Saturday, Inchcock Today: Trip out to Derby, and a Whoopsiedangleplop!

Saturday 7th March 2015

0601I actually got some decent sleep in last night – and remembered some of the dreams too! (Still feel tired mind you).

Dream recollections:

I was doing my best to pull someone out from a quagmire in the dark of night – voices singing and music in the background as if it were in a film – the rain and lighting started – someone at the top of the ditch was urging me on to free and pass the bloke in the mud up to them – I shouted out that if they helped me it would be easier… they explained that they were not insured to get mud on their hands – I apologised.

Next moment I was in an operating theatre operating on George Osborne with Clive Danton the anaesthetist who kept breathing in from the mask and was merrily drunk on it, I attended to him as Osborne bled to death but would not die if you know what I mean… eventually I sobered Clivey up and we returned our attentions to Osborne… That’s all I can recall?

Thinking about it, perhaps the quagmire was a grave?

0400hrs: I arose painfully (Angina, torn muscle and haemorrhoids) and tended to the porcelain duties as demanded.

The pulled muscle in the ribs seemed less painful that of recent I’m glad to say.

Made a cuppa.

Started laptop (message about power supply box being too weak again).

Took me morning medications with another cuppa. Hoping to get out to Derby this morning for a wander around and a photographicalisationing session, so must cut down on the liquid intake.

Creating the header for this page and Coreldraw9 froze again – Tsk!


Part way down Mansfield Road on me way into Nottingham

Did me ablutionising and got ready for me walk to town and bus out to Derby.

Set off on me uneventful walk (hobble) into the City enter with few folks around although the odd bus that passed me by seemed well loaded with Nottinghomian shoplifters, pickpockets and other citizenry on there way to town.

Made me way to the Victoria bus-station and got on a Red Arrow Express bus into Derby.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – ‘I do love me free pensioners bus-pass! Oh yes…


I love me free pensioners bus-pass – oh yes!

Caught a Red Arrow bus – using me pensioners free bus-pass of course. It was quiete full considering there were not many people about on me hobble into town.

I enjoyed the none-stop ride and sun was a shining and nobody on the bus was swearing, then again it wasn’t a Nottingham City Transport bus so, and me hearing aids were playing up with me forgetting to de-wax them earlier, Huh!


They like the seeds and meal-worms

On arrival in Derby I wandered over to the river Derwent, only 200 yards or so from the back of the bus-station and fed the mallards and hundreds (It seemed) of pigeons.

Bless em.

I took two photos in between throwing them sufficient seed and meal-worms to keep them busy while I got me camera out.


Can you spot the mystery bird?

On the second shot which I thought was a decent one – there seems to be an unidentified bird that is perched on the bollard far left at the back? Is it a baby heron perhaps?

It showed no interest in the bread seed or meal-worms?

Or is it a white pigeon?

I wandered, avoiding a couple of mobility scooters on and over the road up to the Eagle Shopping Centre.

Called in the 99p shop to replenish me used pigeons seed stocks, but they had none in. So I walked on to the Pound Shop for some – and they had none in either?

Wandered around a while aimlessly (I’m quite adept at doing this nowadays).

Walked through the market – how terribly sad it looks today – so many closed down units.


This photo warmed the cockles of my heart – can you see why?

But the picture I took inside actually cheered me up a bit when I got to look at it later.

I noticed the old lady and gent walking down towards the exit doors and they were holding hands – nice that I thought, so nice.

Even if they were only holding hands to help each other avoid falling over it brought a warm glow to me.

Soft? Me? – yes… yer right!


Wigs and noses combinations in Derby shop window?

I walked back through the centre taking a different route to another exit and came across a shop that catered for parties fancy dress that sort of thing – and in the window I espied these er… things.

Wigs with noses?

I think they might represent some TV characters of today?

The shop was certainly busier than many others so they must have hit the button with what todays ankle-snappers are into.


Ladies watches at £5 each in Derby’s Intu Eagle Centre

I spotted a stall selling cheapo watches – £5 each and took a photo of some of the ladies ones to post for the TFZ gals. I was impressed with the choices on sale – I wonder where they were made at that price? Mind you – do they work? Hehe.

The angina was beginning to play up now so I hobbled towards the exit doors and out into the street – and Whoopsidangleplop!

I caught the edge of the pavement wrong and fell into a chair outside a cafe catching me torn muscle ribs. Oh the pain!

I can only blame myself cause I was trying to rush to get to the toilets in the bus station as I’d just passed wind and felt the warm blood… Tsk!

After a little swearing and someone asking if I alright, I thanked them and made me way yo the toilets – of course I hadn’t got a 20p piece on me – so called in the shop in the bus-station and bought a bar of chocolate or something and got myself back to the WCs post haste – luckily I had what was required to tend to the bleeding in my bag – I usually carry a kit just in case.


A Y5 leaves Derby bus-station

All refreshed and not feeling any pain from the haemorrhoids at all, thanks to the extreme overpowering pain from me ribs (Everything has an upside don’t it hehe!).

I caught a bus back to Nottingham that took the long route through the villages and enjoyed the journey.


St Michaels Church Borrowash

In Borrowash as the bus stopped I got a decent picture of St Michaels Church.

This is where a feller carrying a folding bike got on and walked to the back of the bus to find a seat. Then twenty seconds later got up rang the bell and got off at the next stop?

I must have nodded off three times after this and luckily woke as the bus was emptying at its destination, Friar Lane in Nottingham.

I popped into the Poundland shop and they had some bird-seed in, but could only risk carrying one bag so as not to irritate the torn muscle in me ribs (Again).

I walked through the slab-square and up King Street called in the public WC and then on to the bus-stop for a Carrington bus. I managed to stay awake on this short journey, the ribs still painful.


Fatima and Fred greeted my return to the flea-pit

Got off the bus and called in the Co-op for some bread thins. Being as I could not find any in Derby.

Got back to the flea-pit and Fatima and Fred came down to be fed.

I put a load of unsolicited mail into the bin.

I don’t know why, but I took a 0608photograph of the sky from outside the front door.

Mind you, it did look pretty, and I appreciated the lack of yobs in it too.

I made a flask up and got started on this diary.

Coreldraw9 didn’t let me down this time, but Serif Draw x6 froze.


After I’d tended to me rear problems then applied some extra pain-gel to me ribs, I did a bit of Facebooking.

Beefburgers on bread thins tonight methinks.

Took me evening medications with one extra painkiller and put some smooth jazz on to listen to through me headphones while on the laptop.

The pain from the damaged muscle under the ribs are now making it difficult to get to sleep. Tut!

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