Inchcock Today Thu 2 June 2016: Hectic day again… Tsk!


Thursday 2nd June 2016

Up 0450hrs. Manoeuvred out of the second hand £300 recliner chair and to the porcelain throne. I remembered about the bathroom door being the other way around this time. No bleeding from either of the lower region areas, good! But the knees were getting a lot of bother from Arthur Itis again.

Put the kettle on, got the ablution items as needed. Then took the medications.

Sorted the nibbles into the bag, for the Tenants Social Hour later.


Janet Arron and Henry

Laptop on and did some TFZ graphicalisationing, Emails, WordPressing and even had a go on Tetris.

This one of the graphics I got done, it is of Janet Arron, a beauty from the TFZ site, with Henry, her adorable impish kitten.

An official letter arrived, from the Police Pegasus team, they wanted an update on the details held.


Deana, Interviewing me!

0805hrs: Kevin, my maintenance man, arrived, made him a cuppa, and we had a chinwag. He set to working.

0909hrs; Deana Walker came to do the tenants interview.

She also supplied her details for me to put on the Trusted Contacts list on Pegasus for the Nottingham Chief Constable.

We managed to have a natter, in between the official form filling, well, entering it onto her laptop.

Bless her cotton socks.


The Dynamic Drill

Kev worked on the tiling in the bathroom for a couple of hours.

Then he fetched the gigantic drill in, got his helmet, ear muffs and smoke mask on and started digging away kindly keeping the bathroom door closed while he did so.

Looked to me that he was doing a good job of the tiles.

He then started on the drilling of the floor.

I observed that the door opened and concealed the light switch string behind it.

304 2

Light switch cord is now is hidden behind the door. Kevin pointed out that an electrician will be coming to move the switch to the other side later on some time.

I set off for the Tenants Social Hour at the community shed.

So few folks there today, I reckon no more than 15 in all?

I missed the raffle and forgot to pay for my tea – Oh dear. I’ll pay double next week.

We all seemed to be happy and made the best of it, though.

I got myself ready and set off to the bus stop for the trip to the clinic.

Bid Kevin farewell and down to the foyer, where I had a gossip with some fellow tenants, and we all left to catch the bus.

I was soon at the clinic. Booked me in, and took a seat in the waiting area. I was called in shortly. By a different doctor again, I’ve never seen the same doctor more than once at this clinic. The usual embarrassing examinations under highly lit magnifying tubes by several female attendants. Many, oohs and ahs later, they decided I should continue with the same treatment, and I was sent off.


Slab Square dancing today

Bus into town and went to the bank for some cash first. Then had a wander around.

There were some dancers in the slab square near the temporary food courts, and so many of the Nottinghamians joined in.

I went in Primark to get some more loose fitting undies, but they had none in stock. Tsk! I did get some of the warm long sleeved shirts. I got three while they had them in stock, at £6 each.

P1110001Out and went to the Spar shop to get one of their £1 bacon butties as a treat.

They were giving away copies of the sun for free!

I also got one of the TV papers for next week, like the one I got last week, like this one, although more costly, is so much easier to read.

I surreptitiously slipped the pigeons some pellets.

Caught the L9 bus back to the flats.

P1090088By gum, Kevin has been so busy today.

The tiles were nearly finished, the floor had been readied for the application of the shower tiles.

Made him a cuppa and managed a chinwag.

He told me of his camera, a Nikon Bridge P900 model. I looked them up on the web and was very impressed with them.

He’s going to bring his in tomorrow and show me the workings. Kind of him that. I reckon when I get the curtains sorted, one of these might be my expenditure?


He left it all neat and tidy again. Even put a board down so I didn’t fall into the hole in the floor and warned me about it.

Laptop on and updated this claptrap.

Got the oven warming up, to cook the meal for tonight.

Too tired now to do any more graphics.

Checked the TV paper to see if owt worth watching might be on the goggle-box tonight.

Ah, of course, the England Match vs. Portugal. I hope they haven’t found another Eusébio da Silva Ferreira? Hehe! A bit too tasty he was on the pitch he was!

P1110003Got the nosh done and watched the match eating from a tray on my knee on the second-hand £300 recliner… Luxury!

What a disappointing match it was!

No bread was eaten with this excellent meal again tonight.

(Smug Mode Adopted, Hehe!)

The early dreams were of my labascating down cliffs and off of buildings again, but never landing anywhere, just moved onto another thing to fall off of?


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