Wed 22.4.15: Inchcock Today – Flummoxed

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Woke up and lay there trying to remember me dreams without success – and realised I was shaking all over – not like in the song!

IMG_0072Went down and made up me medication pots, then nipped out and fed the pigeons – .

Then made a cuppa and got the laptop on. Fatima & Fred brought the family with em today.

Still feeling ‘Wrong’ in missen today… hard to explain but I’ve been making many errors and forgetting more stuff than even I usually IMG_0071do – worrying this is.

The sky was what I call ‘yobbo encouraging’ style today – that is clear sunny (not hot due to the wind) – threatening outbreaks of antisocial behaviour and already the young apprentice yobs are milling about at the end of the street!

I remember last summer and the hassle these nerks gave me with threatening behaviour and mugging me.

a3I do not want to go through that lot again – maybe apprehension is getting to me about this?

Did me tests: BP Sys 147 Dia 82 Pulse 89 Temp 31.2

Started to create this diary – not easy when yer mind is not with yer but off on it’s own little tangent like, if you b6know what I mean?

The shaking steadied down nicely – so I got Corel Pro-paint started and tried to learn some of it’s features.

I’m going to do a post header and then try to make it look aged in Corel Paintshop Pro.

I do not hold out much hope and am prepared for my usual failure… but hey-ho, here I go.

Back soon to post the results… I hope!


I’ve just popped back on to show yer me rather sad results of the first effort here:


0100h3Original wot I dun like here first.

The aged supposed to look like an old newspaper photo but doesn’t really does it now?

0100h2Still. I’ll use this aged one fer the Diary header methinks.

My next project was to see how easy it was to add vector text to a photo – it wasn’t!

I shan’t be attempting this again.

Next task to find out how easy it is to add raster text to a picture.

Back in a bit when I gerrit dun like…

MikeCLRussiaNo easier than the old Coreldraw9, in fact both methods are more complicated – or is it that I’m more used to using the old Coreldraw method?


I took a break to ring sister Jane to see if she enjoyed their gallivanting off to Concert Hall to hear the Czech Philharmonic after going for a meal. She said they both enjoyed the meal and the concert. Although they nodded off once or twice. They are off to get the free fish and chips with the Nottingham Post’s vouchers, and then going to the Senior Reds meeting for a nosh and drinkies later today. I said they were always busy bless em.

Should have cheered me that news, but…

CLspiv3 CLspiv3a

Toyed with me Clive Danton Spiv photo wot I dun – applied Sepia to it and this is how it came out. Must send a copy to him in case he might use it in one of posts?

FramePPGot an email of support from Patti Bekert and Lynton Cox, they did brighten me up a bit.

Patti suggested I try St Johns Wort, so I’ll pop to the chemists in a bit to get some. Two genuine cyber-friends I don’t deserve but am so glad I’ve got!

I enjoyed doing the text for Patti’s photo, even though I couldn’t get the fill to change to wot I wanted it go to. Huh!

IMG_0073Had a wash and brush up and ventured out for a little wander down to the chemists.

No yobs about in fact not many people at all.

Got to chemists and the owner Deepak was in and very helpful he was too.

I asked the assistant about St Johns Wort Extract tablets and he came to me to explain about them.

They were £14.95 a pack of 60 so not too dear IMG_0081and I bought a box.

I asked if they would be okay to take with my other medications and he indicated it would be no problem at all.

I wondered down to the Lidl penitentiary and wondered round IMG_0074buying some biscuits and tinned mushrooms and left.

As I did I took a photograph of the sky and lack of people about.

I didn’t mind that – lack of people equals lack of yobs.

I plodded the roundabout route back to the concentration camp, feeling a little out of sorts and got the kettle on.

IMG_0075Made me nosh.

Bread Thins with thick sliced Sopocka sandwiches, tomatoes, small potatoes curried beans (Tesco brand, very mild) followed my an iced raspberry ice-cream lolly.

A slight change from me usual fair I know, but I ate it all this time, well nearly all of it.

Unfortunately while I was watching a DVD of All Creatures Great and Small I nodded off for a few hours.

Bit disoriented when I stirred.

Realised I’d missed me evening medications. Thought about it and took just one Warfarin tablet although they tell me not too if too late I just took the one instead of the dosage of three for today. Hope I’ve done right?

Took a Wort tablet too.

Despite the unplanned kip I still feel drowsy?

Did some graphic training – but the concentration no good, so turned to Facebooking for a while.

10 thoughts on “Wed 22.4.15: Inchcock Today – Flummoxed

  1. Inchy, maybe you should see your doctor if you keep having these symptoms. They worry me a lot, even though your blood pressure is not all that bad. Still, those symptoms could have so many bad meanings, and I don’t want to lose my new friend.

      • Just takes practice Inchy. I once learned to take a face from one person and put it on several other bodies. That was fun, and confusing. Not sure I could still do it, but I just might try to photoshop my face and put it on a rather nice body just to see what I could look like in a perfect world.

  2. St John’s Wort does work but do check with the quack – not sure if taking them with other medications is wise…check the back of/leaflet in the pack as well…St Johns Wort is a prescription item in Germany. Best of luck

    • Cheers Mike. The printing is so small I can’t read it with me reading glasses on… Tsk! I’ll go on the web and look it up as soon as I get me dairy finished mate. Cheers.

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