Inchcock Today Thur 16 June 2016: Busy day


Thursday 16th June 2016

What a dream… I was being chased by feet, yes feet! Corridors and passages blood everywhere with these giant feet with heads on where the ankles should have been? I didn’t recognise any of the heads, though. They had eyes on their feet, at the base of their toes and the toes had kitchen utensils sticking out of them: forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, etc.?

P1070249When I woke, I saw the kitchen towels with their blobs of blood at the side of the £300 second-hand creaking recliner and checked if the ear had stopped bleeding.

It was well matted, so I decided to leave it alone and show the nurse later at the INR blood test with the surgery nurse. I’ll just wash it gently around the lesion I think.

03 04 ABCTook the medications with a cup of char.

To the porcelain throne – most difficult, painful passing this morning. But, no bleeding!

Put the list of things to remember for today’s proceedings in me bag while I thought of it.

 Did my ablutions.

Laptop on and finished the Wednesday post off. Then started to do this one.

Got ready and wandered down to the Community Hut for the Tenant’s Social Hour. BJ did not come as he said he was going to. Disappointed.

10I’d forgotten to take the camera and mobile with me so I couldn’t ring him up to see if he was alright. However, it was a good session today. Mainly gossiping with and listening to Toni, William and Eddie. I enjoyed it so much.

Back to the flat in the rain, wee-wee’d and made a cuppa, got the laptop back on to update this to here, then remembered about calling BJ to see how he is. So I did. No reply, hope he’s alright, I’ll call at his house on the hobble to the surgery later.

Rang Sister Jane. “The number you are calling is unavailable at this time”?

Did some Facebooking.

Set out on my walk to the doctors. Meeting some residents in the lobby, and had a chinwag. Which meant I was a going to be little later than planned when I got to the surgery. I pushed myself as far as I could, and I managed to get there just in time for my appointment.

The nurse told me I’d done the right thing with the bleeding earhole. She gave me an application form and leaflet for Nottingham City Care Podiatry, I’ll get time in the morning to study it and ask Deana for guidance, I hope.

She did the test, and I was soon on my way to the bus stop to catch a bus to Arnold to pick up the photographs; crap they were!


Heads cut off, writing cut off, huh!

Caught a bus into Arnold and had a wander around, foolishly going into Boyes store and coming out many pounds lighter and a great bag of articles I’d purchased. Still, I now have an extra pair of trousers, another can of foot spray, and shower room anti-fog spray, some loose fitting boxer shorts and a pack of three comfy-fit socks.

The spending continued when I got the photographs at Asda (Walmart) and P1070248got some shopping while I was there. Wholemeal Irish Batch Bread, Honey yoghourts, two desserts, tomato puree and a TV paper for next week.

I took a photo to put on the TFZ Facebook page of some summer hats with bras in the background. The summer hats for the gals and the bras for the lads. Hehehe!

Feeling tired then. Made my way to the bus stop to get the last L9 bus back to the flats.

P1020896Observed that the bench near the stop had suffered even more damage that on Tuesday, again.

At the bus stop, a lady chatted with me and caught the same bus.

The sun was shining now, no signs of rain whatsoever?

The British weather is so changeable nowadays.

Stayed away for the whole journey, although it was a close thing at times.

KipWhen I got off the bus, I meandered down towards the copse.

In the bushes were many bee-like insects and one I couldn’t recognise at all.

I tried taking a photo, but only caught one bee-like and the unknown one.

A bit like a butterfly but with very narrow wings?

04Got in, noticed the washing machines were free. Up to the flat and wee-wee’d lengthily, got the laundry down and in the washer.

Two hours later I’d got it all done and back to the apartment and got the stuff away in the airing cupboard and clothe racks.

Well tired out now, weary and ready for the kip.

P1110163But I managed to get the fodder prepared without any hiatus.

Martin’s recommended Rooster chips, chicken thighs, tomatoes, peppers, onions and beetroots. Lemon dessert and an apple to follow, and only two slices of Batch Bread eaten with it – as part of my deliberate rigid dietary practice that I had adopted.


Marvellous meal!

Sorted out some proggies to watch on the goggle-box from 2000hrs to 2200hrs… Fell asleep around 2010hrs, and woke up at 0035hrs! Best laid plans eh?

Reckon I dod too much today, of course after I woke up and climbed out of the shuddering and getting more noisier £300 recliner chair to go to the porcelain – I couldn’t get back to sleep for ages.


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