Sun 20 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: No sorting stuff out – a day on the internet

Sunday 20th September 2015


Gave up trying to sleep at 0300hrs.

Got up and WD’d, then tended to ‘Little Inchy’.

Whoopsiedangleplop created toothache, rumbling innards and bleeding Inchy all conspired to make me feel a bit sorry for missen like. Noticed when I took the photo on me laptop that me nose was bleeding a bit, must have been caused when I had me Whoopsiedangleplop in the bathroom. Tsk!

Had a cuppa and took me morning medications a bit early but at least I’d not forget them now. Daren’t take any extra painkillers cause I took two extra last night wot wiv the toothache like. Mind you I still didn’t get much kip in. Huh!

On the  bright side it was a Cramp free night again. I think I can thank the Magnesium tablets and the TFZ gals who recommended it for me for that.

Thought about what I should tackle next today in me sorting the place out mission.

No point in doing owt else in the living room until after Tuesday when the trays to go in the cabinet and writing bureau arrive. I could do with some advice of where to put stuff for the best really.

I reckon I’ll grab some of the many bags of stuff and see if I can find a location where whatever is in them has to go? Then I must try to work out how the Hoover works.

If I can get a bit done everyday in between medical appointments of course, I’m bound to make progress of some sort.

I hope that Steve of Age UK picks up the key on Monday for the old place and gets on with sorting the old dump for sale. Oh please…

Laptop on and finished yesterdays diary.

Emails checked and answered, then on Facebook for a whileLizCat2.

PKGC2Did some graphicationising to use later, and post.

So, today saw no sorting at all really, I spent far too much time enjoying missen on the internet.

Got a lot of graphics done.

The Lyzzi and Patricia graphics took ages to get right, but no guilt from me on taking a day off from sorting.

Stomach still churning a bit.

Got me nosh ready.

P1020059Battered fish fingers, fishcakes, seasoned chips and beetroot.

Not bad at all – rated it 8/10.

Noshed it and washed up, then the guilt at not getting owt sorted returned.

I pondered on me situation and decided to tell Sister Jane about me move into the flat.

Unbelievably at that very moment she rang me  – first time in months.

I got a lecture for not telling her earlier and she said how she and Pete told me they would be willing to help me.

I explained me situation and how I was struggling and needed help now and I’d not bothered them until it was necessary.

She told me off for not asking for help with sorting the carpets etc.

Then told me to keep her updated, no offers of any actual help were offered or interest shown in calling to see me at the flat.

I felt pretty down after the call, and more guilt at thinking had I done the right thing in not telling them? I didn’t really want to bother them.

Gave her me address and new phone numbers.

Emailed her some photos of old photographs I’d found in the moving bags.

Realised I’d not had me walk in the park as planned either.

Weariness and a feeling of patheticness and inability to cope suddenly came over me.

The toothache returned.

Got me head down.

4 thoughts on “Sun 20 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: No sorting stuff out – a day on the internet

  1. Ouch! Toothaches are the worst! I have to call my old, rather, former dentist to make an appointment for having new dentures made. These old ones are so huge I can’t keep them in for a complete meal, so that probably has a lot to do with my problems swallowing.
    I haven’t accomplished anything today either, just shopping for tools to try to inflate my tired on the power chair, easier to handle screwdriver, wall clock — small stuff that amounted to a large amount of $$$. I’ve had so much trouble staying awake lately it’s sad, but I guess all the lost sleep is catching up with me. Once the yarn is sorted out I think I can relax a bit more, and maybe even enjoy a real meal. Tonight I’m going to put some stuff in my slow cooker and let it cook the rest of the night, and probably half of tomorrow, unless it smells so good I can’t wait in the morning, and hopefully I’ll have a good meal for a change tomorrow.
    Hope you have a better day luv.

    • I reckon you’ve done well Angie, still planning ahead, that’s good gal.
      I’m afraid I’m well down at the moment, frustrated and feeling incapable. Can’t be helped, just how one gets now and then innit? Part guilt
      I think for doing no sorting yesterday and spending so long doing internetting and graphicalistioning? Plus me sister Jane gave me a good rollicking for not telling her about me move. Didn’t want to bother her… but that backfired, now she’s not keen on coming to see me at all. Tsk! Just as well perhaps, cause she’ll only give me grief and a telling off whatever I do or say. I can’t win.
      I’ll call in the dentist today on me way to the GP for me INR Warfarin blood tests, try to get an appointment.
      That’ll be more money needed. Hehe!
      What did you have in your slow Cooker Angie? I’ve thought about having one but am unsure about how they work and how long things take to cook? I like the look of your new stove and kitchen – I dream one day to visit you and cook you some cheesey-baked potatoes that you can eat easily and are so tasty!
      Take care flower. X

      • Oh, I love my slow cooker luv. I started with red lentils, sausages, then added grated carrots, chopped onions (only half of a large one), grated potatoes, chopped tomatoes, veggie juice (bottled), beef stock, and seasoning that I just grabbed out of the cabinet without looking to see what it was. The one seasoning I forgot though, was salt. I noticed that with my first bite, and had to add some before the second one. And reading over this, it just occurred to me that the one thing I forgot to add–other than salt, was corn. And peas. Two things. I KNEW there was a lot missing from that pot!!!!! What can I say? It was late and I was sleepy. I can add them tomorrow, and heat it all up in a regular pot on my stove for about half an hour, till it’s all bubbly and the corn and peas are cooked.

  2. I did warn you, inchy, that you’d get it in the neck for not telling your sis that you’d moved 😆

    but don’t fret about her giving you the cold shoulder right now – that’s just so you know she’s upset you didn’t tell her of your move sooner

    once she reckons you’ve been punished enough for keeping her in the dark, she’ll be round like a shot to see you – curiosity will win out in the end, mate

    she’ll be desperate to see where you’re living now

    so don’t worry about her

    take care (or as we say in Scotland – ‘tak tent’)

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