Tue 21.4.15: Inchcock Today – Confused actions implemented…

Tuesday 21st April 2015

Did me tests: BP Sys 167 Dia 97 Pulse 70.2 Temp 30.2

Athritis okay, Angina middling, Ulcer okay, Skin growths tingling, Hernia nothing, haemorrhoids no bleeding, Depression Bad.

Made a cuppa and started this bit of the diary, then posted yesterdays.

Not feeling very bright – low.

Had a bath and shave in readiness for me hospital visits.

Got the paperwork, bus-pass, nure nibbles etc and set off and caught the bus into town.

0201I was very nice today, the weather I mean.

I hobbled to the Y28 bus stop and caught one out to the Queens Medical Centre.

Of the 11 other people on the ride at setting off time, two of us were not using mobile phones.

En-route I had a look at the paperwork for the treatment centre appointment and caught a glance at the INR Warfarin level appointment log – and realised the appointment was for next Tuesday not today! They had given me a fortnight instead of the usual weekly appointment – how I managed to miss this I do not know – yes I do… I’m losing it!

0203aStill it meant the nurses could have an unexpected surprise bag of nibbles at the haematology dep’t and I still had plenty of time to walk to the Treatment Centre at the back of the site.

So I called in to give em their treats and had a little natter with them.

0203As I was walking around the compound on me way to the Treatment Centre I noticed some vehicles parked rather naughtily on the double yellow lines at the crossing.

I saw later that some of them had been ticketed. Visitors or workers must hate having to go to work in their cars there.

I got to the centre and up the stairs to A Section and joined the queue at the reception desk.

Got to talk to a girl of the female species at the desk, handed her me paperwork and answered the usual questions – name date of birth address etc.

She handed me a bleeper and told me to sit down and someone will buzz me when ready. I thanked her sat down and waited for someone to buzz me.

When I was buzzed I went to the nurse and got the usual questions and she took me to sit in a corridor outside room 10 to wait for Dr Spyridon Schoinash.

A crossword or two later he came out and called me in.

Usual questions answered as well as deeper interrogation of me medical history – that took a while!

He then took a look at the growths on me back for a few minutes and declared they were a common form of skin cancer but must be removed.

Would it be alright if students attended my treatment as it is rare to have the chance of them learning from the removal and diagnosis of 7 spots at the same time?

‘Fine, no problem’ I said.

He filled in many forms and then handed me a few to give the receptionist on me way out, and one or two for me to keep after I signed them, anaesthetic and agreement to investigate and treat forms, Pre-operative information.

I thanked him and went out and joined the queue for the receptionist.

Gave her the paperwork and she gave me a form to fill in as much as I could – ‘Take a seat and return this to me when you’ve finished filling it in’

‘Yes’ I said and took a seat and filled in the form.

Then I joined the queue for the receptionist and returned it.

‘Take a seat while I make an appointment for you’.

‘Thank you’ I said.

She called me over to the reception desk after half an hour or so, and gave me more paperwork and told me to ‘Take a seat and someone will come to see you’.

I thanked her and tool a seat.

Later a lady came over – she looked a little flustered so I assumed she had been calling my name but I didn’t hear her?

I answered the usual questions.

She gave me a letter for an appointment on Friday 12th June at 1110hrs.

She also gave me a feedback form to fill in.

When I got back to the flea-pit I found a Clinical Pathology bag with a label with me details on with the paperwork – wonder if I was supposed to have this?

0205As I left the Treatment Centre I took a photo of er… a hand – not sure what it represented and thought it was vulgar if was supposed to be art – not that I know owt about art mind!

I was poddling back to the front of the hospital when a git of a pavement cyclist came passed from behind making me jump – then he pedalled over the crossing an up the other 0206pavement.

The little rascal him!

Well, he was a big rascal really.

I thought it would be a good idea to got through the inside of the hospital and out of the main entrance instead of risking me limbs on the pavement.

I felt confident I could remember the way through… Ahem!

Went in through the Nose and Throat to the lifts, up to B floor and turn left when getting out… then the fun started… but eventually I got there.

Glad I did really because a ruckus taking place outside the main doors was not to be missed it was so funny – well to me like not the two blokes involved. I’d swear blind they were talking and shouting at each other in different languages. I assume they were both multi-lingual (Can’t touch em for that) but it sounded comical.

I caught a bus into town0207.

Called in the newspaper shop in Trinity Square and got a sausage and egg cob, then slipped the pigeons some seeds.

Took a photo of some ‘bling’ for the TFZ gals.

Caught the bus home to Carrington – the twitchell was occupied with several unsavoury looking yobs so I walked the long way around – where I was nearly knocked over by a gang of apprentice yobboes on bikes.

0208Made me nosh – the sausage and egg butty, french fries and tomatoes. Not a lot, but I’m not feeling hungry at all now – too down to bother.

Shaking a bit now Tsk!

Made a cuppa took me medications and got this diary started.

Feeling apprehensive still – can’t settle or concentrate like I want to.

Hey-ho. TTFN.

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