’s not  a cycling it’s a mad mobility scooter driver! Grrr!

I calmed myself down and limped onward for about a hundred yards and this youth came passed me on the pavement from behind on his bike and nearly frit me to death.

0519Camera out and snapped him then I started to tell him off when he stopped, but he just told me to go forth and multiply, then he saw a youth he knew and gave him a croggy on his bike – still on the pavement!

What can I do about it?

I wonder how much a colt 45 costs nowdays?

I got in the dump and WC’d after painfully tackling the stairs.

Tended to me back quarters best I could, cleaned up the blood, creams applied and extra painkiller taken.

Feeling poorly now. Hehe!

Made a sandwich, cuppa and started to do this diary.

Feeling tired now as well – poor old sausage!

Coreldraw froze again, went through start-up again.

Made a cuppa and took me medications – had to clean up at the rear again – if they don’t stop bleeding I’ll go to clinic or GP tomorrow, oh that’ll be a Saturday wont it. I’lll see how I go, I’ve a feeling all the sleep I’ve been missing might make me nod-0ff at any time now, so I’ll end here folks.

TTFN all.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Fri 6th Feb 2015

  1. Oh what a horrible day! 🙁 First of all, as long as you dreamed about Mike Steeden having that handsome little car over by the garden, then the least you could have done would be to have him offer you a ride… or he could run over the bicyclist! I think I have a solution… If you’ll start carrying a long, narrow stick on your walks… then when the bike riders get too dangerously close, you can thrust your stick between their spokes and send them crashing to their deaths! Feel better, my friend! <3

  2. Thanks Rachel.
    Not too good this morning, the rear-end damage from me whoppsiedangleplop yesterday is oh so tender, and Arthur Itis is visiting me fingers making it hard to type… but all in all it could have been so much worse so not complaining gal. (Much hehe!)
    I really must try to get out today or the knocks and joints might stiffen up more…
    I wonder if it would be possible to add a taser to the long-stick you kindly suggested? (Wicked smile of imagined damage I could do to get me own back appears on my face now)
    I hope your keeping okay gal?

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