Inchcock Today Thur 12 Feb 16: Not good

Inchcock Today Friday 12 February 2016

Well well, fancy that now, I woke up in agony, but not with the right legs torn muscle that was not too bad at all, then again I hadn’t started walking about yet had I? But with the bad reflux valve! I think I’ve said this before, but if anyone opens a book on what I’ll snuff it from, put yer dosh on the Reflux Valve.

01W01aRecalled a bit of a dream I’d had from what kipping I got in. Lynton Cox, a good friend and cyber buddy, was leant over me, and he was taking bits out from my open stomach as I lay on what looked like a dentist’s chair. Each time he removed a piece of flesh, tubing or other meat, he would ‘Tut’ and explain to me why I had been put together wrongly? Then he threw it at the dart board on the wall? He was very accurate too, they all landed on the piece of innards extracted before over the Bull!  I vaguely recall something about being crammed into a giant test tube? That’s all I remember.

0300hrs I got up and to the porcelain, no big hiatus this morning. Little Inchy bleeding just a bit, the piles the same. However the putrid emissions of wind were lengthy, and even a slight little ‘plop’ escaping caused concern at the stink it created. Phoo! I imagined the headline: “286 pensioners found dead in their apartment building, the 287th survived…” Hehe!

Made a cuppa had a banana and took the medications.

Started the laptop and loaded CorelDraw… well, I tried to!

Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day!

01W02Of course, it loaded then – but with the changes I had I’d made trying to get it to load, I had to spend hours doing the initial set-up again, because it loaded as if it was the first time it had been installed! All my options and customisation’s had to be reset! What a picklement!

Hey-ho; I’m just so glad it came back on. Although thoroughly bamboozled as to why it didn’t load in the first place, and why the McAffee thingy didn’t let me know there was a problem?

01WMade another cuppa and got on with doing the graphicalisation on the top left of this page.

Then I finished the Lynton graphic off.

I thought I might use it as a Caption Competition?

Then did some Facebooking.

It seemed like the computer foul-up had cost me nearly the whole day.

Although I had done nowt physical at all, I felt suddenly drained!

IMG_0016Set to work creating my dinner.

Beef pasty, green beans, boiled potatoes, beetroot, bread cake, and sweet potatoes and made some thick tasty gravy. n

Followed by a banana and lemon cheesecake.n

Rated this one 9.6/10. By gum I enjoy it!

Watched a Frost DVD, fell asleep. Woke up, put the TV on, fell asleep.n

Woke up with an open tub of sweets at my side?

Little Inchy bleeding again. Cleaned him up, de-matted him and ointmentationalised him.

Made a cuppa, fell asleep…

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