Thu 17 Sept 15: Inchcock Today:

P1020041Thursday 17th September 2015

Woke at 0545hrs: Not surprising it was so late (For me anyway) cause I was still awake at 0300hrs – Tsk!

Dreamt something about being chased by different animals and they each had a helmet of some sort on? Ended up in P1020042the abandoned office block again?

The reflux valve playing up today.

Gorrup and saw all the stuff around me ready for me to sort me paperwork out.


No progress on the sorting front. Tsk!

I must make a start on this today – I just need a few more of the little trays for the drawers and I can make a start properly.

WD’d, made a cuppa, laptop on ready to finish yesterdays dairy and get it posted.

Did some Facebooking while waiting for it to be late enough to get missen washed and shaved without disturbing the other tenants.

No rain at all now, in fact the sun shine through at times.

Had a good bath and changed ready to go into town on the L9 (Bless that free pensioners bus-pass!).

Took me rubbish to the chute on me way down, called at the Woodwin Community Shed with letters delivered for the previous tenant – all locked up again.

Chin-wag with Norman and some others at the bus-stop.

IMG_0021 IMG_0020

Got into town and had a walk around and into Broadmarsh Centre (Mall) to et some trays.

Then I walked into the slab square and had a walk around as I had 35 minutes before the L9 bus.

Took some ‘Bling’ photo’s on the little camera for the TFZer gals and guys.

The top one on the right was shot in the Cope jewellers window.

The second one at the pawn-brokers come Money Lenders of  a sort on Upper Parliament Street.

The traffic was light today.

IMG_0022Called in the 99p shop and bought some bread and Mattessons Fire-Dogs at 2 packs for 99p!

The contents on the pack were: Pork 83%, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Sucrose, Caramelised sugar, Tomato powder, Dried red-bell pepper, Moltoextrin, Herb molasses and many other flavourings. ‘Inspired by the Deep South’ it said. Be interesting if any American IMG_0019readers can confirm or poo-poo this claim?

Caught the bus back to the flats, without falling asleep – although it was close at times.

Got in, WC’d, ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding. Huh.

Hunger beckoned and I got the Fire-dogs in the oven, and flavoured some beans and got ’em heating up. Seasoned this time with Bisto, sultanas, English mustard and unrefined brown sugar, added a bit of vinegar too.

IMG_0023Had another search for the mysteriously disappearing saucepan lid, no luck, it’s been four days now?

Made the dessert – Blackcurrant jelly with the last bit of Fromage Frais and spray-cream and apple.

This nosh was another 8.9/10 rating.

Ate it, t’was marvellous despite all the unnatural ingredients in it the taste was rich and satisfying.

Fell asleep.

Woke up several hours later with it getting dark, in a contorted position and desperate for a porcelain visit.

The hot water was cold and not heating? Must mention this to Deana in the morning when I ll to ask her to phone Loxley House for me with me NI number.

Had to boil water on saucepan and in kettle to do the washing up.

Took me medications late again.

IMG_0024Took a photo from the kitchen window that I thought was nice, of the dying sun.

Seconds later the sun was gone.

Laptop on to update this load of tosh, updated me Google Calendar.

Finished amending Kentucky Angel’s A2Use1cgraphic.

Then checked me emails and did some Facebooking.

Despite me little, well large nod-off I began to feel tired again?

I read until about 0200hrs eventually nodding off again.

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