Inchcock Today Fri 18 Dec 15: Busy bee today

Lawyers are experts in the circumvention of the law! – Ambrose Bierce


Friday 18th December 2015


Up at 0400 hrs, ‘Little Inchy’ in a mess again. WC’d..

As the day went on the other ailments have started to reappear – Angina, Arthritis, reflux valve and even the stomach ulcer began to give me some gip. Tsk! And Humph! Not good this!

P1020684No mist this morning.

Must remember I’ve got to take me Postal Redirection forms, payment and Proof of ID to the Post Office today – I’ll try to catch the 0930 L9 bus into town.

Made a cuppa and took me medications, and got the laptop on. I downloaded the Grammarly add-on yesterday – it is really a good thing, and picks up more errors than other checkers and is easy to use too. It works on Google, WordPress and Word once installed. Obergruppenfurher is recognised!

Finished yesterday’s diary and started this one.


One of many actually – poor old sausage Inchy

A lot of tasks coming up at the same time. Monday IR blood tests at the QMC, then to the City hospital, but not until late – might be, might not be staying in overnight. Might be having surgery might not, might be put back on the cream or not. I’m going to be well shattered on Tuesday morning if I do go home after my visit so late at night for me.

Tuesday BJ had arranged to lift me to the launderette; I was going to go to the Audio clinic then collect my prescriptions from the chemist… I’m all worn out and confused just thinking about it all. Poor old devil – hehe!

I hope the Post Office redirecting thing works out today.

P1020688Made another cuppa and checked to make sure I’d got me forms for the post Office, bus-pass, card and things ready to take with me.

Had a bath and swiftly got missen down to wait for the bus.

Had a great chin-wag and laugh with the other tenants in the lobby.

Got to town and straight into the Post Office. Got me queue ticket 78 and waited for my turn at the counter. Not long today, about half an hour to wait.

Then it got interesting – the young girl on the counter had not done one of these before, she was Asian, and I was having difficulty in hearing/understanding what she was saying. She had to keep consulting with a bloke who gave off the aura that he’d been working there for thirty years and had been the shop steward for forty of them!

P1020686I departed the post office so many pounds lighter and walked down King Street.

I noticed some pigeons having a go at some dropped fodder.

Then the sun came out momentarily, and I took my chance of trying out my fifth attempt at a ‘Moody’ photo of P1020685Nottingham as I walked up Upper Parliament Street.

Back to the bus stop and caught the L9 back to the flats.

I stayed awake for the entire trip.

Not bragging like…

P1020687Got a decent photograph through the bus’s front window of one of the flats in the distance as we turned down Sherwood Vale.

Got in and WC’d then put away the paperwork ID back in their folders.

I perused a leaflet that came with the Re-direct stuff from the Post Office, titled “Terma and Conditions for the Royal Mail Redirection Service and Special Circumstances Redirection Service” – what a mouthful!

P1020690The lettering was too small to read, and there were 12 pages of this waffle in the booklet. Apparently aimed at covering themselves from liability when they failed to redirect properly?

I got a bite to eat, and the fatigue came over me again, earlier than usual as well.

Gave up any thoughts of doing anything constructive and collapsed into the chair to watch the TV.

A call to the porcelain resulted in the actual adverse actions to what I had been getting, and it was a painful struggle to relieve myself. Tsk!

I managed somehow to stay awake to try and watch the film at 2100hrs, and sod me I fell asleep during the last commercial break and missed the ending! Grrr!

I hope I don’t end up going in the opposite direction and end up not being able to go instead. Bother!

Nightie night all…

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Fri 18 Dec 15: Busy bee today

  1. I’m glad you decided to rest luv. Reached that point myself, and resting feels good for a change. We seem to really be kindred spirits in the collapsing department. At least I know you are eating right, because I see your meals posted. Wish I could cook as well as you do, or at least full meals rather than the dump meals I make.
    Take better care of you luv. Stop abusing my friend, we still have that long trip to make you know.

    • The one thing I love about being old is I get the chance to do nothing when I feel like it – if yer see worra mean? And with your support I no longer feel so guilty. Hehehe!
      Yesterday (Sunday) I had me best nosh since being here in the flat – 9.6/10 I rated it. Wish I could come and cook for you Angie, and give you a cuddle and have a relaxing natter about nothing and everything… Ah!
      Our floating restaurant might have to be delayed, I’ve got two hospital appointments today (Monday), at two different hospitals. That should be fun trying to get the buses from one to the other to arrive on time… Oh dear, hope I don’t get confused en route. Hehehe! Take care per. Thanks again. XXX

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