Sun 17.5.15: Inchcock Today

Sunday 17th May 2015


Managed to get off to kip about 0415hrs.

Up at 0700hrs to get ready for the district nurse’s visitation for me injection.


The morning sky

My dreams seemed to have been all about people in a long line queuing up to bollock me, tell me off or lambast me on a great range of topics and faults and failures? Hundreds of them, some I recognised others strangers. The last dream I was starting work at a small busy railway station in military uniform of some sort – always queues all day and night, off procedures to do that seemed normal but nothing like the actual duties that would be carried out at such a place, think I enjoyed it.

Haemorrhoids and the Inch lesion bleeding this morning. However the blind-boil was less painful.

Fatima, Fred and Ferdinand having breakfast this morning

Fed Fatima Fred and Ferdinand who popped down for breakfast when I was taking the rubbish out to the bin.

The District Nurse came and done me. Young gal this time.

I had a look at me previous few INR results out of no particular interest like. 3.5 is me target level: 1.5 – 3.4 – 2.9 – 2.9 – 2.4 – 3.3 – 1.2 – 1.3 – 1.3 the nurses are coming again tonight and then in the morning to do the last Anoxaparin injections – no notification yet from the hospital or doctors about when me next INR test is to be, or what me last one was?

I keep up going from perky to down so quickly, the slightest thing, put-down or failure and the gloom descends. I must mention this to the GP when I go for me next INR level test. It’s never been like this, so up and down to the depths so changeable so quickly before. Perhaps it’s a side-effect of the Anoxaparin?

Made a cuppa and took medications.

Started to do some sorting of the rubbish at last – but the dizzies came on again and I went over luckily falling on a pile of bagged clothes waiting to go to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

Did me BP tests: Sys 178 Dia 90 Puls 82 Temp 34.2

Jillywin2A high reading today, this might be why the dizzies came on when I started bending up and down? Going to do some computing to relax and calm down and hope I don’t fall asleep.

Did some graphics for the TFZer gals, despite Coreldraw9 repeatedly PMCpccrashing and having to restart the laptop, I didn’t let it get me going this time, thought about me blood-pressure see.

Made a flask of tea and started on with this here diary.

COM Andy1Visited the porcelain and found the little Inch bleeding again, very dark red this time.

Due I imagine to the low level of me INR or maybe the Anoxaparin medications.

COM GladysOr would the high blood pressure make it coloured so deeply?

Hey-ho, I hope I can nod off and get some kip before the night nurse calls.

Wonder what to have for nosh today?

PCsusanI’ll surprise missen. Hehe!

Did a search for me glasses that I er… misplaced last week.

No luck at all.


IMG_0249Got the nosh ready… Roast potatoes, garden peas and braised beef in onion gravy.

Mucho goodo too!

I rate this nosh at 8/10!

Followed it with two blackcurrant and ice-cream frozen lollies.

IMG_0248When I had a wash and brush-up I checked out me latest bruises from the injections.

I thought the photograph came out looking like a piece of contemporary art?

Did some more updating on this diary.

I managed to make a few bags of ‘Getridof’ stuff – but how I’m going them to the Hospice shop I don’t know yet.

0701It was pitch black-dark when the District Nurse arrived – she did me second syringe of Anoxaparin on the other side of flabbadob belly and shot off, I was her last client… her very tired last client!

She said I had to have one more in the morning and then go see the GP to find out what the INR level was last Friday and then have another test done.

Somehow I stayed awake to finish this dairy off here.

Oh dear, I feel a warm wet glow from me nether regions… I’ll check, hang on please…

Huh! – bleeding Inch again.

Cleaned missen up and applied some of me Betamethasone cream.

Nightie night folks.

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