Inchcock Today – Sunday 19th March 2017


Sunday 19th March 2017

Japanese: 2017年3月19日日曜日

Getting to sleep so unbelievably late, meant I didn’t wake up until 0445hrs, very late for me usually.

Sat pondering on the dreams I’d had, not much detail recalled, only that they were about my past life I think. Anne Gyna was letting know she was there.

Out of the £300 second-hand shaking and shuddering badly as it lowered me down to get out of it recliner and off to the porcelain room. Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold, thankfully, were both a lot better bleeding-wise this morning.

Carried out the Health Checks.


The only concern was the weight increasing almost daily. I suppose my not getting out so much will have something to do with this? I must try to get out for a walk again later today.

Made a brew and took the medications and applied the creams and lotions, then got the computer on and updated yesterday’s diary and got it finished and posted.

Started this one off, had an emission of wind, and had to hasten to the porcelain. Tsk! All okay.

Made a mug of tea to replace the one that had gotten cold. Decided while in the kitchen, I’d get the mushrooms in the crock-pot on low. Added some mushroom soy sauce to them, shouldn’t need any salt or black pepper with this sauce in?

Back to the computer and found and used at the top, cause it made me smile.

Did some WordPressing. Then spent hours on Facebooking.7Sun03

Getting the chance to extol the virtues and flavour of the Polish Bakery half-wheat, half-rye natural sourdough bread.

Appetizing, hardly any crumbs and not too expensive to buy.

You can get it online at Morrison’s for 89p, I think it was… or 79p for a sliced 400g loaf.

I wonder, whether maybe or if Morrison’s will slip me a back-hander for the free advertising?


Set-to doing Marie’s and Marys graphicalisation of there sorting out the competition lady lurking in their Park. Took a few hours, but I think it’s come out alright.


 Tired now from concentrating, certainly not through owt physical cause I ain’t done no exercising.

Been drizzling down with rain now for hours, not that this affects me, just hope that it stops by the morning when I have to hobble into Sherwood then Carrington, to get to the surgery for the INR blood test.

7Sun03Got the din-dins sorted in no time. roast potatoes,

Garden peas, soy flavoured mushrooms, roast potatoes, crispy smoked streaky bacon, two boiled eggs, roast belly pork, silverskin pickled onions and cheddar and soft cheese. No tomatoes of any worth available at the moment, all bitter. The last two slices of the half-wheat-half rye sourdough bread. A banana and lemon curd yoghourt (Very nice!) followed.

Settled down to watch some of the Boon DVD… drifted off and dreamt of my being chased in underground tunnels by all sorts of people and things. Some I recognised and could name, strangers and small, weird creature of all types and shapes, everyone one being coloured orange? I was really nervous, and out of breath running on the gravel and kept falling over, each time I did, my pursuers stopped chasing me until I got up and started running again?

I woke up with a jump, thinking it was early morning, lay there thinking and making notes of the dream to use late in this diary, then realised I’d only been sleeping for a matter of minutes? Odd that!

The racing mind did not let me get back to sleep for yonks, think I dropped off around midnight.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 19th March 2017

  1. That’s one hot chick you put together there. Actually the joke is more true than a joke. Sadly enough out here, we are short handed on police, but if you say you think the guy or gal has a gun, the response is very quick. Speaking of hot and files, I’ll have to give to our firefighters though. When the workmen were sawing up the concrete floor in the office to get to the sewer lines, the dust set off our fire alarm. The alarm company called a few seconds later, and while I was telling them it was a false alarm, the fire department showed up at the door. I finished the call with the alarm company and had to go out and convince the firemen that we really did not have a fire. The captain told me they respond to all fire alarms and even if it’s called in as a false alarm they go check it out. He said one time they got and alarm, started for the address, the alarm company called and said it was a false alarm, so they turned around. Ten minutes later they got another call. It turned out the first alarm was a fire, but the business owner didn’t realize his places was on fire on the first alarm. It’s good the firemen respond so quickly downtown. When the fire started on the end of our block in 2013, it went from a little smoke to a five alarm fire in 10 minutes. We ended up losing two buildings, and it came close to burning down the whole block.

    • The Police in Nottingham have lost 350 officers over the last two years, due to the government cutbacks, with 80 more post due to go. Luckily the local council have granted employing some pretend policemen, Police Community Support Officers (PCSO).
      As for the Fire Service, I do agree so with you opinion of yours. Here t the flats, because of the high number of At-Risk tenants and the size, each time an alarm goes off, (not that I can hear it mind, but they tell me if my own flats alarm went off I would hear) two fire tenders and a ladder unit attend each time.
      Once the lift (elevator) got stuck and a chap was in it for two and a half hours before they could access it to get him out by forcing the doors and dragging him up and free. The vehicular accidents they attend saves many lives too.
      Glad they are there.
      Here’s hoping we both stay fire-free!

      • Our police shortage is mostly from interference by the federal government and the general war on cops waged by the Obama administration (I think Trump is putting a stop to the fed’s war on cops). We’ve had four officers murdered in the past couple years by violent, repeat offenders, and the feds have tried to prosecute officers who justifiably shot violent, repeat offenders. The officers have been acquitted but it’s really hard on them and their families, so people are simply afraid to become police officers these days because of the hostility they get from a government who has allowed open season on cops for the past several years.

      • Sad to hear it’s similar nowadays in the UK too, Tim. No support given to any officers, but bending to please the criminals and vandals is rampant. Being politically incorrect is as big an offence as proper crimes are. I find the figure sad:
        Every year around 300 people in England and Wales are given a life sentence for murder. About 5,500 people are currently serving a prison sentence for the same. And about 200 people annually are released having served the prison part of their sentence.
        On average, they’ll have served about 17 years in jail, with a life on licence with the probation service to follow, unless they are recalled to prison.
        And out taxes have to pay for their time inside and care afterwards!
        Better stop, I’m getting het-up here.
        Cheers Tim.

  2. Glad your peas decided to behave for the evening, lol. As a side note, soy sauce tends to be very high in sodium, so always best to avoid adding any more salt or seasonings that also include salt in the mix, but if you like to mix pepper with it there should be no problem. <3

    • I fank you.
      Someone explained this to me (It might have been you gal?) and I do not add salt when using Soy sauce at all now. I love mushrooms when done in the slow-cooker and adding some Balsamic vinegar or Soy sauce to the water. Doing them slowly for hours, bootiful flavour!
      Hope you enjoy Today’s Diary (When I get it done and posted), I came across another escaped garden pea! Haha! Rock hard it was.
      TTFN and good luck! XXX

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