Inchcock – Sunday 5th March 2017: Abysmal depression


Sunday 5th March 2017

Danish: Søndag 5 Marts 2017

After a night of dreadful dreams again, a mixed bag this night, but all unwanted and not nice. Well, that’s not strictly right, I recall one of them a bit. I was sat high up in a tree in a wood of some sort and animals were climbing up to me one at a time and somehow I taught them to speak and recognise the English language? They, in turn, decided if they wanted to keep these skill or not, and the next one would arrive. Seem to remember birds, a cat and a snake?

At 0130hrs I had to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner and make for the porcelain – as soon as I stood up I realised that either Little Inchy or Haemorrhoid Harry had been bleeding. I felt down enough as it was, without this. Struggled to evacuate the tummy innards as I found that both of the little bleeders had bled. Tsk! Put the clothes in a bucket of soapy disinfected water and hobbled (Yes, Arthur Itis was bothersome along with the same as yesterday, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Daniel joined in) to the kitchen to make myself a mug of tea and do the first Health Checks.

7sun04aPut two potatoes with some basil and sea salt into the pan on a low heat (Far too early I realised later). Too late to turn them off without spoiling them, I left them on and I’ll mash them and add the cheese and leave it until later to put them in the oven to roast.

Recognised that I’d missed doing the weighing on the checks so stripped off revealing my magnificent body (All right, enough of that laughing… hehe!) and did so. 

7sun06I’ve now completed twp weeks of records on the new spreadsheet. The weekly averages in red showed little change – until I realised I’d put today’s weight in the wrong format. Changed it now and it reads average 14.76 instead of.. oh I’ve made a mess of this altogether. I’m not sure if I can get it in Stones and Pounds? I’ll ask Tim in America if I remember to. If anyone can help, he’s the man.

7sun04As I went through to make another mug of tea, the view outside was nice. Shadows of the hill and flats with a dark sky with the sunshine sneaking through from behind. Which has now gone (The Sun)

Took the medications and applied the creams lotions and ear oil.

I find myself wanting to be doing something all the while in an effort to avoid thinking of the bank problems and if I stop, the ailment pains seem more noticeable?

7sun05 Sorted out the second draw of medications where I keep the daily doses when set-up, and some creams, ulcer medicine (Even though not very effective) and the BP machine.

I opened the window to clean the edge and was surprised at how cold it was. The internal thermometer was reading 60°f – 16°c. That’ll teach me to leave things alone – I knocked the flask off of the shelf as I shut the window. Needless to say, it broke!

Depressed even further now.

Back on the computer and did the diary posts to date. Had a dizzy a while ago, but it was not bad at all and only lasted a minute or so.

7sun02aDid some graphicalisationing on Corel Draw & Corel Paint.

This was the last one of three I got finished off.

Took a good while, during which the door chime rang out!

Nervous but excited I opened the door, naturally expecting a busty female in need of compassion, or Olive calling, or BJ or Sister calling or maybe even I’d won something?

No, it was a neighbour wanting some 20p pieces so he could use the launderette.

Had some nice comments received on the WordPress blog.

Went on Facebook, but without my usual zest. Worried about the bank situation too much and what will happen tomorrow.

1mon02Sliced the boiled red spuds up and into the oven for an hour. Garden peas in the saucepan. Beetroots, sliced apple, silverskin pickled onions and pork & mushroom pate all onto the plate ready.

Fell asleep for a while, but woke in time and got the nosh served up with a lemon yoghourt.

I’d not done much other than fret and computer work all day, so it was no surprise that I could not get to sleep, even watching the TV didn’t send me off into the land of nod.

Well gone midnight before I drifted into the hellish dreams again.

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  1. Not an epic day, but then they can’t all be epic. Still though, had money on the busty female in need of compassion, lol. Still though, the day doesn’t sound completely horrible, except the ailments acting up & the worrying. I’m a worrier myself :/ still, I wish you well <3

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