Fri 18 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Busy getting nowt done. Tsk!

Friday 18th September 2015

01topdWoke 0610hrs, again distorted but not uncomfortable, in me brown chair in which I fell asleep reading me book.

Cramp free night again!

Thoughts of me dreams were noted down.

I pondered on the day ahead – by now I’d learned not to make many plans for it, as they usually don’t mature well. IMG_0022Hehe!

Still, here they are: See Deana to get help phoning the Council – then the dentist, then the Clinic to fetch me cream for ‘Little Inchy’, then see if the shop had any more of those tasty BBQ Firedogs in stock. Failed to get the Firedogs. Huh!

Cuppa brewed and took me morning mediations.

Laptop on, to the WC.

Me dreams were not good. They involved me amongst boats, barges, canal locks… People running around chasing, being chased, lost, aggressive and all blaming me for something, no idea what it was but extreme feelings of guilt prevailed throughout the dream. Struggled to work out how the boat worked – Lost a Thermos flask I recall – Realised at one stage I had no shoes and socks on when I was in an engine room, oily muddy water… then I was in a hospital and was drawing noughts and crosses on someone’s leg plaster-cast? – last memory was falling off a lock side into the murky water and bouncing off it? 

Checked emails then finished off the Wednesday diary and got it posted.

Got missen and the things ready for me day ahead, and set off on part one of days missions, to the Winwood Community shed, as Deana knocked on the door!

01topjShe got on t’phone ans sorted me election registration out for me, bless her, and she’s on her own at the moment, cause Obergruppenfurher Julie is off work due to he mother passing away. I thanked her and gave her some nibbles.

Checked the flat (Taps, windows. plus 01tophetc) and set on on e walk through Woodthorpe Park into Sherwood and the dentists.

The usual welcome was given, ” Take a seat and wait!” was barked out in true Concentration Camp fashion…, so I took a seat and waited.

After a short while of me having a go at me crossword book a lady barked “Chambers, Chambers…!” I made missen known: “Go to treatment room 3, yes!”

So I hobbled up the stairs to treatment room 3 and waited.

An assistant came in and moved me to surgery room 1. Where I noticed they hadn’t yet mended the tear in the surgery seat, or mended the split in the sink either.

Another lady came in later and moved me again, to surgery room 2.

It was interesting at the dentist today anyway.

The dentist arrived and was very pleasant as she dug the pain-killing injection into me gum with a smile that reminded me of Margaret Thatcher’s.

01topgAfter a bit of drilling and prodding she got the filler into what was left of me tooth, then set about making out the bill for me after asking if I felt alright, followed by a forceful ‘Yes!’

I nodded my ‘Yes’ in reply.

During these exercises I noticed there were 27 insects in the lamp-holder on the ceiling. I considered telling her about this when I could talk again – but decided against it.

Then remembered she had told me about my needing an extraction last time, so bravely I asked her about this. She looked at me with a frown and asked me which one, after failing to find it on her computer. I pointed out the offending tooth and she said “We’ll have to do that next time then, ‘Yes!!!” I agreed.

I pointed out that it was beginning to hurt sometimes when I ate…

“You can call if this is the case and it gets too bad… Yes!”

By now I was a bag of nerves. Not due to the pain or bother, just of her commanding voice! Hehe!

She presented me with a bill for £89 – and i pointed out that the bill she gave me last time for today’s treatment was for £32.50?

She checked on the computer and she said this total included the money for the general check… I told her I’d paid that already as demanded by the receptionist on my last visit!

She checked again on the computer – “Oh yes that is right, You pay £32.50 today! Yes!!!”

So I hobbled down the stairs and paid me £32.50 to the receptionist – very confused now!

She made an appointment for next time asking me if I have any preference for the day – I said no problem, any day bar a Monday please, as Mondays are my INR Warfarin blood checks and clinic day.

She made a date and gave me the print-out and estimated cost – it was for Monday 7th March 2016, with an estimate of £32.50 costs.

Boldly I mentioned that it was for a Monday, he said nowt but pounded away on her machine and gave me another appointment slip for Tuesday 8th March, with an estimate of £51.30!

Now totally confused I left.

Caught a bus across the road into Bulwell. Where, despite visiting many shops I could find no FireDogs or Blackcurrant ice-dream lollies.

01topfHowever on arrival in Bulwell, I got a loaf of bread fed the Mallards and pigeons on the river Leen this along with the earthworms I’d taken with me for them.

Then I walked along and called in the Pound shop to see if they had any of the lavender disinfectant in stock, they hadn’t.

01topeNot an overly successful day up to now.

The Market place looked so unlike a Market place.

No bartering or anything that you expect form a market at all – the goods were crap and not cheap as well.

01topdI walked down to the other shops in search of some Lavender disinfectant and/or iced lollies without any luck.

The place was teeming with Mobility Scooters with drivers who were not really safe.

Mind you, Bulwell has the highest number of registered disabled folk in the County.

01topbI caught a bus into town, to have a look see for me Lavender disinfectant and/or blackcurrant iced lollies – again without any luck. Hobbled (Painfully now, me knees and feet were playing up bad) to the shopping mall. Then back into town.

Where a small group of protesters in front of the Council house attracted the attention of the police.

01topaAs I made me way to the bus stop, some more police were seen going into Primark I think, most likely to arrest some more shoplifters.

Caught the L9 bus back to the flats.

Part way there, going through Carlton, a chap with two others got on the bus. The big one of the two others, obviously a pupil from the nearby Rosehill Special School sat next to me and nearly crushed me. I know something of the problems these men and youths have from me security days when we did the alarm responses for the school.

One one occasion after the monitoring station had informed us an activation, the police contacted me to say they thought it was an old pupil who’d broke in, he’d been moved to Birmingham, and had somehow escaped from his parents care to go back to the school, where he was so happy. No bad intentions on his behalf but we must take care as this lad know no pain physically and has been known to be violent. They were transporting the parent to the site as they were the only people who had a modicum of effect with him. It hours, and they had problems convincing him to leave – we did want to try and force the lad as he and we would not be aware if he got hurt. Hell of of night that was.

And i think this bloke crushing against the window was this lad, although obviously now he was a bloke.

Any-road, when it came to my getting off the bus – the bloke would not acknowledge me or make way for me to get off the seat or bus.

I remembered his Christian name and used it as I tried gently to convince him and it worked. The chap in charge of the two bloke was very impressed.

Although one Herbert sat at the front got a bit het up and swore at him and I and the carer tried to explain to him about the blokes problems to no avail.

01topI got off and made me way to the flat, feeling so upset for the affected bloke, who never spoke.

Got into the flat and more mail, one for the last tenant one for me. The one for me cheered my up tremendously I can tell yers.

It was from a Cyber-friend in America.

It offered support and empathy of my situation.

I like to thank her most deeply. I was touched by this, that anyone would go to the time, cost and effort to support someone so far away I found fantastic! Thanks a million gal! XXX.

This made a bad day, a good dayP1020046all on its own.

WC’d. Got the laptop on to start and finish this diary off.

Made me nosh.

Polish Sopocka, new potatoes, sweet beetroot, apple, tossed red peppers and mushrooms, last of me cheese cubes, wholemeal bread with caramelised red onion relish. Followed by a jelly and fromage frais.

Still had trouble nodding off despite feeling so tired?

Stomach churning.

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