Sun 7.6.2015: Inchcock Today

Sunday 7th June 2015

Woke at 0545hrs, mucho bleeding from the little Inch again.

On the WC – and couldn’t get off for 45 minutes! Oh dear… blood from the other end now. Tsk!

Cuppa and medication taken – pots cleaned and laptop on.

Did a graphic for Clivey Boy and emailed it to him. Coreldraw x7 crashed again! Grrr!

Then did the header for this diary – and started it off.

Early yobboes lurking up and down the street this morning?

Another cuppa, then finished me blogs for yesterday and got them posted – only took me four hours.

0701Had a good scrub-up and shave, in me togs and set off to town.

When I got towards the Victoria bus-station, I took a photo showing the old filled in railway lines and the supports that hold up the actual bus-station.

I bet that took some graft and  know-how to get built?

Caught the C single decker bus to Mansfield (another instant decision made to to Mansfield).

0702We went through Bulwell, Hucknall which I took the first photograpicalisation of me often visited GUM clinic as the bus went passed it like. Memories flooded back to me… eurgh!

Then through Newstead then Annesley where I tried to take a photo of some horses in the 0703fields as sped along, but this dark blue Transit van is all I got as he sped passed us!


Just passed Annesley I managed to take a photo of some old colliers (miners) terraced houses. This set me thinking of all the Collieries we used to have in this area:

0705Gedling, Hucknall No1, Hucknall No2, Linby, Radford, Wollaton, Newstead, Bevercotes, Mansfield, Harworth, Kirkby, Ollerton, Bentinck, Pye Hill, Thoresby, Welbeck, Clipston, Rufford, Blidworth, Annesley, Moorgreen, Selston, Sutton, Silverhill, Teversal, Firbeck, Sherwood.
Lodge, Highpark, Manton, Warsop Main, Shireoaks, New Hucknall,
Steetley, Langton. Cossall, New Selston, and Oakwood Grange, and I’ve probably missed some off the list?

I went into deep contemplating mode for a while. The miners were extremely militant and their unions decision not to hold a strike ballet was one route cause of frustration within Nottingham colliers – but Maggie Thatcher already had plans for the destruction of the industry in the pipe-line before the strike it transpired. Whoever one chooses to blame the most – the suffering of the colliers families and the break up of communities was so very lamentable and sad.

0704The bus was at Kirby-in-Ashfield when I pulled myself out my moroseness.

As the bus passed the graveyard that has many American Airmen in it I thought I’d take a photo…

But an ambulance with it’s blues and twos belted passed from the opposite directed and frit me a bit Hehe.

0706That was two photographs ruined. Would I make me hat-trick I thought?

At Sutton bus-station I noticed that KFC had done there… er… food place up and made it look nice now – shame there was no one actually going in it for the time we were there waiting for the bus to move.

We drove on eventually getting in Mansfield bus station, and I made me way to the book shop to get half the money back I paid for em, when I got two more book and swapped em – if yer see worra mean like.

0708It had closed down – Huh!

So I poddled up to the B&M store and had a wonder around.

Got a packet of bacon that looked nice and was cheap.


0710Then I moved up to have a decker in the Pound-stretcher shop – they had some dried onions in, and jars of Red onion cooking sauce with Rosemarie, so I got one of each.

As you can see, the Pound-Stretcher shop was very busy by the photo on the left wot I took see. And this is just one of five aisles in the place – wonder how long they’ll last?

Then I trudged back to the bus-station and caught a Pronto bus back to Nottingham, that would drop me of in Carrington.

0712The house I photographed while we were driving passed it is the one just bought by a certain media mogul chappy with a beard. A bargain at £3.3m I’m sure.

Of course I was goiing to put in a bid missen like – but he beat me to it.


0713The sky looked nice and bright as I got back into Carrington.

Made me way back to the bomb-site with aching feet – not the bomb site with aching feet like, it wer me with the aching feet!

Yobboes on the street, had to go through them to get in the house, luckily cars were going by at the time and all I got was dirty looks form them.


WC’d and updated this diary.

Then had me bacon with me flavoured baked beans and bread thins.

And jolly nice it was too…

Evening all!

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