Mon 13.4.15: Inchcock Today

Sunday 12th April 2015

IMG_0006Didn’t nod-off until 0430hrs -Woke up 0730hrs: full of bits of memories of the dreams I’d had and noted them down.

Went down to make a brew and found no porridge – Tsk! – must get out and get some today.

Took a photo of the sky from the back and then the front of the flea-pit, everything was damp.

Laptop on on and me ailments assesment done: IMG_0005BP Sys 160 Diast 89 Pulse 75.

Arthritis Reflux valve and Angina all okay. Ulcer no bother at all. Cancer growth very tender. New ticker valve ticking away. My voice has gone a bit guttural and croaky. Eyes and nose still running. Haemorrhoids stinging a bit but no bleeding. Infection in the ears bothersome – but being as I forgot to apply me spray that’s not surprising like.

Translated me almost unreadable notes about me dream:

I was dashing about the rain soaked streets of a town – black and white this part of the dream – trying to get into shops but something always stopped me, seems like it was the 60’s to me, yet I think I was after some new batteries for me camera, obstructions everywhere… and in patches I found myself in a posh ballroom chasing after a cuddly pretty lady – not catching her, then back in the wet streets and shops, climbing the walls to gain entry into a department store because they would not let me in through the front doors? Suddenly I was with Dad on his horse and dray in the same dank dark and filling the tin bath one back? – Then I was climbing up the walls of a store again (colour images now) and as I struggled passed each window, chickens came out and pecked gently at my curiously pale blue skin? Eventually getting on the roof and found the chickens had laid some batteries for me camera?

Cold this morning, or perhaps I just feel it cause of me having caught chill?

Took me medications and started this diary off.

Coreldraw9 froze within minutes of opening it – Grrr!

M3Went through me beautification routine and got missen togged-up and out on a walk to the Forest recreation ground tram-stop.

This turned out to be rather interesting hobble photographicalisationally speaking that is anyway.

M6The first Pavement Cyclist near the college on Mansfield Road all but hit me, came very close he did. Swine!

Walked on and right into Gregory Boulevard where the ancient but beautiful trees adorn the pavement and share them with more lampposts than seemed needed?

It was nice to see the kids on the fields actually playing an organised game of cricket. Unfortunately there were no English kids, so M4expect Pakistan to rule the world of cricket in the next five years or so.

The usual weed-dealing yobs were lurking in the free exercise area. A feeling on unease was in the air – can’t explain it… uncomfortable like, made me feel a little nervous for some reason – but I could see no reason?

M5I plodded on and came across a site that made me smile and think of it as: Mechanical Triffid Attack in Nottingham – Nottingham Defence Volunteer Shoplifters Kill it in the early hours of this morning!

Might be a funny post it that somewhere?

M7The next Pavement Cyclist was even closer to clobbering into me, he had headphones on.

Swine! – Tsk!

To the tram-stop and one came almost immediately and I travelled, remembering to swipe me free-pensioners bus-pass on the platform before gerrin’ on it like – oh I do love me free bus-pass to bits!

The tram was busy – with the usual selection youngsters sat on the disabled seats with tinny music (I think it was anyway) reverberating from the attached ear pieces.

M8Arrived at Bulwell station and got buffeted by the other more mobile passengers in their rush to get off the tram and beat it to the crossing into Bulwell. This is very common on this route – and I have the bruises to prove it.

They were very put-off when the tram driver pulled away without waiting for them to cross the line and I heard a few chunters about it when I caught up with them.

I poddled over the line, across the bridge over the river Leen and fed some pigeons en-route to the market place and the cheapo shop.

Got some bits from there and wandered through the market place on me way to the bus-station and forgot I’d not got many of me porridge pots, so went back and got some, then started off over the market to the bus-station and realised I’d forgot to get me tomatoes – back over the market and into the Iceland store – gerring a bit weary and fed up wi missen now. hehe!

Got a pack of tomatoes and noticed they were selling some packs of small buttered new potatoes that were cookable in the microwave and tried a pack – I regret not getting more now as later on I found them to be absolutely delicious!

M9Struggled back through the market and to the bus-station and caught a number 17 back to Carrington.

The sky was getting a little threatening now.

We moved out of the station and joined a queue of traffic that I never found the cause of, but had me crossword book with me and pretended to be getting the answers like – in truth I’ve been on this crossword 19 for ages now – I can conceded failure again and will have to cheat and have a look at the answers before long methinks.

M9aThe bus moved on and near the KFC near the traffic island a ganglet of apprentice yobboes on bikes were stood right in the road being leary with drivers.

I took a photo of them little scrota as the bus eventually passed them and they rode off on the pavement of course, causing apprehension amongst the locals.


Got through to Carrington without further incident – and then remembered to collect me prescriptions from the chemist.

Back to the flea-pit via the thankfully yobbo free twitchel.

M9bWD’d put the kettle on, then quite a load of purchases to put away.

Bought more than I intended to methinks…

Made me nosh for the night – kept getting the feeling I’d forgotten something important somehow – still got the sensation now, can’t seem to get it out of me head?

Worrying that.

M8cGot me nosh ready and began to digest it with great relish.

Krakowska, the new buttered potatoes, tomatoes, cooked beetroot and some bread thins.

Really enjoyed it too.

Took me medications and watched a DVD – fell asleep.

Woke abut two hours later and started this diary.

Bit of hassle with downloading the photographs from the camera card as this newer, more powerful excuse for a laptop kept failing to recognise the drive – Tsk damn and bother!

Still, after rebooting it eventually allowed me to.

Just after midnight I got it posted off.


6 thoughts on “Mon 13.4.15: Inchcock Today

  1. So many adventures on your walks Inchy. Did you ever remember what you forgot? I have those feelings at times and remember about the time I’m dropping off to sleep. Extremely irritating. Your food looks so good, I especially would love to try your potatoes and tomatoes. Only like the beets when they are pickled. Hope today has been better for you.

    • Thanks Angelski – Can’t remember owt yet Tsk! The beetroots were pickled in sweet vinegar… nice and soft Mmm. Sometimes they are like bullets, hard and tasteless eugh! Take care and sleep tight.

      • You get some sleep also, but not to “tight” if you get my meaning. The sweet vinegar is what I use to pickle my beets. I want them chewable with my teeth being the way they are–removable.

  2. I enjoy your daily diary. Mine is pretty bland next to yours and very few pictures as I am not really a photographer. Never think of the camera.

    • The camera can take over your day if your not careful – ever seeking something different humorous, scary or different. I enjoy yours too gal thanks.

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