Sat 19 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Knuckling down to get some sorting done – At last!

Saturday 19th September 2015


The Sun-set last night

Woke up in the chair 0620hrs: WC, ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding, stomach churning and feeling so guilty for not getting any sorting done this week.

I decided enough was enough of me making excuses for not doing me sorting, and I must spend less time on the internet (Which I love of course) and get sorting attended to at least a start on the paperwork.

So me diaries might be a bit shorter than of late. (Thank heavens you say? Hehe!)

Cleaned up ‘Little Inchy’, made cuppa, took medications, finished off yesterdays diary and started this one.

Checked me emails and Facebooked a while. Got a reply to me email to the police moaning about the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists:

Dear Mr Chambers

I am writing in response to the email you sent to the police concerning cycling on the pavement in and around the City Centre and Mansfield Road.

My colleague who copied and I in are only responsible for Mansfield Road from the junction of Hucknall Road to the Junction of Valley Road with the rest of Mansfield Road heading into the city being covered by other beat teams so can only speak for what we do.

I can confirm that Dan and I do regularly stop and challenge people cycling on the pavement, especially on Mansfield Road, to give advice and guidance and we also report the worst offenders for potential fines or even a summons to court by issuing what we call a Traffic Offence Report (TOR)

The power itself is a discretionary power and I have confirmed with Nottinghamshire Police Law Clerks that a number of factors have to be taken into account with this offence, such as traffic flow (especially at rush hour), how many people are on the pavement, manner and speed of cycling and the age of the alleged offender. The minimum aged person we can serve a TOR to is 16 years, we can and will still stop and speak to the people under the age of 16 to give advice but further enforcement would not be possible by way of a TOR, however we will instead look at things like youth intervention/education.

I hope this answer helps to allay any fears you may have had and rest assured we will continue to challenge cyclists.

Kind Regards

CPO 9916 Craig Moralee


Community Protection

Not that it did allay any of my fears mind! No reply to my  noticing none of the bikes had any horns/bells on them. Or they come from behind, ride too close etc. Or the fact that one my photo’s of the offenders shows a policeman nearby while the burke on the bike road along with one hand, no lights or horn on the vehicle and he was texting as he rode on the pavement?

At least I got an acknowledgement from this pretend policeman. (See further down form on me walk into Sherwood today).

Sandra01dDid a graphic for the TFZers, then forced myself to make a start on the paperwork… what a job, but it must be done!

Stomach still churning.

Set about sorting the paperwork for a few hours.

Had a bath, but also a Whoopsiedangleplop suffered: I slipped getting out. Banged the side of me head and started the tooth I had done Thursday aching away! Took an extra Codeine. Then another one.

Swore and cursed a bit, then set off on me walk into Sherwood via Woodthorpe Park to get some Beetroot and apple bread and large potatoes and strong cheese to make into Baked cheesey potatoes.

IMG_0043On me way up the hill to the park I took a photo of me shadow on the gravel path.

Why I took a photograpicalisation of me shadow I don’t know.

When I got into Sherwood I called in the paper shop and got a copy of the cheapest TV paper. Then to the Co-op and got me Beetroot loaf, tomatoes, mature cheddar and somehow, a cream cake fell into me basket?

IMG_0047 IMG_0046

I took photographs of two Nottingham Pavement Cyclists when I came out of the shop.

I thought about sending these by email along with some others to the PCO who replied to my email.

We, I’m sure he’d appreciate knowing how ineffective the police are in preventing this criminal activity in Nottingham.

But that would just be me being sarcastic wouldn’t it… hehehe!

As I walked back through Woodthorpe Park, two blokes with their dogs caught my attention on the football pitch:

01topaThey seemed to be playing their own devised game with the dogs catching the balls in mid-air. They seemed so happy it cheered me up a bit.

I think the dogs won 3-0. Hehe!

Made me way back and got me spuds in the oven and updated this diary.

When I got up to check the spuds progress a dizzy-spell overcame me, but I kept upright this time. I assume this was caused by me earlier Whoopsiedangleplop?

01topDid some graphicationalising for later, in thanks for me supporting card and message wot-I-got.

Then took the spuds out and halved them, mashed the flesh with the cheese, vinegar, oil, butter, salt and black pepper, refilled the skins and back in the over to brown em off. (Couldn’t resist nibbling a bit that was left over in the bowl like).

No meat today, just cheesy-baked potatoes, tomatoes and half of me Beetroot bread.

When I’d got them back in t’oven, I cleaned what I could: the new masher that worked a treat, trays, knives, fork, basin etc just in case I fell asleep after eating it, then I’ve only got the eating tray, outer tray and cutlery to wash afterwards. I’ve just reread this sentence… hope you can understand it folks?

P1020048Plain good grub nosh today then… enjoyed it so much I gave it 8.9/10!

Did the washing up and then tended to ‘Little Inchy’ again.


Got the washing up done and cleared IMG_0048up.

Well, toothache and a rumbling tummy to contend with, and feeling rather tired again for some reason, I settled down with a cuppa and an ice-lolly to watch the TV, an old Colombo film.

Got as far as the first advertisement break… Zzzz.

Unfortunately I kept waking every few minutes it seemed and gave up at 0300hrs got up, WC’d and finished this diary off.


2 thoughts on “Sat 19 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Knuckling down to get some sorting done – At last!

  1. Hi, Inchy.
    SORTING – If you’re anything like me, then the sheer enormity of the task will drive you into a deep depression. There’s nothing worse than waking in the morning knowing that awaits you.

    Take a tip from me. Whenever I have something like that to do I break it down into manageable amounts and commit myself to just an hour a day to get on with it. That doesn’t sound much time to get the job done but, believe me, you’ll be amazed how much you can get done in a week.

    This means you don’t have to awake dreading the day ahead, as you will only be committed to the task for one hour.

    Start by sorting your paperwork out into relevant bundles, then when that’s done, gather up the piles and place them into marked folders. Just a bit every day – then go and reward yourself with a well earned cuppa.

    The alternative is to stand there looking at what seems to be an impossible task – and not really do much about it.

    All the best – Bill (ratty)

    • Well that sounds like you’ve got it mastered Bill, and I will try to follow your advice which seems good to me thanks mate.
      I’ve made progress with the paperwork at last, I’ve got it in two large divided boxes now, each section labelled in it’s own division. Of course when I start on more of the boxes and bags awaiting sorting, I’ll find more paperwork somewhere, but will have somewhere to put it now?
      Always something to stem the plans int there? Blood tests, cardiac checks, GUM clinic, dizzy-spells, whoopsiedangleplops, lost items, arthritis, angina or summat else. Toothache is me new one. Hehehe!
      I’ll try to keep to your plan mate, it sound logical to me ta.

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